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Anonymous 83898

I apparently look 30

Anonymous 83900

I'll probably look at this later but I don't think I hate myself enough to have an AI tell me I look old right this second.

Anonymous 83901


Hmmm this doesn't seem like a sketchy government data harvesting operation at all…

Anonymous 83905


Well it actually rated me 6 years younger (and lower BMI lol) but even though I know I'm ugly, this does sting a little. Not even in the normal range of ugly.

Anonymous 83909

Got 6.8/10 and looked 19 when I’m 24

Anonymous 83910

>did it multiple times, consistently got sub-5 results
And they say femcels do not exist

Anonymous 83914

It said I was anywhere between 38 and 17 and settled on 17, I am in my mid-twenties.

Told me I was only 42% "normal".

At my best it give me a 5.5.

Anonymous 83915

>10 point scale
>5 is not calibrated to be "normal"

Anonymous 83916

Got a 7.7/10 and said I look 20, I'm 25

Anonymous 83918

Keep walking Becky, this is a femcel only board.

Anonymous 83931

This thing told me I was a 3.8/10 14 year old boy. I am 19 and female. Gonna kms

Anonymous 83934

According to the algorithm I'm a 6.3 18 years old man. At least it said I was 3 years younger than I actually am.

Anonymous 83935


you be the judge

Anonymous 83938

Unlike the US where the default is "yes please take my data daddy", EU requires you to give explicit permission to share data. Unless it's an entirely illegal operation, it's not taking your data.

Anonymous 83962

I keep trying but it just says "make sure the camera can see your face" and never progresses"
Maybe I'm not recognizably human

Anonymous 83969

That's what it says when the camera is turned off.

Anonymous 83970

My camera was turned on and displaying

Anonymous 83974

Screenshot 2021-05…

stacy coming through!

Anonymous 83976

Is there a site where I can just upload a photo instead of streaming my camera?

Anonymous 83977

I can't even imagine what you look like lol. Well, feel good about I guess.
>tfw literally fucking morlock and the eloi start posting

Anonymous 83978

>morlock and the eloi
kek. ironically i've posted in the 'when did you discover that you were unattractive' thread before. i have a hard time judging attractiveness but even I can tell you I am definitely not an 8.3/10, even if some algorithm tells me I am. feels good that I can larp as a stacy though heh

Anonymous 83979

this made me sad :( i thought i was a decent 6.5 but got a 4.3…maybe its because i was wearing no makeup or maybe im just that ugly.

Anonymous 83980

face algorithms really aren't the best, don't take it too seriously. the guy in the video even talks about how fallible they are.

Anonymous 83981

thank you that makes me feel better!
plus i just redid it in sunlight and got a 5.9…it also suggested i look 15 when im 20 so i suppose i can at least look young.

Anonymous 83982

AH sorry screwed up replying

Anonymous 83991

To be fair there's probably a sex component to the beauty thing, so if it got you the wrong sex I imagine that score would be really thrown off too.

Anonymous 84009

The creator of this project is really cool. He created this website:

Basically this “how normal am I” is a lesson in how intrusive facial recognition software is.
Also, it said I was like 7.9 attractiveness. But most of the people who shared their data are male lol

Anonymous 84035

Ok, you convinced me to try. Said my bmi is 17 but it's actually 19.5 and that my age was 5 years younger than it is. My beauty is 6.8.

Anonymous 84060


I'm 58% normal, it said I was a 6/10, and it thought I was much younger and a little skinnier than I actually am. cool tool.

Anonymous 85577

do you realize how naive you sound

Anonymous 85578

I'm 45% normal and a 6.9/10, kinda sucks but okay. Said I look 15 and I'm almost 22 lol. At least they got my BMI right.

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