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Anonymous 84638

Drink a glass of water if you see this thread

Anonymous 84653

Fine, fuck you

Anonymous 84667

Yeah what the hell 'sips'

Anonymous 85508

Aw shit here we go again

Anonymous 91476

Good Morning, Miners (◠‿・)—☆

Anonymous 91545


Anonymous 91592


Anonymous 92252


you better drink a glass of water right meow or we're in big trouble

Anonymous 92267



Anonymous 92609



Anonymous 92825

Hail hydrate.

Anonymous 92842



Anonymous 92844

Hey hydrobabes, I found this really cool product:

It’s ORS/ORT. It’s more effective in cases of extreme dehydration than sports drinks and even water. You can make it for survival mode but I like the lemon flavor.
Another alternative would be Pedialyte.

Chyeah get hydrated bébé

Anonymous 92849


You don’t, or you drink iced coffee.
The internet tells me it’s a mental illness thing so drink up anons

Anonymous 92868


I was drinking my water like a good miner when I saw that BTS is a terrorist organisation (;;;・_・)


Anonymous 92917


Drink water stay healthy

Anonymous 136770


Anonymous 138552

water bump

Anonymous 138566


I'm drowning somebody help

Anonymous 138575


Anonymous 138688


glug glug

Anonymous 138709

Drink for Gabriel

Anonymous 143865


I often drink chlorophyll water! It’s so good for my skin and hair!

Anonymous 143928

>chlorophyll water
Like… a smoothie? Fruit juice?

Anonymous 143981

Gabriel is best boy

Anonymous 143982


More like green herbs

Anonymous 143985

Not drinking enough water seems like an American problem. I've never seen a non-Americain complaining about not drinking enough water.

Anonymous 144000


Do you have free healtcare and free education?

Anonymous 144001

Says the burger who has lower living standards than I do kekkk

Anonymous 144003


> a litteral muslim shithole

Anonymous 144010

am another burger, you are absolutely on astronomical, weapons grade levels of cope if you sincerely think most europeans are in a worse position than us overall

Anonymous 144023

Is this foreal tho

Anonymous 144024

H fuck where is this? Seriously France? Why do I feel like you're lying… why do I feel like I'm really looking at Russia…?

Prove it

Anonymous 144036

Why Russia? I hate that place but it's pretty normal for countries to be trashed in certain parts of them. Denying it doesn't fit it.

Anonymous 144083

Hi you retard, I am actually a french person and this, this is where the crackheads live. So remove the word muslim. I hate when people like you put their stupid prejudice on other people. I think we are doing better at managing diversity in france than your country and that’s why you are that salty, because your country is not working at every level. You just coping by saying that having muslim in a country make it a shit hole. Focus on your country before pointing us.

Anonymous 144084

This person had the need to spit on a whole country just because of stupid pride. It’s not like it will help USA’s problemS.

Anonymous 144085

Also it would take all my life time to spam very bad pictures of your country. Because oh god, there is a LOT

Anonymous 145110

Photo on 7-31-22 a…

I'm trapped in this cursed realm may as well drink the slimy nothing

Anonymous 145114

Why is it emphasised it should be water and not any other liquid (safe to drink I mean)
It still contains water, I don’t think a body would see the difference - it sees it as a water

Anonymous 145116

Anonymous 145118

Your body doesnt see soda beer or coffee the same as it sees water. Tea is likely the closest and even that is chemically different

Anonymous 145123

If its astringent its not water
If its syrupy its not water
If its salty - seawater

Anonymous 145138

Chairs ladies. I added half a teaspoon of baking soda too for a delightful fizz.

Anonymous 145142


Is this what you wanted?

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