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Anonymous 84434

Why is it that when youre pretty but with a short haircut guys dont look at you but lesbians do?

Anonymous 84435

Because men are weak and have been conditioned/memed into basically only being attracted to performative femininity but bi/lesbian girls find other girls cute no matter what

Anonymous 84438


Depends on the guy. A small percentage of men is really into short hair and a lot are kind of indifferent or will not prioritize haircuts. At least, that's how I experience it in my country.
But yeah, women notice and check out short-haired women way more than men

Anonymous 84443

Short hair is coded lesbian whether we like it or not, that's what society put on us, so you will attract attention from girls. You probably get more attention from guys than you think though. I had a pixie cut my junior year in HS and I still had moids after me

Anonymous 84452

That girl from the meme Rose RandyTaylor whatever the fuck had a short haircut for most of her life.

Anonymous 84480

Because short hair is a lesbian flag. The guys think you might be a lesbian, the lesbians think you might be a lesbian.

Anonymous 84481

Sounds like you're a NEET or otherwise an introvert.

Anonymous 84844

As a lesbian, god I wish that was me.
>when I had long hair, apolitical scrotes and liberal women bulli’d me for having the ”aura” of a pearl-clutching conservative, and the conservatives simped for me
>now that i have short hair, scrotes call me a f* because I look like a twink, and conservatives avoid talking to or looking at me, and liberal women simp for me, but other lesbians can detect my ’tism and quietly push me out

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