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mother's day feels Anonymous 84137

how do you cope with feelings of sadness or resentment on mother's day? i see a lot of people posting their moms on social media, talking about how much they love her, how amazing she is, etc., which stings a little. i wish mother's day didn't bother me so much.

Anonymous 84142

I am gonna get some wine tonight and drink it, maybe watch a horror movie. I was working on my book this morning and wrote a scene with a mom and daughter, wasn't planning on doing it today but it was fitting. I feel kind of achy afterwards but I expressed some feelings with it. My mom died five years ago (christ, has it really been that long) and it still hurts. She was the only person I had who truly cared and since she died I have really spiraled into loneliness. This probably isn't what you meant but that's the sadness I'm feeling today.

Anonymous 84158

If your own mother was terrible, take some time to celebrate yourself as chances are you probably had to raise yourself more than other people did.

Anonymous 84159


OP, that is okay. Hugs to you.
Mother's day doesn't concern me much as most holidays or even birthdays. It stings a little bit though because I feel bad for my mom and feel bad for abandoning her. Idk where she is or how she is or how she feels about it. It's not just pity which would be fine but also role-reversal. Maybe this Mother's Day I could feel it out and possibly grieve a little or think about her positively. I (subconsciously) avoid thinking about her a lot. Feels like an amputation. Maybe that's not the healthiest in the long run.

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