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Anonymous 85826

I feel paranoid, but I have a suspicion that all men want to normalize abusive relationships. I see it in every movie and book and tv show made by a man.

Anonymous 85838

>men who write movies and tv shows
>representative sample
Come on, you should know that Hollywood and Netflix are the Sodama and Gomora of the XXIth century.

As for books, can you give examples ? It's not the impression i had from the novels I've read. Most of the time the relationships go through turmoil for the sake of the plot, but it's mostly caused by exterior hardships, not from abusive personalities?

And do you think that women writers are exempt from depicting abusive relationships (twilight, 50 shades) ?

Anonymous 86354


aren't they already normalized?

Anonymous 86368

can you please give examples for movies and books. i want to see for myself. i don't really watch many movies or tv shows and i read old classic books where misogyny was just life then.

Anonymous 86393

>I see it in every movie and book and tv show made by a man.
Examples? I don't exactly disagree but I really can't think of any. Usually its just one-sided manchild relationships, but not exactly what I'd call abusive.

Anonymous 86406

You're right lol

Anonymous 86410

how is that paranoia or a suspicion? a lot of abuse and abusive relationships between all kinds of people is kind of normalized in media and always has been. a lot of dysfunctional parent-child behavior is shown to be quirky or endearing, boss-employer, etc. of course it extends to relationships, especially when public sentiment has only slightly changed about dv, let alone psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse disguised as kink or quirks, for example.

Anonymous 86422

Honestly I wonder if healthy relationships are really achievable or realistic for the majority of people. That might just be me and the people around me being fucked up though. Every seemingly happy family or couple seems to have some skeletons in the closet or iffy dynamics somewhere, even if it's more subtle than outright abuse.

Anonymous 86424

I think a lot of that is a consequence of how dating works. You barely know the person at first and by the time you realize the relationship is unhealthy it’s often difficult to leave

Anonymous 86427

i think it can be, but it takes a very determined pair to do so, particularly when it comes to female-male relationships. the commitment to them being healthy seems like a real feat and men don't seem to be willing participants in analyzing and putting into practice healthy emotional and psychological behavior. female-male relationships are so inherently unequal imho that you really are just asking for a bad time, eventually, for the most part. men are taught from birth to believe they're gods and it just totally fucks their ability to be partners

Anonymous 86448


Yes. Many aspects have been normalized through porn but thankfully it will never be accepted (besides people looking for wokepoints) because most people aren't brainwashed into thinking abuse is love.

Anonymous 86782

I don't really have a whole lot more to add to what you just said, but I honestly think you may be right. Even if a man's self-esteem is lower than their godly-ego'd male peers, then that's just a whole other list of issues for them to act out.
Also, this is only loosely related to the topic at hand here, but I just love to share this article because it was so mind-blowing for me to read.
"The master is aggressive and motivated to maintain power and control, while the accommodator is passive and motivated to maintain love and connection."
"Even though some individuals may be assertive and appear to behave independently prior to or outside of the relationship, once they're attached to a master, they increasingly accommodate the dominant partner."
And this one quote in particular really hit me, and I think is why I felt like sharing it here —
"The dominant partner has no incentive to give up control. It’s up to the subordinate partner to change the relationship dynamics."
There really is no incentive for them to change, there is no incentive for them to help form and maintain healthy relationships. You can leave and save yourself, but there will always be another victim.
Anyways, sorry, long ass post. I'm done now. Just wanted to go on a tangent.

Anonymous 86783

>The dominant partner has no incentive to give up control. It’s up to the subordinate partner to change the relationship dynamics
This quote specifically says that even if you are the acommodator you can change the dynamics of the relationship, only that you must be the one to do so.

Anonymous 86817

A person can only be changed if they want to be changed. A relationship's dynamics can only be truly changed if both parties put in equal effort. I see how that sounded contradictory, though.

Anonymous 87350

Looking back on how much I idolized Edward Cullen as a pre teen makes me cringe. He was waving red flags around like a parade marcher. Immediate obsession, stalker, randomly disappears to be emo on his own… hes like the alt boyfriend meme before it was a meme. And its shit to know that my first idea of what a perfect moid should be was THAT.

Side note, I love Lana, but fuck her and her fanbase for romanticising lolita during my early teen years. That shit normalised the hell out if creepy weirdo smegmoids

Anonymous 87488

I like the video of Pattinson ragging on Edward Cullen, it was pretty funny and true. You can tell he thinks Stephanie Meyer is a nut with horrible concepts of romance. I never found his character attractive. Jacob's behavior was better but still both insane, imho. At least Jacob was actually a teen, too.

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