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Anonymous 85774

writing is a dead medium. how do i cope as someone who just wants to write

Anonymous 85775

Didn't you make this thread like a week ago

Anonymous 85787

thread is a dead medium

Anonymous 85788

I wouldn’t say dead is the right word. I don’t like the effect the market has on fiction but it’s certainly still alive

Anonymous 85794

With an actually cool art like drawing, music or acting/movie making.

Anonymous 85795

write screenplays

Anonymous 85796

Inovate english literature by making the first long form epic in the greenext format, and win a nobel.
Here's how to start:
>be me

Anonymous 85804

No medium is dead until no one knows how to perform it anymore.

Anonymous 85831

go crazy with writing, don't hold the writing rules, write sideways, change languages mid way, add some scribbles sometimes, perhaps a riddle or two in there

Anonymous 85836



Anonymous 85837


Didn't wars inspire some writing and other art? That had to be a pretty catastrophic, bleak climate.

Anonymous 85839

you know what? this sounds awesome. im sorry op but i'm stealing this. i will write thye first greentext epic.

Anonymous 85844



Anonymous 85854

Just write, who cares

Anonymous 85878

Why tell a story if nobody wants to hear it?

Anonymous 85881

Writing is not too dead, I am writing a story and I get some good feedback on it, it's not even fanfiction

Anonymous 85908

What are you talking about? People read books everyday. Hell, even shitty zines have cult followings.

Anonymous 85931

Don't get discouraged my darling, if you feel like you are writing for other people's approval for doing it for the wrong reasons. Remember that writing is an art and a self-improvement type of hobby. Write something that makes you feel good or makes you grow, or both.

Anonymous 85932

No sane Anon is going to spoonfeed you on what's going to be the next thing, OP.

Anonymous 86207

1. Find an indie game in the making.
2. Join the team.
3. Write the story for their functioning game.
4. Game gets cancelled duo to lack of deadlines and passion.
5. ???
6. Profit.

Russian novels are great :^)

Anonymous 86288

If you just wanted to write you wouldve… just wrote. You obviously want more than that.

Anonymous 94571

Have you ever read a copy of writer's market?
My mom destroyed her life trying to be a writer, but she never once went to a legitimate publisher or tried to create a marketing writeup.
I think any creative work has to be viewed as a product unfortunately.

Anonymous 94573

the question is how do I cope with my stifling writers block

Anonymous 94747

>happily working on manuscript on rooftop
>moid comes up and starts trying to flirt with me
>be polite so he doesn't murder me, hope he goes away
>comes back next day to bother me
>comes back next day and sits himself next to me for 20+ minutes trying to talk to me, have to stop my music and awkwardly sit there and humor him until I can naturally fit into the conversation that I have a bf
>see he gets the hint
>he still talks another 10 minutes trying to play it cool before he fucks off
>haven't been to roof since
>lost the roll I had been on, can't get the magic back
how a moid ruined my novel

Anonymous 94801

>>be polite so he doesn't murder me, hope he goes away
Sounds like mental illness. If we was going to murder you it doesn't really matter what your response was.

Anonymous 94835

write for things that arent dead, like tv or games or news

Anonymous 94863

>destroyed her life
Lmao how?

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