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Hi Anonymous 84266

Hi how was your day

Anonymous 84267

Bad. Thanks for asking

Anonymous 84268

hope it gets better

Anonymous 84270

Mixed but overall alright I guess

What about you?

Anonymous 84271

I'm dying but gracefully

Anonymous 84272


Good in the morning but it got bad in the afternoon when the raid happened. I went for a run while everything cleared up and now it’s good again. Thanks for asking anon.

Anonymous 84273


My day was okay! Thank you for asking

Anonymous 84283

I fell asleep and missed a doctor's appointment but other than that I feel alright, thanks for asking OP

Anonymous 84295

Literally or figuratively?

Anonymous 84300

I got up to enroll for classes but they were busy and I'll have to go back tomorrow. I also have to make some calls tomorrow and I'm dreading that because I have to cancel this big thing and idk how to go about it. But I went on a really nice walk with my sister.

Anonymous 84330

It's ok, I really want to spend some time resting and going out but the damn covid cases rise up and I can't go anywhere.

Anonymous 84344

I have my class but I don’t want to go because my anxiety is acting weird. I keep canceling a date because of family stuff and I feel like the person is distancing themselves from me which is understandable but still feels like shit.

Anonymous 84352


my day was a depressed shit but there are some silver linings and some important calls I made

Anonymous 84354

It was alright i guess. Started classes today and the semester looks hard af

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