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Hermits and lone she-wolves Anonymous 83042

Do any of you walk alone in life? No romance, friends, etc., by choice?

I am kind of edging toward that life. I have avoidant personality disorder and PTSD which both make socializing hard. I am in therapy to try and improve but I am wondering if what I really want is just to be alone, if it is viable for a person to live this way. Shame kind of stops me from doing it because I feel worthless for never having a bf and all that and it is scary to think of "giving up." Please tell me your stories if you live alone and are content with that life and discuss this lifestyle.

Anonymous 83046


avoidant pd. therapy for the last 3 years, no change. my therapist decided to try schema therapy with me, though.
>if it is viable for a person to live this way
no. it is untenable. i think your real interest is running away from your fears
this disease will ultimately ruin my life btw.

Anonymous 83053

Yes. I think the most important thing when you live in isolation is to love yourself; have hobbies, take care of your physical and mental health, develop your skills and always learn new things. Keep only those interactions that will benefit you in some way, but try not to be dependent on others.
Have your individual dreams and follow the example of who you really admire, don't compare yourself with people from your social circle or the internet.

Anonymous 83118

I was diagnosed with avoidant pd two days ago. I was actually really pleased because I thought it would mean that there was a way forward now with a diagnosis.

OP 83120

I'm not saying there isn't but I don't know what the way forward is for me. Maybe I would be happier and more at peace alone instead of putting myself in situations that freak me out. I just don't know. I'm going to keep going to therapy though

Anonymous 83141

They're just saying that you have a problem in a formal way. In reality the way to solve this stays exactly the same: get friends.

Anonymous 83142


I’ve mostly checked out of society as well. Sometimes I regret it and go see what I’m missing and every time I am reminded it’s more expensive to frequent places where there are more unwritten rules to follow around fewer people with even fewer things to do.

Anonymous 83156

I’ve thought about this too. The trouble is, people want someone who will entertain them and I refuse to be anyone’s monkey. I’d rather be boring and comfortable than do things for the sole purpose of making people like me enough to want to be around me. A lot of people are annoying or smell bad too. Honestly the best company is just yourself. I don’t think I could tolerate having to share my personal space with a moid.

Anonymous 83162

I mean why not just also have some hobbies? The "dorky stuff" is all pretty accessible and would give you things to talk about. The other anon is right that you shouldn't need to change just to entertain people, but life is more fun when you have even simple hobbies. I like shitposting on chans and watching youtube but when I'm only doing that it's because I'm really stressed or depressed. It kind of melts your brain and breeds apathy about life.

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