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Anonymous 83235

Does attention from men usually make anyone else feel disgusted in a way that radiates to your stomach? I had a male friend a few years ago who said he loved me, and I tried to let him down gently, but he kept pushing it and pushing it and pushing it until the very idea of him made me want to vomit. It was like my very organs rejected his existence. I am bi but I have never had a woman inspire this feeling in me, but I have met quite a few men who just made my insides curdle in disgust.

Anonymous 83237


Yes. I'm okay with male family members but I get this violent sense of nausea whenever a moid I'm not related to interacts with me in anyway. Nausea and this indescribable burning hatred. Kek I sound insane but I don't really care. I see it as a sort of defense mechanism that keeps me away from shitty moids so I don't entirely mind that my body reacts this way.

Anonymous 83238


I feel you. It's not just physical disgust either, but disgust about everything. When I lost weight and started taking care of my appearance I thought it would be nice to be approached for once, but I quickly learned that almost all moids are the equivalent of a walking, bloated, stinking corpse trying to find anything to stick their dicks into the way a feral cat is constantly searching for prey. The only way I know how to describe how it makes me feel is just spiritually sick. It hurts me to my soul.

Anonymous 83239

You're not crazy anon, gut feelings are usually right

Anonymous 83240

Idk anyone who isn’t family or my husband then yeah.

Anonymous 83382

Ugly men yes, with cute men I like it (also bi)

Anonymous 83419


Anonymous 83435

I liked attention when I was a teen. Now being desirable by moids is not a priority for me so yes it makes me feel like shit

Anonymous 83445

I feel the exact same way. Attention from any man makes me feel sick and anxious, always did ever since I was a teen. I never had any trauma or whatever so it's not that, but any time a moid tries to flirt with me I get a sick feeling everywhere. It never felt good or flattering. The only exception is my now-bf and even he had to go really slowly for me to be comfortable.

Anonymous 83448

Yes, it is probably why I'm still a virgin. Even when I start to like a guy I remember that he is just pretending to like me to fuck me and earn the clout of having me and that once he's conquered me he will lose interest and move on to the next girl. And also that he discusses gross things about me with his friends. And he might even believe his desire to fuck me is LOVE. Tbh I don't identify with the people here who say family is the exception, for me it was my brothers, dad and stepdad who showed me the truth of men and what they really think of women
I dunno I'm a huge misandrist lol. My life would be so much easier if I could trust and love them…I'm in therapy for it but I don't know how I can ever just close my third eye like that, it's impossible to just forget

Anonymous 83449

Just find a man with no sex drive and no friends

Anonymous 83452

I wrote a big response but I feel the same, even if it's a dude I find attractive and like. I'm not hot shit or anything, but I have ghosted two dudes because of this.

For me it is things you wrote in >>83448 but I also just hate the way that men assign roles to women. They have ideas of what a woman is and should be, as well as tropes for different types of women. None of them apply to anyone completely irl and it often feels like (many…not all) hetero relationships are just a constant performance.

All relationships involve acting of course, but the roles men give us are so rigid and I am extremely uncomfortable knowing anyone applies them to me. No woman ever has and vice versa so I'm always happy when ladies like me, whether I reciprocate or not.

All that said, I do enjoy the company of a few men and have been lucky enough to have a handful of decent male friends. My own father was a horrible man but it hasn't sullied my view of them completely.

Anonymous 83455

I don't really get the idea that you should trust people. I know people, some very well and some very poorly and I decide whether to believe someone is being honest on whether or not it fits who I know them to be. Trust issues with men is only a problem imo if your misandry impairs your ability to make accurate predictions about people. There are plenty of situations where if you assume a male is acting maliciously automatically you'd be wrong, not even because they're a good person or something but because they don't have a reason to be shitty in that particular case. It seems like in your case your misandry is irrational since you're getting therapy for it but I feel like you're under the impression that you have to stop believing that men are generally shitty when really you just have to not let that belief lead you to irrational conclusions

Anonymous 83477

I have had trauma so that might be the root of it for me. I used to just see men as normal people, but now I see them as frothing, stupid, yet dangerous animals I'm supposed to tolerate for no good reason. I can't imagine ever intentionally pursuing a man for anything other than an orgasm (even that's laughable) or money.

Anonymous 83478

Lot of comphet ITT.

Anonymous 83479

We've got a live lesbian recrooter over here

Anonymous 83490

>disgusted in a way that radiates to your stomach?

YES. Exactly. It's like a rush of nausea that fills my gut, followed by a heat of anger when they're persistent like that. They're not respecting your fucking boundaries; they're violating your space.

It's why I've never done anything sexual. I feel that "insides curdling in disgust" feeling too often.

OP, do you have sexual abuse trauma? I wonder if it's connected.

Anonymous 83528

Yes! That's exactly how I feel too. I joke that a lot of men make me instantaneously go into menopause because it feels like my ovaries are just withering at the sight of them.

I do have sexual trauma from several different counts. I have also been pretty heavily abused in general by men and I never grew up with a "male role model" I guess. Male relatives were present, but they were usually fucking evil and incompetent.

Anonymous 83531

I think it bothers me so much because I don't show my "true" self to practically anyone. So anytime a guy pursues me like that I get so disgusted because they act like they know me so well and that we have such a special connection.

And underneath the disgust is a bit of hurt, because it makes you realize he was just hanging around you because you were cast as a love interest in his sexual/romantic fantasy or whatever.

Anonymous 83535

I can imagine looking down on a man who fell in love with a fake version of myself but I don't know why I'd feel hurt knowing he was just friends with me to date me when he still would've been friends with my fake self anyways

Anonymous 83536

I'm not even gay but if the very presence of men is anti-sexual to you like >>83490 >>83528 perhaps you are not straight.

Anonymous 83539

I don't put out a totally fake persona, just censored for the most part. I just figured that even a censored version of me would be worthy of friendship.

Anonymous 83541

Op here, I ID as bi currently. I have been attracted to men before and I do experience some sexual attraction to men (that they usually ruin once I get to know them) so I don't feel like I fit in the lesbian box.

Anonymous 83542

Men are very arrogant. I don't put on a persona (at least not anymore, I used to try way too hard to like things that other people liked, now I figure if I have to alter minor things about myself it's not meant to be anyways), but I have still had guys fall in love with this built-up image they had of me in their head and it was beyond frustrating. Sometimes I would try so hard to prove to them I wasn't what their headcanon of me was, but it still wouldn't work. I'd usually have to do something fucking terrible to ward them off after saying "go away" 80,000 times, and then they would convince themselves I was this heartless bitch set out to destroy them from day one.

Anonymous 83555


When I dressed myself really poorly and had no sense of fashion and was fat with acne, more men were brave enough to compliment me. Now when men compliment me, i feel like I looked "weak"

Anonymous 83560

>Sometimes I would try so hard to prove to them I wasn't what their headcanon of me was, but it still wouldn't work.
That's infuriating. Men don't actually listen to you or care who you are, they just project their fantasies and expectations onto you and get annoyed when you don't fulfill them. Literal children.

Anonymous 83571

This so much. I used to date men much uglier than me because I had no self worth and they always seemed to expect that because I might look vaguely like their dream pornified woman that I should act like it too. They just wanted an object, not an actual human being. No wonder real dolls are so popular.

Anonymous 83573

I think people are more complicated than that

Anonymous 83575

I used to do the same thing. At the time I thought it was the best I could do, but looking back I was a lot better looking than they were and put in a lot more effort into my health and appearance and just overall life. And despite all of that, they would just see me as something they rightfully earned, and something that STILL wasn't enough and should just become an empty shell for them to fill, like some kind of easy-bake-oven project. Men seriously overestimate their worth, to the point that they think that WOMEN overestimate their own worth because they dare to have standards at all.

Anonymous 83602

>something that STILL wasn't enough and should just become an empty shell for them to fill, like some kind of easy-bake-oven project.
I hate how the stereotype is that women are controlling and try to change their boyfriends/husbands. While literally nobody talks about sociopathic control freak men who try to customize their gfs/wifes like it's a fucking video game.

Anonymous 83607

I can fix him :^)

Anonymous 83631

definitely. There are controlling people on both sides, but I don't see anywhere near as many women that expect their partners to be blank slates for them to carve into and then toss when they're bored. Men really do treat women the way you would treat a Sim or a doll.

Anonymous 83633

God YES I feel this. Especially if they act bitter/upset about it. I had a male friend who would get upset at me whenever I mentioned my boyfriend. Soon after I ghosted him.

Anonymous 83673

What changed since then?

Anonymous 83674

Men don't tend to talk about sex with other men because they don't want to inadvertently turn on their male friends.

Anonymous 83696

>no sex drive and no friends
there are a lot of men with no friends but not with low sexdrive
also men with low sex drive won't be manly
if it is not a problem for you…

Anonymous 83819

I can't tell if you're joking or not. But in my experience, the more pathetic moids like to boast to other moids about their sexual conquests.

Anonymous 84309

idk why but your comment is annoying, fuck off

Anonymous 84510

It depends on their approach/what they say and how persistent they are

Anonymous 84513

Yes, same here. I always think that I want more male attention because I feel ugly, but then sometimes when it does occur I want to jump out of my skin. I think it does boost my self-esteem when it's a genuine compliment, or when a guy does something like go out of his way to hold the door for me.

Anonymous 84590

OP here, I don't have anxiety and I also don't see the correlation

Anonymous 84621


This is not true. Moids DO boast about their sexual conquests.

Anonymous 84691

Have you ever interacted with a moid?

Anonymous 84695

There's more than 1 type you know.

Anonymous 84699

You’re right, there’s 3 (alpha beta and sigma)

Anonymous 84700

You can still hate moids and reckonize the cornucopia of shitty flavors on offer. (It's not like CC is the place to go for level headed analysis of male psychology)

Anonymous 84714


Anonymous 84725


Glad you asked anon
I don’t believe in this shit but it’s hilarious asf

Anonymous 84812

sigma male is basically cope made up by incels.

Anonymous 86062

Why sigma? Like Alpha and Beta at least make sense because they're 1 and 2, why pick the 18th letter?

Anonymous 86132

sigma balls loooooool

Anonymous 86661


Very wrong, very naive, stupid post, thanks appreciate

Anonymous 86673


this is a female only imageboard sir

Anonymous 86695

You didn't even respond to the right post. God bless your dumb male heart.

Anonymous 86716

Men in general kinda make me sick. Not that I hate them or anything. Just don't find them attractive in any way. So hearing them talk about sex or love stuff just grosses me out.
Not to mention being very obviously gay and having dudes come onto me. It's always with that same dumb shit of "hurr all girls are just bi you just haven't had a good dick yet"

Anonymous 86720

>no friends
chances are that if he has no friends he's gonna be real clingy and needy. Thus it's improbable that he won't develop feelings and the sex drive that come with it.

Anonymous 86778


I know exactly what you mean. Right down to that nauseating feeling that they cause just by being around me.
Also, I cannot fucking stand that thing they do where they will keep pushing and pushing themselves onto you.. Is the relationship even worth it if you have to convince your partner to be with you in the first place?
It gives me stomach pains just fucking thinking about it. I have been NEET for the past year, lucky enough to avoid dealing with many men, and I'm dreading attending uni and having to deal with them again. </3
They fill me with such an indescribable rage. And I tell them I'm a faggotdyke, but, like >>86716 said, they always have some slimy fucking excuse or argument to devalue whatever you say. There is no easy way to let them down because they don't fucking let you.

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