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Anonymous 86581

im a neet right now but planning on applying as a pharmacy technician for 2-3 days a week. im really nervous and scared and its making me not want to. i fear it will get in the way of my dreams or something but it probably wont.

i really want to stream and make crafts again but i dont feel ready and i need money. im also starting 3 online classes again in august and im freaking out that i might be too busy and get overwhelmed or something but i dont think id have another way of making money. maybe i can drop out? i just need reassurance and a push to apply because im scared my life will be ruined and ill start getting too busy to do anything i love. but i want and need money to do what i love….

Anonymous 86583

i keep telling myself that i can definitely balance 2-3 days of work and 3 classes into like 4 days of the week then have 3 days to myself and to work on my dreams but im scared that im just being optimistic. if i had a choice id just go to school and not work but i recently moved back in with my parents (i just turned 20) and i dont think theyd like if i didnt work. i dont want to be a leech or anything. ive bargained before to do chores around the house for money but it doesnt seem fair i dont know. i could also drop out after i finish my associates and focus on starting my crafts for a shop again and start streaming?

for some reason i feel like this choice is permanent and im going to devote myself to this forever or something. i dont want to work again and be stressed out but i dont want to be looked down upon. should i ask my mom if i can clean for some pocket money? or should i volunteer to get out on top of my classes and bargain with her? or do i shut up and apply for the job.

Anonymous 86587

sorry nonnies im jjust freaking out. neetdom to society again is scaring me and all of the people ill have to interact with and less time doing the things i love. i love school so thats okay but i dont like working environments and i feel like im going to be stressed balancing both. and then if i want to move out again ill need a job… so maybe i should just drop out after i finish my associates so i can have more time for the things i love. or i can drop out after next semester

Anonymous 86588

also yes im meds which usually prevent me from thought loops and obsessing but not with this

Anonymous 86623

This all definitely sounds doable! Plus as a pharm tech you can have downtime when it's slow to study, do homework etc.!

You'll do great at both things OP you just gotta believe in yourself.

Anonymous 86627

3 days a week while doing full-time college classes seems excessive to me, and I'm also surprised your parents aren't OK with you working minimally/helping out around the house while you're in full-time ed.

However if your online classes are only part-time then I think working 3 days and doing those classes sounds very workable and you'll be fine. You just have to try your best: it isn't permanent, you can make mistakes and still recover, overall this just isn't that big a deal even though it feels like it right now.

I would encourage you to move out because I think nothing helps you grow and realise what you want in life like living independently, but finances can be tough and I get living with your parents might be the only realistic option right now. You'll be fine OP, you can do it.

Anonymous 86649

I worked as a pharmacy tech for several years. It's just like any other retail job (sucks) but you also get yelled at when people's insurance won't pay for their medicine.

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