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Overcoming Internalized Misogyny? Anonymous 82334

idk if anyone else has this problem, but when I was a teen and hated myself I spent years filling my brain with the most misogynistic shit imaginable. I don't actually believe that shit and never fully did even back then, but the idea of being inferior and disgusting just for being a woman still haunts my insecurities. I don't think badly about other women I just think it about myself.

Has anyone else had the same problem? How do you get over it? I wish I never did this to myself, before I found internet misogyny I had never felt bad about being girl.

Anonymous 82338

Get over it by realizing men are a thousand times worse.

Anonymous 82353

This unironically read radfem takes on tumblr or something, helps to see you're not alone/ the positives of being female and that men are retarded

Anonymous 82357

Anonymous 82412

gahh,, it was the same case for me… realize your self worth and how inferior men r to you! >.<

Anonymous 82415

Reading here regularly might help:

Anonymous 82432


i have this problem too && it really gets to me at my worst times and horribly haunts my mind too. weirdly, i cope with it by trying to be one of the boys and by acting tomboyish. i dont do it to get orbiters, i do it because it makes me feel less shitty about being a girl ,does any1 else do this?

Anonymous 82433

I cope with it with misandry instead. But I recognize that that's not a good way of thinking.
I kind of do this, online I don't mention my gender but I have a masculine-sounding username and have a male way of typing so that everyone I talk to assumes I'm male. Irl I only have female friends though.

Anonymous 82471

Go on men's rights places and see them complain about being a man, their shortcomings and female privilege and feel better about being a woman. Watch shows, animes, movies etc where you have female characters you can look up to. Try and write down exactly why you feel inferior and bad for being a woman and argue against it. Remember that you just took the bait as a teen on the internet and that there's a reason they'd never say it openly. Those men are just seething because they feel incompetent to modern women who seem to do so much better than men either academically, socially or romantically. Misogyny is their way of coping with their own shortcomings just like the women in this thread use misandry. Surround yourself with people who hold high opinion of women.

Anonymous 82473

and of course, find real life women to look up to as well

Anonymous 82476

What everyone else said and if it’s the portrayal of women in media is getting you down (you hate every female character in something, etc) look at who wrote them (hint: it’s usually men writing women)

Anonymous 82671

this is how i learned to feel better about being female. it really is the only way to undo internalized misogyny, op.

Anonymous 82683

And yet you will always be a desperate cumstain faggot, for most of your life when you cant get laid, what's not to love honestly about being a bitch to you? ‍♀️

Anonymous 82691

Why do you label is internalized misogyny and not self-hatred or low self-esteem? What distinguishes the two in your mind?

Anonymous 83072

ntayrt, but imo the difference is this: if you hate yourself for being female or for reasons you wouldn't hate any man for, then it's internalized misogyny. Self-hate is a broader term.
Internalized misogyny can also lead to low-key hating other women or being a pickme, while self-hatred doesn't necessarily.

Anonymous 83073

There are examples of media with interesting and relatable women out there, but they are relatively rare. I think it's quite normal to hate how women are portrayed in media overall. I suggest watching less tv, following more radfems online. Including more "butch" ones so you see a variety and don't see women as a monolith. Get more female friends and learn to see them as full human beings with varied interests and struggles, not as tv tropes.

Anonymous 83105

im struggling with this really bad and honestly it feels like the fix would be just.. getting female friends..

but I feel so uncomfortable talking to women. its like I'm a tranny trying to shove myself into a female space. I hate myself for not talking to more women when I was younger

Anonymous 83227


female gender is the only one capable of introspection. We make mistakes and feel bad about them. the male species just acts like a chimp and feels nothing. thats why women rock and men just keep going to jail and prison.

Anonymous 83230


Get to know men online or in person. They don't understand introspection, accountability, basically anything that separates us from animals is something solely found in women. They're just retarded chimps we have to let believe they're amazing creatures so they don't go batshit and start killing everything they see.

Anonymous 83262

John Bauer The Blu…

Can you volunteer at an all women's space? Look for a woman owned business that works with their hands like a greenhouse and ask if you can volunteer there. Even better would be to intern at a women's community, but you have to be over age and they can be hard to get to so that might be out of reach for you.
Women's spaces are honestly amazing. When the idea of the male gaze or male validation has been completely removed, you just find such a network of support and understanding among all these bodies and minds who are like you.

Anonymous 83361


Women's sports teams 100%, I don't know if there are many after high school but just working together and putting your strength together, you feel sisterhood and strength

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