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Anonymous 82028

why won’t they let us get on the moon? what are they hiding?

Anonymous 82029

Alium ruins. No joke.

Anonymous 82053

The moon is where they hide all lf the shota doujins. They let some trickle down to earth in order to not arouse suspiscion, but they can't fool me, there's a humongous stash up there.

Anonymous 82070


moonstone.marquee space program when?

Anonymous 82071

The moon is the magnified picture of an acne-scarred femcel viewed through a gargantuan looking glass at the top of The Dome. The Earth is flat and once a night, a moid shines a light above us from the top to delude the spheroids.

Anonymous 82079

The Moon People only let us visit in 1969 and the various Apollo missions afterwards. Nowadays, they are so sickened by Terran degeneracy, any visit would be a violation of the NAP. Also, civil rights activists complained about tax dollars being used for space flight rather than welfare (eg Whitey on the Moon).

Anonymous 82126

Serious answer, the US only did it to prove to the Russians that they could and since there isn't really much up there we can do with current tech It's too expensive so we haven't done it again.

Anonymous 82149

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