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Anonymous 86694

What’s the best way to go about killing yourself?

Anonymous 86699

Waiting for nature to take you when your time is up.

Anonymous 86708

But what if I want to speed up the process?

Anonymous 86734

smoke cigs

Anonymous 86738

Let your frozen pizza thaw before cooking it

Anonymous 86758

This will only make your life more of a suffering and won't take too many years of your life.

Anonymous 86759

For maximum efficiency it's shot gun blast aimed at the base of the neck. Very important note, do not be an idiot, just putting the gun in your mouth isn't good enough, you might just only blow off your face but be very much still alive. The blast must severe the cerebral stem for instant death, you must aim properly.

Anonymous 86760

Pursuit of dreams. If you're going to kill yourself anyway you should just work yourself to death in pursuit of your aspirations. Either you die from overwork(which is what you want) or you actually get what you want. Win/win

Anonymous 86765

We don’t have guns in my country

Anonymous 86766


Propofol (anaesthetic) and/or fentanyl (opiod) overdose.

Anonymous 86767

Thank you anon <3

Anonymous 86768

Old age

Anonymous 86769

life moves on it's own, no need to speed it up ladie, it's rather nice here

Anonymous 86800

I hope to be murdered at least once in my life. I don’t scream even when I am in pain, so I would be the perfect victim for a chap with a knife. No one has ever wanted me, even as a homicidal impulse. Some things you have to do yourself, or they will never be done. Jumping off a large ship at night, furiously thrashing until the chill exhausts what little energy you have, sinking down like you’ve done all the days of your life. That would be nice.

Anonymous 86806


do not engage in the suicide friendo

Anonymous 86808


jumping head-first from a very high place. safe death and death occurs quickly, so little pain hopefully.

don't do it though. stick with us nonny. we love you. maybe things will improve for you and I'd want you to witness it

Anonymous 88448

sodium nitrite

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 88560

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