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Anonymous 84990

found this on /r9k/, i hope its okay for me to post this here
anyway, assuming this isnt a larp, what are your thoughts ? do you agree ?
here is the greentext in case you want to copy
>they can make friends on the internet even if theyre unattractive
>they get to be majority on the internet
>they can have kids without having to get pregnant or give birth
>they are able to go on night walks without getting raped
>they dont have to have long hair to be attractive
>they dont have to have cute features to be attractive
>they are taken more seriously than women and their opinion is valued more

Anonymous 84991

it's true

Anonymous 84996

okay moid

Anonymous 84997

I agree with this but there are also things that i think are important that aren't included here.
>they are allowed to be funny and will always be perceived as funnier even by other women because humor often requires some sort of grossness and self deprecation
>they are allowed to express and enjoy their sexuality without judgment
>they can live their lives not caring about their looks (as long as they have something else going on for them) because unlike women they weren't taught to be pretty since childhood or convinced to alter their appearance
>they are allowed to enjoy things without being regarded as either being the same as every other man or only liking things to impress girls
>they don't have an expiration date like women do
>they get praised for minimum effort when it comes to parenthood
We wish we had the same privileges as men, that doesn't mean we want to cause the same harm as men

Anonymous 84998

you're pathetic

Anonymous 85000

No. It's a larp.

Anonymous 85001


>they can make friends on the internet even if theyre unattractive
your attractiveness is irrelevant on the internet where showing yourself isnt obligatory, most ( internet obsessed ) people are just larping and are completely different irl so do that if you're really that boring nona ( no offense even if she cant see this )
>they get to be majority on the internet
why is that a good thing ?
>they can have kids without having to get pregnant or give birth
mhm this one's true i have nothing to say here :(
>they are able to go on night walks without getting raped
its really a shame that its a lot harder if not impossible for us to go out at night safely and maybe im just saying this because im a neet schizo but just dont take nightwalks they're not that much of a necessity… i sound like im victim blaming sorry um -_- thats not how im trying to come off im sorry
>they dont have to have long hair to be attractive
you know that's not true nona there are plenty of short haired women that are just if not more beautiful than ones with long hair, normie response but each person has a hairstyle that suits them having long hair is not an obligation especially not these days…
>they dont have to have cute features to be attractive
yes but they have to be masculine otherwise they'd be twink fags and the vast majority of women doesn't like that
>they are taken more seriously than women and their opinion is valued more
true again… :(
not if you have a good personality…
anyway none of these points are a good reason nona and even if you transition you'll still be facing the same difficulties if not more of them and men will see you as even less of an equal

Anonymous 85002

>otherwise they'd be twink fags and the vast majority of women doesn't like that
I love twink fags ;-;

Anonymous 85004

The only thing I'm jealous of men for is that they don't have periods.

Anonymous 85005

It's not really safe for anyone to walk around at night, moids just usually only get mugged instead of sexual assault. Most rape isn't done by strangers in alleys its done by moids you know well and trust. The "walking at night will get you raped" shit is a psy-op to distract women from where the real rape problem is (in their homes and communities)and make them scared of being indepedent.

Anonymous 85006

Twink fags are gay. You're gay.

Anonymous 85021

well then you're not apart of the majority. congrats ! ^_^

Anonymous 85031

Those are good points but she shouldnt go tranny. I bet it was written by an honest moid larping as a woman though.

Trannies are always bad and should 44%

Anonymous 85032


>they can make friends on the internet even if theyre unattractive
This is true. Girls can too if they're in communities of other ugly girls, but they'll never be popular. Ugly guys usually aren't popular, but they can be, whereas ugly girls almost never are.

>they get to be majority on the internet

Not the majority in all spaces, but in the spaces they are the majority, they are extremely vocal and hateful, and then think this is the same as women's spaces being hostile in return.

>they can have kids without having to get pregnant or give birth

I definitely envy this one. They also don't get blamed if something goes wrong, even though miscarriages/stillbirths are just as likely to be caused by something with the father's sperm. They don't have the whole "your clock is ticking" message shoved down their throats if they don't want to jump into having kids straight out of highschool, even though their sperm declines with age (it may not come to a total halt like eggs do, but it does get pretty shitty after 35). Pregnancy is hard even if you have a healthy pregnancy. Birth is hard even if you have a normal birth. All they have to do is cum.

>they are able to go on night walks without getting raped

Definitely. If you talk to men about personal safety issues and fear of being attacked, it will become alarmingly obvious how much they don't understand what we experience.

>they dont have to have long hair to be attractive

I think guys can get hassled if they DO have long hair, but they're definitely not told as often as we are that they HAVE to have their hair a certain length to be worthy.

>they dont have to have cute features to be attractive

Definitely. Look at any fucking TV show where the main male character is a disgusting piece of shit and they're married to someone at least five leagues above them.

>they are taken more seriously than women and their opinion is valued more

Of course, if you have a man and a woman say the same thing, the man will be seen as better educated and more rational.


I think about this all the time. For women, we are pushed to be attractive, just to deserve existing in public at all.

Anonymous 85034

I misread the >they don't have to have cute features to be attractive
as >they don't have to have cute features to be liked
Still true though, imo women often seen as hot are usually gorgeous, whereas men seen as hot are usually just ok and not repulsive. The bar is a lot lower and allows much more imperfections for them.

Anonymous 85049

Idk anon. I know plenty of girls that are into more feminine men. Men don't need to be manly to be attractive nowadays

Anonymous 85060

There are a lot of social benefits to being male. It is for that reason that I am sympathetic to TIFs, even though I do not agree with them that they can become men. However, given the choice, I would not want to be male knowing what I know. I am filled with revulsion for their entire sex for the crimes they have committed and continue to commit against women, and I would never align myself with the predators, violators, and beasts of the human race. I would rather work toward a future for women where these social factors have less negative impact (most likely in a female-exclusive society.)

Anonymous 85061

especially if you lived in the middle-east. Most societies dont mind you coming to live there and working and having a wide range of unique styles as long as they arent haram af. As a moid you are relatively fine in most places in the world and you are much safer outside at night.

Anonymous 85090

ngl, i'd do it. i'd 100% be happier as a man. i'm imprisoned by my own body as a woman in so many ways. i totally get why TIFs do it for those reasons, but it's a harebrained plan if you're not doing it to avoid femicide, basically.

Anonymous 85105


>i think i may just have to transition at this point

Globohomo claims another one

Anonymous 85210

shit. i have never related to a post more, i feel the exact same as this person ):

Anonymous 85214

Well, life would be easier. Being a men is basically being a women with benefits. There are a few shortcomings, I think being horny all the time is the worst part of being a man, but when It comes to physiology it's a good trade off when we consider how strong they are. Also, not getting pregnant pra periods, menstrual criamos, etc make jealous of their bodies.

And I'm not even taking about wages or the way society sees you.

Anonymous 85227

i wish i could make cool male friends who dont want to secretly fuck me

Anonymous 85262


>they don't have an expiration date like women do
Is there at least one example of a woman that aged as gracefully are lots of men do? There has to be right?

Anonymous 85265

You should just take that in stride because there's nothing you can do about it. Moid brains are just hard wired to be hypersexual some of them probably have to conciously resist the urge to rape you and it's only the social consequences that's stopping them.

Anonymous 85267

>women are naive and stupid
>why would you want to be friends with the gender I just implied was superior
Fucking moids

Anonymous 85283

I honestly have no idea why you can't understand that. Is not about hating sex,is about having a platonic, healthy friendship with someone from the opposite gender. Being friends with someone who just thinks about fucking you sucks. Most of them will keep pushing you for that, and eventually get tired and abandon you and your friendship like it's nothing. I'm sure that I have lots in common with moids, but they don't even bother to get to know me, just because I'm a girl.

Anonymous 85285

I think my parents are a good example. My dad is like 60, and my mom is 56. She looks like she's in her 40's and he looks like he's in his mid 60's.

While it's true that collagen in men's skin tends to be stronger due to follicle activity, aging still affects both sexes. The only thing that changes is the gradualness of the aging. Women age over time, while when men age, it hits them like a ton of bricks.

Aging makes everyone look ugly. The only exceptions are those who take good care of their skin and those who win the genetic lottery.

Anonymous 85287

I’ve had friendships where I was sexually attracted to my friend and it was fine since I wasn’t angling to fuck them and didn’t feel offended that they didn’t reciprocate. The dynamic is manageable but it requires both you and your friend to be mature enough

Anonymous 85301

Literally all of them. We just aren't allowed to age by male standards.

Anonymous 85302

Whatshername from the current spiderman movies. She's aged unnaturally well.

Anonymous 85313


>cuz he looks like shit, and I'm pretty sure if you saw a woman with deep frown lines and white hair like that, you wouldn't think she aged "gracefully".
Right? 99% of the time men don't age better in any objective, measurable way, they're just ALLOWED to age. Their wrinkles and sun damage and white hair would never be accepted on a woman of the same age, it would render her completely and utterly unfuckable.

I guess it's just men with natural advantages in aging thanks to melanin who can keep their nice skin, the rest go to shit because men think skincare is gay.

Anonymous 85316

Kek men do not age more gracefully than women, they are just allowed to look older without facing much backlash for it. If an older woman has anything less than baby smooth skin then she's "aging like milk" meanwhile most of the men in her age group look rougher than sandpaper.

Anyway, Mariah Carey looks amazing for her age. This is from last December.

Anonymous 85318


>>they get to be majority on the internet
>why is that a good thing ?

Anonymous 85353

Oh stop. Women age the same way that men do. It just isn’t socially acceptable for women to age. When I’m an old woman, I will be invisible to men because my youth will be gone. Women were never allowed to exist in their natural state.

Anonymous 85363

Old men also have more cultural significance that old women. Like Santa.

Anonymous 85366

Lot of moids today

Anonymous 85427

Will Smith in on his 50s. Men have to pretty much be crackheads to look bad at that age, Brosnan is pushing 70 by all measures he should be looking like a decrepit old man

Anonymous 85428



Anonymous 85448

The night walks thing is the only thing that really matters to me. Bothers me to no end that I have to constantly check behind me to make sure I'm not being followed home while the sun is setting.
Not being taken seriously sucks, but anyone who doesn't take me seriously or value my opinion isn't worth my time lol.
Kinda bizarre that OP of that post is more worried about being attractive than being stalked at night.

Anonymous 85450

>she doesn't find pierce brosnan attractive

Anonymous 85460

The only one I empathize with is being the majority on the internet, there needs to be more forums for women that aren't about parenting or gossip. These days I refuse to use most male-dominated or co-ed websites because I know I'm eventually going to encounter something misogynistic that I don't want to see. I don't really care about the other ones, for example I gave up making internet friends a long time ago and don't really care about attractiveness. I feel for this person but I think it's kind of pathetic to put this on r9k, I doubt the scrotes there actually give a shit and probably just used this thread as an opportunity to be misogynistic.

Anonymous 85492

Maybe it's just because of where I live, but I honestly haven't worried about being followed since I learned the absurd lengths men go to to not make it seem like they're following you. Like now sometimes I'll deliberately slow down to give the guy walking behind me an opportunity to speedwalk past me.

Anonymous 85498


Nana Visitor is GILF goals. Basically any celeb who doesn't get an addiction to something will look good in their 60s and above, doubly so if they are melanin-rich. Their money gives them access to so many aesthetic-related procedures.

Most men don't perceivably "hit the wall" like women supposedly do because the bulk of them look schlubby at any age because they were never socialized to value their looks, especially taking care of their skin(TOO GAY). There is no great fall from grace for them because they were never up too high to begin with.

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