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Anonymous 82218

If given the opportunity, would you become a maiko/geisha?

Anonymous 82219

No way. Their aesthetic is immaculate but dedicating your entire life to be a guest-pleaser is not attractive to me.

Anonymous 82221

Maybe if I actually lived in Japan in the distant past without many opportunities for freedom as a woman anyway

Anonymous 82222

I would love living the life of having different generations of women together in a traditional house in Kyoto, learning many styles of performance. Your whole life is devoted to beauty and perfecting your art.

Of course moids have to ruin it and treat you like an ornamental play slave, never worthy of your own love, only a mistress for money (which still is prostitution, no matter what people say).

I guess it’s one of those things that is nice to fantasise about but would be terrible in reality.

Anonymous 82227

No. Having to entertain moids all day sounds hellish.

Anonymous 82260

No, that's kind of the opposite of what I do with my life. I want to be spontaneous while their life is so planned and pre-decided. No thanks.

Anonymous 86723

Nice quads.

Anonymous 86912

Having just read a book about this (where the author literally inserts her shitty choice feminism spiels admist direct quotes from Japanese geisha saying how terrible and forced the job is), no, but I think if I had to pick between being a wife and a geisha when those were basically the only roles women could fill, I'd rather be a geisha. I would like to learn the shamisen, though, I love the sound of that instrument.

Anonymous 87321

Which book?

Anonymous 87373

They serve drinks and entertain. The closest western equivalent would probably be a hooter’s girl, or servers at strip clubs.

Anonymous 87375

Ntayrt but lol. Is being a geisha the weeb equivalent of wanting to be a Hooters girl when you grow up? I’m dead if true

Anonymous 87396

umm that's just elaborate whoring so no lol

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