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Girlschannel.net Anonymous 86362

Do you guys know what the fuck girlschannel.net is?

Anonymous 86363

no and i am much too shy to look

Anonymous 86364


Anonymous 86367


Anonymous 86370

im assuming its a girl only japanese forum ?

Anonymous 86371

Screen Shot 2021-0…

>The popular girls’ Internet forum, Girls Channel, is a place where many women congregate to chat about all kinds of topics: not only date talk, but pop culture, hobbies and health as well. It’s simple human nature to share your dating horror stories on a site like that, hence multiple contributions of dates where would-be romantic interests showed up in uncool cars or — gasp! — the nightmare of being taken to somewhere like Saizeriya for a romantic dinner for two.

It looks cute but I can't Japanese.

Anonymous 86372


I recently stumbled upon it too. Japanese forum for "talking about girly topics". Seems like an amalgamation of reddit (voting system, "hot" threads" on the front page) and an imageboard (everyone defaults to anonymous). Interface looks somewhat similar to 5channel, on first glance it doesn't appear too shitpost-y.

Anonymous 86374

What, isnt 5channel a imageboard???
How does it have voting system?

Anonymous 86375

>her fashion deductions
how vain

Anonymous 86376



Anonymous 86794

5channel is a textboard, futaba/2ch is the imageboard.

Anonymous 88149

i'm a jpop fan so i often frequent there, despite my japanese being incredibly bad. it's basically lolcow and crystal cafe combined together. a lot of the women that frequent the site are in their mid 20's to 40's and older. i usually use DeepL to read posts

Anonymous 88608

LMFAO SAME w the deepL and idol stuff
i used the site to look at a issa hentona thread and the girls were saying so many funny things lool

Anonymous 88612

I had a look at it the other day and there was a thread on Naomi Osaka. All the replies were saying how selfish she was for not wanting to do press interviews. I can see why she has mental health issues.

Anonymous 100245

There's also the underlying xenophobia across most of Japanese society that certainly doesn't help. She might be half, but that's not enough for most Japanese to treat her as one of them. I really feel sorry for her.

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