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Anonymous 83866

How do I become moid repellant?

Anonymous 83871

look old

Anonymous 83873

be emotionally and sexually unavailable

Anonymous 83895


You can't.
There's always at least one weirdo no matter what you do.
Most you can do is repel a specific kind of person, though you'll also attract a certain type of person with everything you do.
Like magnets baybèeeeeeeee

Anonymous 83908

You need to master the art of making people uneasy. Show that you are above social protocol and not afraid of anything, nor capable of shame.

This means walking everywhere barefoot, unceasing eye contact with strangers, free bleeding (empowering move), breathing heavily wherever you go, and coughing like you just caught the plague. For a bonus, carry a body pillow or two of your anime husbandos EVERYWHERE you go. Good luck, you can do this <3

Anonymous 83913

Be a fujo.

Anonymous 83919


Act and look like a male otaku.

Anonymous 83920

>fat piece of shit entire life
>no tits, negligible ass
>ugly face
>mentally ill
>still gets some male attention/harassment
I don’t have it nearly as bad an average looking/hot woman but scrotes really have no standards. There is no escape

Anonymous 83921

honestly as a sub-average autist i can say that there's probably no way in hell to avoid men completely. a dude is always going to find you attractive, and tbh that's just statistics/common sense, there are so many fucking men out there.

what you should do though, to make the odds of a guy approaching you very slim, is simply be yourself. don't wear makeup, don't dress in overly revealing clothing, do what makes you comfy because it is comfortable and not because it's what stacy is doing.

and if you're lucky enough to have friends, go out with your friends a lot – travel in groups (this prunes out the freaks and crooks real fast).

Anonymous 83947

Weird question, do women in burkas ever get harassed? I wouldn't be opposed to trying one on. Though I'm guessing that might attract other forms of unwanted attention.

Anonymous 83957

Never be out in public without being at your parent's sides I guess?

Anonymous 83963

Harassment is widespread in muslim countries.

Anonymous 84217

Be me.
Seriously i don't get how you are all talking about unwanted male attention when I have a normal appareance and I get none. I guess the easiest way, judging by my situation is to just be masculine.

Anonymous 84226

you have an admirable sense of self confidence to consider these flattering pictures

Anonymous 84229

su hawttt ^__^

Anonymous 84232

stop responding to moids u dumbfucks

Anonymous 84234

but hes suuuu hawtttttt X3

Anonymous 84235

oh em geeee desuuuuu >.<

Anonymous 84246


This but unironically.

Anonymous 84251

what is this from? its cute

Anonymous 84255

dont smile at them, wear baggy clothes and dont shower

Anonymous 84269

Cut your hair short
It's easier to wash and take care of and feels nice
Also men are very very retarded so just that is enough to keep them from pursuing anything because they think it's gay

Anonymous 87558

What was posted that got deleted?

Anonymous 87559


Can confirm, every time I decided to show to a guy my fujo powerlevel in the past I got to see the visible disgust on his expression. Most of them are just naturally disgusted by homosexx and can't bear the fact of women sexualizing them that way.

Anonymous 87560

It was just some moid who posted his pics here.

Anonymous 87561

>be fat while having small tits (possible if your genes are fucked)
>huge stomach but (almost) no ass
>have something akin to a masculine fat distribution or mask tits/ass with oversized clothing
>double chin
>no makeup (not even "nude", mascoids are actually into "nude" not none)
>huge dark circles under eyes (makes them think you're either a drug addict or a shut-in)
>only wash your hair once in a month. if you're too weak for that, every 2 weeks
>act retarded, like ever talking only about one specific thing and not listening to anyone else. bonus points if it's yaoi

but still, >>83895

Anonymous 87576


Honestly, do the embarassingly autistic shit I did in middle school. Write smut yaoi fanfiction of your male classmates and let them read it as if it's a normal thing to write. Guaranteed to never have any moids talk to you again. Honeslty, guaranteed to not have anyone else want to associate with you.

Anonymous 87578

It can be a defense mechanism or it can be a genuine act. One thing for sure is that it's gonna repel a bunch of people around you, if this is what you are looking for.

Anonymous 87580


Adopt the ways of the hyena, they're based as fuck


>travel in small packs of females
>only breed when crossing paths with a lone moid hyena
>moid is kicked out back into the wild often fatally injured afterwards
>continue to be a complex and living individual inbetween sessions of moid beatings
>doesn't take any heed of moid retardation
>still cute despite ascending to the final level of alpha female energy where being cute/attractive is no longer a requirement. Just pure feminine strength

Anonymous 87581

Put down the crackpipe. Men pretending to be decent is far worse than anon or anyone pretending to be a spergy fujo

Anonymous 87582

hyenas are based but i'm sorry, i can't not sympathize with many male animals. animals are not to be compared with human males who generally seek to exploit our empathy

Anonymous 87625

have tatoos and be in debt

Anonymous 87627

Have a child.

Anonymous 87630

Probably a polturd who posted his/someone else's pics

Anonymous 87643

Quit showering. Constantly smear your makeup, and overall look terrible.

Anonymous 87648

Do they pee out of their pseudopenii as well?

Anonymous 87649

They give birth out of their pp. Its actually a distended clitoris

Anonymous 87651

How do they run with those things if they don't retract? Actually, how do horses and all those animals with long pps run?

Anonymous 87653

The pseudo penis sheathes and unsheathes depending on the amount of blood flow going to it. Similar principle applies to all mammals who walk on all fours and have a penis. Humans are actually irregular in the fact that moid penises are always flopping around. The foreskin in a chimp for example is directly connected to his underbelly. Moid penises are so unusual probably because of having the most lopsided penis to body size ratio of any primate, which is why they dangle.

Anonymous 87657

You can't, men would literally fuck anything and that's why they're so fucking disgusting. For every thing people have mentioned above, there's some sicko with a fetish for it.

Anonymous 87659

Tbh anon you're right. If we had actual holes rotting through us trypophobia style there would be a small group of guro fans ready to fill us 10 at a time

Anonymous 87666

like the other anon said, animal penises unsheath and are covered. i had this horrific lesson when my friend begged me to hang out with her and her new horse. it'd be fun, she said. nothing like the actual experience of being 11, seeing a horse for the first time just to end up having to help clean its dick wrapper 10 minutes later - a chore she conveniently did not mention when begging me to come over

Anonymous 87669


Anonymous 87670

Then why don't more of them fuck TiMs then?

Anonymous 87671

Cuz that's gay

Anonymous 87673

A fair number of them can be memed into fucking TiMs, their capacity for degeneracy and retardation knows no bounds

Anonymous 87685

Considering how many moids die of auto erotic asphyxiation, its astoundingly easy to groom them into killing themselves. You just have to take advantage of their natural degeneracy

Anonymous 87689

Wasn't there just a cap recently (either on here or lolcow) of moids cooming on r9k to some kind of fetish based on actually specifically offing themselves?

Anonymous 87695

If I was a moid, I too would feel my greatest pleasure would be to cease existing. Moids know they're empty and useless beyond their function to dispense semen and die. The kind of bloke who hangs around r9k isn't handing out semen to anyone, fucking incels, so I'm not surprised they turn to their one other purpose- dying

Anonymous 88222

a suicide kink?? lmao what the fuck is wrong with them. oh well, don't care either way.

Anonymous 88225

yeah i think it was based around an animu femdomme or something encouraging them to unalive, wish i saved it

Anonymous 88229

no, i believe OP pic had a picture of a seductive demon anime domme and it was very different

Anonymous 88263

Dont take care of your looks, be ugly, smelly and rude.

Anonymous 88309

Kick them in the balls

Anonymous 88326

Someone in the "what would you do on our female only civilisation?" thread should found this organisation to create jobs in our female only economy. We can't all just be farmers

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