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Anonymous 83461

How do I know the people here aren't just a bunch of larping moids?

Anonymous 83462

There might be some, but overall I don't think there are that many. The larpers tend to be obvious as well. I don't see most moids, even troons, as being that interested in roleplaying mundane and boring female experiences outside of their sexual fantasies or desire to troll

Anonymous 83463

Terfs, fujos, ect are usually real women and they congregate here. Moids are banned when identified and most lose interest quickly after a raid. There's definitely some who lurk or just never post anything identifying but the majority of the poster base is women

Anonymous 83529

I definitely don't think ~everybody~ here is a larping moid but there's a few. I know it's impossible to tell every time, but the really obvious moids usually act like a caricature of a fictional female character to the point it seems like teasing, try to shame women for being angry at men, or ask stupid questions like "who here likes old white men that live in Texas?".
this website reminds me too much of female oriented schizo communities I've been in for me to think it's all moids.

Anonymous 83530

yeah exactly. idk how fun it would be to larp as a bunch of women talking about anime they like or their familial trauma.

Anonymous 83537

> female oriented schizo communities
i need this

Anonymous 83559

I usually find them on facebook on accident. there's cool communities on facebook, but they're harder to find. stupid analogy, but it feels like picking wild flowers rather than just walking into a florist shop.

Anonymous 83566

Sometimes it seems like there are more comments on threads in which moids can easily hide - other times it doesn't. It's hard to tell.

Anonymous 83604

This. Just let the moids tire themselves out, they'll go back to their shithole soon enough. They always do.

Anonymous 83618

What everyone else says. Plus I know I’m a woman so that’s at least one person who isn’t a larping moid.

Anonymous 83621


sign me the fuck up nonas

Anonymous 83622


The "how to get moids to buy you things?" is a larping male, right? RIGHT? muffled crying

Anonymous 83623

Manipulative bipolar femcels is on demo for CC. If it's a moid false-flagging though a screenshot will show up on some incel forum, especially since the bread and butter for stuff like that is makings shit up to get mad at. The raid a while back had a couple of posts from a moid larping as an outraged CC poster and everyone else in the thread was too retarded to realize it was fake

Anonymous 84059

muh dick.png

You have to take it on faith, nonnie.

Anonymous 84064

go to lgbshit in 4chan. look at how trannies write. comeback here and if you find similarities you know what to do.

Anonymous 84185

wonder if someone could train an ai of some sort for this

Anonymous 84196


Tranny ai is the future, bigots

Anonymous 85975

one of the first threads I ever saw here was a moid asking if anybody here liked older men and then started asking people if they were white if they said yes. Like come the fuck on.

Anonymous 86146


According to my analyzer, you yourself are a moid

Anonymous 86158

can you post a link to whatever that is you're using?

Anonymous 86160

We are all moids on this blessed day.

Anonymous 86169

Anonymous 86175

This is gold thank you so much anon

Anonymous 86193

Please stop using images to avatarfag all over the board. That's against the rules.

Anonymous 86672

Ah that explains why my pictures keep getting deleted.
I mainly come here because I really like sharing my pictures, so I will probably not come back, which is for the best because this forum kind of fucks with my head.

Anonymous 90543


You need to hone your instincts and the trannies shall be revealed. Do not rely on text analyzers.

Anonymous 90544

>stride length is that of a man
…tall women exist

Anonymous 90549


from /mu/

Anonymous 90560

>not understanding it’s a joke
I thought we were supposed to be the sensitive ones, geez.

Anon was joking, right?

Anonymous 90607

>as utterly broken

what a cope
the worst among us is above the best among them

Anonymous 90957

among us

Anonymous 90969

>get a sadistic pleasure from seeing women as broken as him
crab bucket moment. scrotes really cant handle loneliness, dont they

Anonymous 90970

>anon was joking
no. why would she lol :)))))

Anonymous 90971

thats what being male does to your priorities. these degenerates are proud of their crimes, of their misogyny, of being able to rape someone, etc. thank god i wasnt born one of them

Anonymous 92694

that image is terrifying

Anonymous 92696

Constant boob obsessing posts really show this. Even insecure women don't run around shitting on boobs all day

Anonymous 92710


What's so scary about this?

Anonymous 94565

moid sniffer.png

This place is a window into an unknown world.

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