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Anonymous 83561

Why do people prefer to date attractive people? Isn't that unfair to unattractive people?

Anonymous 83563

attractive people are attractive because they have better genes and access to better resources. your body wants to ensure you will have strong children.

Anonymous 83564


unattractive men are meaner than the hot ones, and especially short men always have some yapping nonsense to say. I have been winning in life ever since i stopped giving ugly guys a chance.

Anonymous 83572


Are you dating someone that's ugly?

Anonymous 83574

Well, life is unfair

Anonymous 83578

Based and truth-pilled

Lucky for me I’ve never been able to stomach dating a man I’m not attracted to so I’ve never had this problem but “giving a guy a chance” rarely works out like moids online think it does. You will get cheated on with that mindset and it’s not like you need a man to own property or open a bank account anymore

Anonymous 83579


Based. Ugly men are worthless. What use is a man if you can’t even look at him without cringing?

Anonymous 83582

I'm not a stacy and I've never held that against anyone no one owes me a date
Ugly men have such a victim complex they think the world is out to get them just because they're not 6'4'' act like a normal human being and maybe people would like you and you wouldn't radiate domestic terrorist vibes

Anonymous 83583

is this man supposed to be hot?

Anonymous 83584

>maybe people would like you and you wouldn't radiate domestic terrorist vibes

Anonymous 83586

The problem with giving ugly guys a chance is that they start to think they're a ladies man who conquered you despite their looks. Never realizing that YOU did a charitable thing by giving their ugly ass a chance.

Anonymous 83587


If you’re going to nitpick personal tastes of cute guys, at least post a better example.

Anonymous 83588

Perfect answer.

Anonymous 83589

Do you just decide to date people you barely know? Like assuming you aren't just picking moids at random you aren't so much giving the ugly guy a chance as you happened to develop feelings for him while interacting with him

Anonymous 83591

Take a look at the comphet document posted in feels, it explains this a bit. Basically women are taught that they shouldn't value men's looks so much and should give every guy who likes them a chance. Most men are ok at putting on a veneer of niceness the first time you meet (and if they don't, female socialisation also teaches women to excuse misdoings).

Women's own feelings towards the man is not the priority, even for them. They don't develop feelings for ugly men, then are just following what they have been taught.

Anonymous 83595

Why would you ever "give an ugly guy a chance"? It seems like a stupid foundation for a relationship. Like, even if the guy does turn out to be nice and compatible, you're just going to not be physically attracted to him and wish he were better. That's not love. Physical attraction is important for a good relationship. I wish no one would ever "settle".

Anonymous 83599

Yeah, I'm talking about guys I've met through the apps, for the most part. Won't even swipe right on uglies anymore, not worth the grief. Of course some ugly dudes are fine, but why take the chance on a random person on an app?

When I was younger, I met a guy who wasn't conventionally attractive but I fell for him over a few years. And I started thinking he was hotter than I first thought, like I started to see his good physical qualities. I fell pretty hard for him. And that's why I started giving other uglies a chance, but most of them were absolute shit.

Anonymous 83605

There are ugly people together and I don't think they're unhappy lol. People should just find someone they want to be with full stop.

Anonymous 83606

It's just inevitable that you're going to eat a lot of shit if you date people before you get to know them. You're basically just taking a random sample of the moids you find physically attractive and you won't know before hand if the relationship could reasonably work. It's kind of weird to me when people are shocked the people they met on tinder turn out to be shitty as if it was a betrayal of a prior relationship when really you didn't know each other in the first place

Anonymous 83608

Kind of how I feel but I've just accepted other people are a lot more into casual dating and sex than I am. Using hookup/dating apps just feels like a complete nightmare to me, like why tf would I want to do that. But other people are obviously more capable of throwing themselves right into a sexual or romantic relationship where I am not.

Anonymous 83609

It takes forever for me to develop feelings for someone and by then I'm usually already friends with them so that's it's own can of worms. Like it seems to me my options are to creep on my friends or play Russian roulette dating randos. Both are theoretically doable if I can thread the needle but it's all exhausting

Anonymous 83610

I'm completely jaded and hate apps but I still do my swipes. It honestly feels masochistic for me at this point.

Anonymous 83619


Hot take: using tinder (and similar swipe-based dating apps) is digital self harm

Anonymous 83620

Most of my attractions have been to people I didn't think were that attractive before I fell for their personality. Love makes people look better.

Anonymous 83675

Attractiveness for both men and women tends to be socially orientated, much more than anyone believes. If you instead phrase it like 'why not date someone socially incompetent' then the answer becomes much more obvious.

Anonymous 83691

It absolutely is. So is social media. I go on it just to confirm what a worthless outcast I am so I can hate myself even more.

Are you trying to say that sociability and human connection are more important than physical looks in a relationship? Of course I agree. Some couples just have no synergy whatsoever and you realize they're both just using each other.

Side note, I swear it feels like so many attractive people are emotionally stunted… or dare I say, borderline autistic. Like, they never learned any of the normal social cues because they've always been treated a certain way.

Anonymous 83692

Yes, and even those who consider themselves looks orientated are actually looking at social ability. Fashion for example is very social, though on the surface seems to be about visual stuff.

Anonymous 83702

I would 100% agree the majority of the female screening system uses social standards, because of the massive amounts of suitors that can or would approach them. It makes sense then to offload the screening process to the social realm. However, I would argue men have far lower standards for reproductive targets, and while their "tastes" may be affected by general cultural influence, a male will generally be perfectly willing to "marry down". This is a demonstrable phenomena.


Anonymous 83707

Sometimes attractive people have unattractive siblings

Anonymous 83708

Which is why you are pursuing him and not his siblings.

Anonymous 83710


Imagine having a harem of brothers of differing attractiveness. I bet the ugly ones would grovel at your feet for attention and dote on you to win your favor.

Anonymous 83711

The biological need to improve gene pool i guess? Also because It feels like an achievement when you manage to bag a good looking partner.

Anonymous 83826

No, kick them out. They would be the most arrogant with a huge complex about being ugly and a excessively high standards from too much porn. They would expect you to fawn over then but completely ignore your needs, despite you obviously being the more powerful one.

Anonymous 83854

The are two types of physical attraction.
One develops through emotional attachment and familiarity.
Another one is based on looks and appears almost instantly. However it fades away rather quickly once it becomes familiar.
Guess which one is more important for long-term relationships and which one is more important for hook-ups.

Anonymous 83964

>Guess which one is more important for long-term relationships

Anonymous 83994

Dis is true
While we find people more attractive as we are around them, you will never get to that point without that initial spark. A 6 can turn into a 8+ in someone’s eyes but a 1 can’t.
I think attractiveness is subjective so it’s not completely over for ugly men, but acting like looks don't matter is cope.

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