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Anonymous 83758

When was the last time you used 'gay,' 'queer' etc. as an insult? Be honest

Anonymous 83764

Maybe middle school personally but like 3 years ago some of the dudes in my class would regularly, the one I still talk to says it as a meme, kinda lame, anyway guys remember how when we were young dumb and would say "that's so gay" as a way to insult things because we didn't know gay people were normal and just like us and deserving of respect, we should start saying "that's so trans" instead

Anonymous 84061

Like, earlier today. Don't remember specifically why or when, but I do use gay (and variants) as insults pretty regularly. I am gay, though… I'm not really sure why I do it. I stopped for a while but ended up picking it back up again. It kinda just… sounds fitting?!
I especially refer to people being overly affectionate or kind as being "faggy." I'm not sure if that's a Thing.
Anyway >>83764
>we should start saying "that's so trans" instead
This is a better idea.

Anonymous 84068

a guy was homophobic to me and i called him a "gay-bashing faggot" lmao
yess we should huehue

Anonymous 84077

Earlier today, some guy was acting like a fag so I told him to stop being such a fag.

Anonymous 84078

yesterday. i called someone a faggot amongst other things because theyre a pedo

Anonymous 84079

I call things gay to my friends and I'm bi

Anonymous 84096

i use it as an insult all the time on certain corners of the internet (imageboards, mostly). it's just what i'm used to from growing up on 4chan

Anonymous 84102

Same. I also tend to say it around moids sometimes but I think it’s just me mirroring them

Anonymous 84103

Never used it like that but I don't tend to swear or anything like that either.

Anonymous 87812

an hour ago

Anonymous 87813

god i wish that were me

Anonymous 87837


Idk I say gay a lot. Mostly about objects or situations. Never really about people.

Queer I normally use for odd and have never used as a slur. Mostly because I enjoy feeling like I’m part of some historical novel. Though I do lovingly call my husband queer-bait.

“He’s a fag and not in a cool way”. I say very rarely about douchebags of the highest caliber. I picked this up from a gay guy was a coworker of my husband’s. If a dude was an Uber douche, he’d call the douchebag a fag but never a faggot. He kinda explained that was important.
So yeah. I do the same with retard; “he’s retarded and not in a cool way” meaning not in the way he was born with/the way god made him whatever.

Really though I have never used a slur against a gay or lesbian person even when upset. I’d rather just call them an idiot if they’re behaving like an idiot because it is more beneficial for accurate communication.

Anonymous 87840

I prefer using 'poof' or 'poofta'

Anonymous 87861


Bong time

Anonymous 87864


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