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Anonymous 85017

Anyone else have a date set for their suicide? Mine will be approaching in a few years.

Anonymous 85019

Nope, just working as hard as possible to ensure massive aneurysm or heart failure.

Anonymous 85035

Not a date, but more a set of circumstances.
For me, it's if I don't succeed with college and my sister and fiance drop contact with me, I will kill myself.

Anonymous 85042

cool photoshop

Anonymous 85048

I did until I found out it would be excruciatingly painful and I stopped wanting to kill myself at all for around four-six months. Plus I don't want to go to hell so I figure I will wait for a freak accident to kill me.

Anonymous 85309

>Not a date, but more a set of circumstances

Same. For me, it's when my mom dies. Nobody else will get upset.

Anonymous 86116

>Nobody else would get upset

That's my logic too. Death hurts like a bitch and I couldn't do that to my sister and my fiance. If they don't care though, then I don't care.

Anonymous 86122

I'm thinking in a few months. A post on 4chan made me feel like woman are dying out to SJWs and crazy feminists'. People are so soft that they freak out over guro pics. I mean everyone dies. Anyways, I'm tired of walking on eggshells around people.

Anonymous 86123

really cool cute image anon

Anonymous 86148

>People are so soft that they freak out over guro pics
Im sorry but that is a really stupid reason to want to kill yourself, ciao bitch
thank you!!! I'm really obsessed with these types of pics, they're sooooo nostalgic and cute <3

Anonymous 86246

No offense, but why should you care? Everyone has their own reasons and people die everyday.

Anonymous 86249

whenever I see my bodt deteriorating and can not take it, the Greeks were right and only young life is true life, the rest is a slow path to decay and eventual death

Anonymous 86252


Nothing set but it is just something I have in my back pocket. I know if it gets too hard I don't have to stay here

Anonymous 86255

nooo wtf why did you post that :(

Anonymous 86268

You should fucking do it now lol

Anonymous 86298

whats in the video ? im on mobile :(

Anonymous 86319

don't do it friends, it really is not worth it, life is really cool

Anonymous 86321

nothing happens, the dog is photoshopped

Anonymous 86344

Yeah, when I turn 30 and haven't done anything with my life

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