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Anonymous 83002

How does this make you feel?

Anonymous 83003


like hitting men so everyone knows

Anonymous 83004

Men were a mistake. Genuinely hope that their suicide rate increased in 2020.

Anonymous 83007

political lesbianism when

Anonymous 83008


This is misinformation, actually.

Anonymous 83009

The fact that everyone believed it is just as bad.

Anonymous 83019


Fpbp holy crap this is based

Anonymous 83025

What's the point of seeking this information out. It's just upsetting and depressing. Control what you can control.

Anonymous 83050

The number itself is not important. It's what men think about either way, whether they search for those specific words on a specific engine or not.
Having information allows you to make informed decisions. A woman needs to know the evils of men so she can better protect herself.

Anonymous 83055

>literally a false thing that didn't happen
>it happened

Anonymous 83057

>"look at this stupid bullshit I made up."
>"wow that's terrible. Let me look it up. Oh wow, it's completely fabricated."
>"yeah but that fact its believable proves it anyway."
I fucking hate this. Fundamentally, it's an argument that the truth doesn't matter because people are gullible sometimes. It's literally the exact same logic sociopaths and narcissists use to justify their schemes.

Anonymous 83077


Absolutely based

Anonymous 83080

You are a retard who completely missed the point. No they didn’t all search that exact string of words. There are still millions of men seeking out advice on how to batter women without consequences.
>part of the claim is wrong? better ignore real violence against women then

Anonymous 83081

We should do more to provide support for women in this situations and increase awareness that there is a way out. Leaving the abusive man who happens to be putting food on the table does not mean that there won't be food on the table again or a roof over your head. You can get back on your feet

Anonymous 83083


Yes, the exact phrasing "How to hit a woman so no one knows" is fake. Doesn't mean the spike in domestic violence, rise in phone calls for help, and other searches similar to "how to hurt a woman" haven't happened. Do research and you'll find hundreds of articles+vids on the topic. It's a fact DV rates have risen globally, but due to the mistake of the researcher, people are going to shrug it off as usual and say women are making things up to complain about. People are literally doing it in this very thread.

>"A search for the phrase “how to hit a woman,” however, pulled up results for the past 12 months, with a peak interest of 100 searches at the end of August in 2020. The graph represents search interest relative to the highest point on the chart. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term."

Anonymous 83089

DV spiking with covid seems pretty obvious

Anonymous 83094

No one believes a woman over a man tho

Anonymous 83096

That's just not true.

Anonymous 83111

You’re either a man or very privileged to not know anyone who has dealt with it firsthand. Assaults at home are wildly underreported, and those that are rarely get a case. Men are assumed innocent, and it is notoriously difficult to prove domestic violence without a witness. Do you know how many women try to get restraining orders and end up murdered because law enforcement doesn’t take them seriously?

Anonymous 83116

In what country do you live, if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous 83124

NTA but pretty much every country on the planet has a domestic violence issue that goes along those lines.

Man hits woman, woman goes to police, a mostly male police force either shrugs it off or puts the man in the clink for a night to "cool off", either the abuse gets worse or he kills her afterwards.

A lot of people think this is a 3rd world problem because they're unaware of how prevalent men's rights activism is and how much it's done to make women seem like unreliable narrators.

Anonymous 83127

tbh I don't think men or children of either gender are believed about domestic violence most of the time either, I think it's mostly a case of the police and systems in place meant to protect people being absolute garbage

Anonymous 83129

I'm a grown woman but saying the justice system in 1st world countries isnt on womens side most of the time, is just disingenious. 3rd world countries is a different story though.

Anonymous 83130

The justice system isn't really on anyone's side

Anonymous 83134

In my country there are same laws for women and men, and if there is a proof of a crime, it is illegal for police to not react to it according to the law. I'm not saying that there are countries, where women never get assaulted, just that situation in countries like India, Pakistan or Russia is way different than in countries like New Zealand, Iceland or Japan.
And i don't think that men's rights activism is really that popular, at least i never hear of them in the media, what would men's rights activists even complain about and to whom would they complain? No one would take them seriously.

Anonymous 83135


Anonymous 83136

Most of whether or not you can get away with sexual abuse and or domestic violence has to do with the amount of leverage you have over someone else. There's a reason why it's usually skeevy bosses pressuring their employees for sex and not the other way around

Anonymous 83137

In places like the US, Canada, even South Korea there are MRA groups that push for men to not be taken into custody upon domestic violence calls, for women to be examined under more scrutiny, etc.

Anonymous 83138

At least in the US the reason why domestic violence is ignore is more due to things like the abuser being a police officer than due to MRA advocacy, they're small potatoes compared to other causes

Anonymous 83174

imagine the sucker who actually wants the answer to this but only gets links to the debunking of this

Anonymous 83176

>There are still millions of men seeking out advice on how to batter women without consequences.
Citation needed, because the OP pic is plainly false.

Anonymous 83179

I think her point was that in Canada and the US, the stance of the police is to assume the man's guilt, not that MRA groups are the cause of domestic violence.

Anonymous 83180

Compared to how often they believe that a woman hurt a man, that's true, but women still aren't believed at spectacular rates. Police have an excuse to dismiss any demographic. Moids being abused are just pussies, women are hysterical and crazy/lying shrews, children or the elderly are just confused and don't know what they're talking about, etc.

Anonymous 83198

> Police have an excuse to dismiss any demographic
This. Cops are the worst kind moids and I wish people would realize that

Anonymous 83199

There's a reason domestic abuse shelters turn away cops, it's like 40% of cops who beat their SOs iirc

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