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Anonymous 86044

Why did she make such a big deal about being the only female club member?

Anonymous 86045

Supreme pick me syndrome.

Anonymous 86051


Same reason as her.

Anonymous 86052

what manga is this

Anonymous 86056

Use this to find the source of uncropped manga pages


Anonymous 86058

Because she was written by a moid with a femdom fetish.

Anonymous 86059

Shimimaru self por…

The author is a female

Anonymous 86065

There was this girl at the comic shop I went to who hung out with the Yu-Gi-Oh guys. Once I started going there regularly she would pick on me and try to embarrass me in front of everyone until I finally stopped going. This type of person is real and the author obviously knew someone like her

Anonymous 86066

Narcisstic personality disorder paired with an environment that she could thrive off of the attention of all the men without competition. As >>86065 mentioned this type of women certainly exist.

Anonymous 86068

Constantly in the same situation, just different fandoms. I usually just laugh at them at this point but it was super upsetting back in the day.

Anonymous 86070

Why must men be simps?

Anonymous 86076

This happened to me so much in WoW that I rerolled male. Online vidya has changed so much that it's normal to run into a woman, but back in The Day it seemed like there was a Queen Bee for every guild and god help you if she knew you were also a girl.

Anonymous 86088


They're only fun to lady over for money and attention in middle/high school. Until they get too attached and one by one start asking you to be their girlfriend. Once you get your own money and independence it gets too depressing and risky when you realize they all just want to coom in you.

Anonymous 86089

le not like the other girls

Anonymous 86090

Girls like her exist in rl and are the reason I'm wary of making friends.
I know it's not fair but I'm just really afraid of this "female competition" mentality and don't want to be involved in it. Just the thought of another girl hating me because she perceives me to be a threat to her for some reason is enough to make me feel sick.
Obviously I don't befriend guys either. The only friends I have are online acquaintances. Oh well.

Anonymous 86092

> Just the thought of another girl hating me because she perceives me to be a threat to her for some reason is enough to make me feel sick.
Same. I got around this by trying so hard as a teen to be as non-threatening as possible but these girls will undercut you whenever they can until you leave. Even in female-dominated groups, there’s always those girls who would “hog” the boys to the point of it being laughable looking back.
A ton of my insecurities around women today are based on how society treats us to compete for the most mediocre male attention that we don’t even want. I hate it.

Anonymous 86096

Yuri NTR sometime.…

Assert dominance.

Anonymous 86100

>Not making your own girl only weeb club
Dumb and weird

Anonymous 86101

Second girl was fishing for guys.

Anonymous 86104

fucking based

Anonymous 86106

I really like Shimimaru. Yonekura Kengo too. And Igumox.

Anonymous 86108

Definitely. There are girls that will stick themselves into communities of the absolute most undesirable men and fight each other for the attention of a bunch of deranged perverts. It's really sad.

Anonymous 86136

I forgot about Ikuhana Niro, the GOAT. Do you think a thread about women mangaka would have legs on /xxx/? I'm curious about the ones I DON'T know.

Anonymous 86159


>Sees a kinda perverted ecchi manga
>Notices that for some reason the girls looks unusually hot, softer than most manga
>Can't put finger in why that is
>Search the mangaka
>It's a women
>pretends to be schocked
Why many such cases anons? Why do women drawn sexy women so much better than moids
pic related

Anonymous 86177

We know what naturally beautiful women look like irl proportion-wise before adding on “art style”

Anonymous 86203

I would say Shimimaru draws everyone soft. In the OP manga the girls are the focus, the men are intentionally faceless and ugly (and that kind of objectification is pretty common in Shimimaru hentai) but where the male characters are important - like in Dasei 67 Percent or the hentai with the schoolboy/schoolteacher - the men are pretty soft looking too.

I personally really like how Shimimaru draws dicks - proportions, size, stuff like that. Uh, I do agree in general about women drawing women. Igumox will even draw these super ridiculous, porny hourglass anime proportions and it's still so much better than male artists generally are. Sex Intersect and 11PM Miniature Garden blew my fucking mind the first time I read them.

Apologies for the autism but this is a topic I really want to talk about.

Anonymous 86206

Could it be that you read more works by women than men? It'd be more helpful to make a comparison.

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