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Anonymous 82598

Does mint tea help with hormone inbalance ? I've heard it contains estrogen but i'm not so sure about that information

Anonymous 82600

I doubt it

Anonymous 82601

Based on my anecdotal experience spearmint tea can help with hormone imbalances yes, and a few studies have shown that it helps women with hirsutism, but I don't think it contains estrogen.

After awhile it stopped working for me though so I switch to taking DIM supplements and that has been more consistent. I started taking them for hormonal acne but I also noticed that my periods have been a lot lighter and manageable compared to before.

I recommend trying both to see which works for you best.

Anonymous 82609

Mint isn't going to fix a clinical hormone imbalance. If you believe you have one, you should see a doctor. If you want mild changes to your mood or appearance, it won't hurt to try drinking a cup a day and note changes. It isn't going to affect your estrogen significantly, but it might vaguely make you feel better in the way a number of comforting drinks can.
>inb4 thread gets moved to /hb/

Anonymous 82611

I drink spearmint and take evening primrose for my acne. It likely doesn't have the effect that birth control or whatever would have (which I don't want to take), but it has helped a little. With my routine otherwise consistent, I've noticed my breakouts still happen but are far less aggressive.

But if you suspect you have pcos you should definitely go to a doctor, op.

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