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Anonymous 85306

um is anyone good at critiquing artwork? like (giving actual good advice and etc) i need someone/friend thats good at it bc i wanna improve w my art

Anonymous 85308

Seconding can we have an /ic/ general?

Anonymous 85310

I know a thing or two about anatomy and coloring, post art.

Anonymous 85314


yeah i love would that
op here this is some art i did rn i do sketch then paint but the thing is .. i have no idea how to paint at all i love painting i wanna learn but i see no tutorials on it at all especially with clip studio

Anonymous 85315


i adore this kind of art (made by @ninev_) on @g_nai_art on twit and @redum4 on twit etc etc i love these artists a lot but i have no idea what brushes to use, what techniques, coloring, basically everything if anyone could give me good advice i would love it

Anonymous 85323

Your colors are nice and go very well together, but I think you should focus a little more on making readable line art. Thin lines are okay, but it's kinda hard to see them at all.
This artist probably had years of experience to get here, so don't beat yourself up over not drawing like this. You can make something like this if you use any brush (the shading is extremely simple and lose, so you'll have to learn to shade normally first).
The basics in general are important to know, figure drawing can help a lot and there's online resources like quickposes that can get you started.

Anonymous 85324


mm i tend not to do line art at all actually! i do sketch then i immediately paint i just dont know how to like really blend out my lineart like here for example

Anonymous 85440

I'm still learning too so take all this with a grain of salt:
You're on the right track, the colors work very well together! but i would advise you to study more about anatomy mainly (it may be just your style, but it feels like you know where things are supposed to be in an anime style but not the fundamentals, the jaw seems uneven and the top of her hair ends a little too low compared to the presumed head size), and how light and shadow work on different colors. Just taking a darker version of one color usually doesn't end up looking very interesting, for example the different colors in the hair of >>85315 make for a really pretty effect and give more depth.
Also don't just watch tutorials for your specific software of choice! once you understand the basics of painting more, you can replicate the results in any program without special brushes
I hope someone makes it

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