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Anonymous 83757

Does the female gaze exist?

Anonymous 83791

no, eyes arent real.

Anonymous 83793


Anonymous 83800

George of the Jungle.

Anonymous 83805

Homosexual male gaze and female gaze are very different.

Anonymous 83808

Honestly a complete tragedy what happened to BF. If you look up that god-themed photo shoot from the 90s with costumes of Neptune, Mercury, Adonis etc he is unbelievably pretty.

Anonymous 83813


The female gaze is what makes television watchable.

Anonymous 83831

Yes, but it’s rare in mainstream media and this tragedy is unironically the patriarchy doing. Men will write things in their own perspective, even when writing the thoughts of a female lead. Additionally, a lot of women are conditioned to only feel attractive/sexual when being perceived through the eyes of a man This is not a justification for autogynophilia fuck off troons so that makes a genuine female gaze hard to find, even in female-written works.
The closest thing to it is how men are described in some romance novels and fanfic (fujos where you at?). Some wlw works will describe and depict women in a non-male gaze way but it’s rare since lesbian porn is created for men.

Anonymous 84153


Anonymous 84201

The elves in Lord of The Rings are better.

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