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Anonymous 81878

First noble truth: All life is unsatisfactory or All life is suffering

Anonymous 81879

suicide booth.jpg

if we just let all sad people to commit sudoku then the world would surely improve

Anonymous 81880

All life is suffering. But that is good.

Anonymous 81881

When everyone is an hero no one will be

Anonymous 81888

The Buddha left a palace so hw could starve himself. Of course he is going to think life is suffering.

Anonymous 81898

Hedonism is suffering too, excess and addictions suck

Anonymous 81921


>Sad person lives in a sad world
there are more and more sad ppl so it would be bad idea to just let them dispose themselves

Anonymous 81922


Anonymous 81927

buddha was a dumb asshole

Anonymous 82134

Addiction is only bad if you’re too poor to feed it. Otherwise it’s the pinnacle of experience.

Anonymous 82136


It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, you will never catch that dragon and you can't buy back time that you wasted.

Anonymous 82144

Objectively false. Lots of people who love life out there

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