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Anonymous 82613

does anyone here have a waifu/husbando?

Anonymous 82615


do you mean like obsessively or just like normal 'character crush' mode?

Anonymous 82616


i was thinking more of people who take waifuism seriously, but we can make this a general crush thread desu

Anonymous 82620

There's a thread here of general crushes:


Anonymous 82621


I used to take waifuism seriously for a few years but then I realized there are some negative parts to it and the whole concept is kind of idiotic.
I didn't like the following about it:
>the concept of buying merchandise is "proving your love"
>in contrast buying merchandise of other characters is cheating
>getting a crush on another character is cheating and you should feel bad about it
>you should turn down irl men who are interested in you because you already have a husbando
I still really like my ex-husbando but I have a few other characters I like too. And I prefer reading their stories and enjoying them from a distance rather than thinking about me x them.

Anonymous 82629

I've had my waifu for almost a decade and you could definitely say I'm serious about it. I love her to death, devote a lot of time to her, and have zero interest in 3D as a result. That being said, I wouldn't touch waifu communities apart from the occasional imageboard thread with a ten foot pole. The subreddit, discords etc are disgustingly cultish and at least half of the people participating in them need immediate professional help, referring to the 2Ds as their "partners" and "S/O"s while beleaguered by constant mental breakdowns over their hardship of the week, including but not limited to: friends/family "not respecting their relationship", shipping, drama between waifufags who are into the same character, waifu not being real, stress over waifu's situation in source material, jealousy over fictional character, feeling "unloved" by fictional character. It's fucking unhinged even by my standards. A waifu/husbando is supposed to be a very personal experience, and a positive driving force in your life. It's not for everyone, and if you do decide it's for you, you certainly don't have to abide by anyone's shitty rules. There is absolutely no shame in dropping your fictional love like a bad habit if it's causing you more distress than joy for whatever reason, or you end up coming to the conclusion you'd feel more fulfilled with a 3D.

Anonymous 82632


I feel intense feelings for characters I like but it's different to having a real crush because there's no risk of being rejected so there's no shame mixed up in the feelings, not necessarily a good or bad thing, I have experienced crushing irl and will be okay never doing that again volcel with waifus/husbandos is the true way to live

Anonymous 82634


Wasn’t there a thread where we posted whole charts of husbandos? If I can only pick one I’d have to go with Izumi. He has to go back.

Anonymous 82658


My waifu is Alice Margatroid because she's cute, honest, respectful and intelligent.

Anonymous 82659

SAY YA.png

Anonymous 82762

Either one would be cool

Anonymous 82953


I like the big snu snu ogre

Anonymous 82956


This fucker is my husband <3

Anonymous 83464


Anonymous 83500


I'm the edgy immortal's wife!

Anonymous 83686


Majima never fails to make me smile. He's strong, funny, handsome and caring. There are parts of him that I couldn't help but feel sympathetic for him.

Anonymous 85751



Utsumi, you madwomen
Very obsessed with him but not in the romantic sense

Anonymous 85752


I'm cringe but I'm free

Anonymous 85937


Yes, as per >>82616 definition. Though I'm very new at this in comparison to other anons.

Anonymous 85958

Who is she?

Anonymous 85990


Not any more
Pic related

Anonymous 86020

3dpd act way more hysterical and psychotic than your average fangirl

Anonymous 86110


Takao from D-Frag!

Anonymous 86133

She's great, I love her!

Anonymous 86799


9S from Nier Automata. I fell hook, line and sinker for him while playing through the game.

Anonymous 86837

The hentai he got in gelborou is good. I like him.

Anonymous 87597

bbased af

Anonymous 87600


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