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personality style test Anonymous 86717

ever wanted to self diagnose yourself just like the youngsters on the internet do ? well then this quiz is for you ! take it and find out which mental illness fits you best

ps: this quiz has 105 ( extremely short ) questions so i hope you're prepared for that

Anonymous 86718

samefag but pic related is mine :p

Anonymous 86719

Got a link, sweetie?

Anonymous 86724

Anonymous 86725


I contain multitudes

Anonymous 86729


Anonymous 86730


Anonymous 86742


crystalcafe group therapy session when?

Anonymous 86743

samefag but are you bipolar? i know quizzes on the internet arent super accurate but your results made me wonder

Anonymous 86744


I don't agree with what it says but yey I got 100% on something

Anonymous 86747

i honestly have no clue. i was once diagnosed when i was 13 as bipolar from a psych but the diagnosis never came up again and im 20 now, so im not diagnosed as bipolar. i have ptsd/depression/anxiety and on a low snri which has helped a lot with my moods/thoughts but agh im not sure:( id be scared to know but i guess its definitely possible.

Anonymous 86751

results p.PNG

I've been misdiagnosed with bipolar and I always thought my symptoms align with borderline more

Anonymous 86752


I've been diagnosed with depression but I swear I'm normal

Anonymous 86763

Screenshot 2021-05…

I didn't get any big numbers. It said I randomly pressed agree but I took it seriously, oh well. Really curious what dependent and avoidant personalities mean.

Anonymous 86764


Diagnosed BPD BDD and depression irl

Anonymous 86770



Anonymous 86772



Anonymous 86779



Anonymous 86795


> Your personality style is:
>Your test scores suggest that your personality style entails: That without necessarily suffering from clinical depression, you are nevertheless glum and pessimistic at heart, experiencing little joy in life. Due to the stifling and dark character of your thoughts, you may at times experience psychomotorial retardation (i.e. your thoughts slowing almost to a standstill) and you may be wholly unable to experience pleasure during such bouts of melancholy and dejection. When you try to pull yourself together, there is an overpowering sense of giving up; a sense that "life is over" and that it's no use trying to fight to regain joy and a better standing in life.
I am terrible. More people should be like me.

Anonymous 86798


I feel like there was a lot of questions I only half agreed with so my scores may be a bit off

Anonymous 86801


idk why schizotypical is so high

Anonymous 86816


I got similar scores but it told me multiple personality styles so I took it again.

Anonymous 86828


Shit test

Anonymous 86844


do not agree with my results

Anonymous 86883

Based sadist nacissist.

Anonymous 86887


100% avoidant because you keep your rage inside gaaang

Anonymous 86889

personality type.p…

proud of this

Anonymous 86897


Prolly just a dumbass that clicked yes too often but that's my result

>Multiple Personality Styles

>Oh dear, oh dear. Either you clicked 'Agree' to too many questions that did not really apply to you, or you appear to have multiple, equally prominent personality styles. It is quite possible that you have several personality styles that are all strongly expressed and which co-exist in you. Whether you really have these multiple personality styles, or you just clicked 'Agree' too leniently, we are unable to say, and we are therefore also incapable of giving you a more personalized description. But you can consult the charts below in order to see which of the styles you score the strongest on.

Anonymous 86899


Anonymous 86905


Anonymous 86917


I thought many questions were really several questions coupled together where I couldn't give a definitive answer
t. also got multiple personality styles

Anonymous 86919

You’re only supposed to agree with a statement if the entirety of the statement applies. As an example, the question about attempting suicide to be noticed is an indicator for histrionic personality. If you click yes when the either the motivation or action do not apply, your results will be muddled.

Anonymous 86920


I see, that makes sense.
I tried again and got fewer percentages than I thought I would

Anonymous 86932


Took ur advice and guess all the anons saying I have bpd were right all along

Anonymous 86971

may 26 2021.png

I used to have years of results from this same quiz, but I lost my collage when my computer died a year ago. The general trend is that I've been getting better over time.

Anonymous 87015

>what are you creatures

Anonymous 87275

0 self esteem will do that to a bitch
Can’t relate tho lol

Anonymous 87294


I don't know I'll have to think about it I might need to help a friend with something at that time idk sorry I might not be able to make it maybe next week tho heh sorry if it looks like I'm avoiding you or something

Anonymous 87295


I was recently diagnosed with OCD.

Anonymous 87297


tbh i may need to get diagnosed with this officially, i seriously have a fear of people and getting close to anyone to an extreme extreme extent.

Anonymous 87326


I have no personality

Anonymous 87334

Histrionic and schizoid don't seem like personality traits that should go together lol. What a weird quiz.

Anonymous 87359


Anonymous 87386

I'm 70% water and 30% cringe

Anonymous 87400

it's a quiz thread relax

Anonymous 101176

Personaliy style.j…

why am I like this

Anonymous 101184


Last time I took it I was way more schizoid, and it wasn't so long ago, I think just a couple of months have passed. Another reason why you shouldn't trust those self-report testes…

Anonymous 101188


>mostly balanced
>zero borderline
I'm content with these results

Anonymous 101189


Well, I'm bipolar 1. Idk if that explains it.

Anonymous 101205


Already knew it

Anonymous 101209

Screenshot (8).png

why the masochism i wanted to be a based ultrasadist instead reeeeeeeee

Anonymous 101215

Screenshot 2021-08…

does this mean I'm a mess?

Anonymous 101216

a typo, my bad

Anonymous 101218


Holy shit. picrel is you

Anonymous 101229


I always feel like these tests exaggerate just so everyone can get a diagnosis. This is dumb, I just answered that I'm cautious towards people and I got this whole bunch of bullshit.

Anonymous 101230

And honestly, most of depressed people are negativistic anyway, so why create so many similar categories. They do this just so we get a lot of illness and feel bad about ourselves.

Anonymous 101248


Saving the feds the effort

Anonymous 101258


makes me seem like a sociopath but I just dont really care what people think and do what i want

Anonymous 101272


I don’t like these sorts of tests because all the questions seemed tailored to certain life situations you’re supposed to have that I have never had so I have to click disagree for them all

Anonymous 101274


not so bad.

Anonymous 101278


I'm very precise with my money and what stuff I get but the site gave me high percentage on compulsiveness. I think the website is just trying to sell their book to you.

Anonymous 101280


compulsion != impulsion

Anonymous 101281


im just autistic.

Anonymous 101282

This can't be real.

Anonymous 101283


lmao why your scores are so high

Anonymous 101284

Anyone with scores that low is the true sociopath

Anonymous 101317

You're way too normie, that's creepy.

Anonymous 101329

What’s it like to be you?

Anonymous 101334

They are without a doubt a sociopath
Not even a good one too, a real sociopath would at least try to make you think they are like you, this one comes off as a robot who can do no wrong

t. Paranoid schizophrenic

Anonymous 101338

If your "depressive" and "masochistic" are significantly higher than your "narcissist, negativistic and sadistic"… you're everything wrong with the modern person and why society is shit.
And I hate you very very very much.

Anonymous 101339

i think the abnormal multiple high rates of others are because of them agreeing to anything they experience sometimes and isn't that severe.."i subordinate myself to others to avoid trouble" for example, almost everyone does that sometimes, but you only agree if you do that all the time in every small lame situation.

so the possible reasons:

1-you have poor self assessment. can be for many reasons, maybe having only bpd causes this.

2-you just clicked through the dumb test carelessly without even thinking.(based)

3-you just feel tempted to agree so you can have some MENTOS UwU spice to your "personality".

Anonymous 101367

test results.png

It probably means that you have a balanced personality. Personally, I don't have any records of mental illness.

I'm glad you're doing better anon. Keep it up. I took the psychosis test last year, and did it again recently , and the results were considerably better too.

Nah, you're just normal, being mentally ill isn't a personality trait



Nah, I love how these tests always make seem like a psycho while I have none of the symptoms irl

Anonymous 101394


I hate my life

Anonymous 101519


Anonymous 101549


This is fine

Anonymous 101577


Just give it to me straight doc, am I a fucking normie?

Anonymous 101579


Mental, mental, chicken oriental.

Anonymous 101582


0% compulsive. 0% dependant. 100% depressive. The rest is just chaos. Wtf, OP, why did you have to do this to me. I want to unsee.

Anonymous 101612


yeah exactly as I thought

Anonymous 101615


Rollercoaster ride in the fast lane
Got the roof down
Kiss me hard in the pourin' rain~ 😘

Anonymous 101864

Sem título.png

This test makes normal people seem a bit extreme with the silly hundred percents

Anonymous 101971

These tests are usually hilariously inaccurate. Going to a therapist is better to get diagnosed tbh.

Anonymous 101972



Anonymous 101979

Internet personality tests are just for fun.

Anonymous 101996

kek anon best result yet

Anonymous 102105

I had lengthily known a certifiably hypomanic cretin. One that emphatically identified as a naturalized french canadian. But he has gobbled up far too much attention already.

Anonymous 102121


hi feds <3

Anonymous 102122


ok, now what?

Anonymous 102124

sage for dp. so many quacks and psychos in the therapy industry. people should look into the flaws in the dsm and the billionaires that finance big pharma. that said, your opinion on meds is pretty dumb considering some people truly need them. prices and getting sedated aside, the flaws of modernity require modern solutions.

Anonymous 102126

>Psychiatry is a scam, they want everyone to think they arr mentally ill.
This is possible, but it's also possible that when your job is being a hammer everything starts looking like a nail as opposed to any organized conspiracy to make you miserable. There probably does exist a psychiatrist out there somewhere wringing their hands at the idea of convincing another person they're depressed for good money, but most are just not good at identifying problems.

Anonymous 102132

Would you prefer medical personnel question every paradigm of the field their in? That sounds like a one way street to malpractice.

Anonymous 103926


Anonymous 103932

dumb fucking loser…

Yeah, sounds about right.

Anonymous 103956


I was diagnosed with schizotypal.

Anonymous 103977


i just hate myself and everyone around me

Anonymous 104669


huh… im positive this test stinks lol

Anonymous 104700


this test was fun ..

Anonymous 104717



Anonymous 104722

You seem to be the most well-adjust people ITT
Not posting my results cuz datamining thread but I remember getting a high score on depressive, 0 on sadistic, and around 50-60% for schizoid

Anonymous 104753


I got multiple personality styles and this is the first time I feel validated by a personality test because I feel like I'm a completely different person in different situations. It said maybe I just chose agree for too many, but I genuinely feel like I have multiple personality styles that fluctuate. Like I've gotten several different results for Myers Briggs at different times I've taken it. Maybe it's just bc I'm autistic and probably bipolar

Anonymous 104774


Am I really that sick?

Anonymous 104784


I'm surprised some of these are so low and that some are so high…

Anonymous 105717


>mfw the personality test says i took it wrong

Anonymous 105726


Lmao same thing happened to me.

Anonymous 107514


Anonymous 107519


I think I'll pass on getting an official diagnosis in my records.

Anonymous 107528


diagnosed with depression, anxiety and "inadequate social skills"….
anyways some of y'all are crazy

Anonymous 107529

i forgot to add ADD

Anonymous 107798


not terrible I guess

Anonymous 107836


Anonymous 107842


It's not narcissism if it's justified and I am objectively more capable.

Anonymous 107845

you're using this website
get real

Anonymous 107848


I'm just glad my results don't make me look like a psycho anymore.

Anonymous 108018


is this concerning

Anonymous 108532

it's a free online test what you think

Anonymous 108543


This just reminded me that I'm curious if it's possible for someone to have/be diagnosed with DPD and AvPD simultaneously.

Anonymous 108672


..so what does this mean?

Anonymous 109878


You bitches are crazy.
And I've actually been diagnosed with depression, damn.

Anonymous 109883

well heck i thought this would be fun to do (ive done it before) but this thread is so filled up i aint even gonna do it
i always know already ow they're gonna turn out anyway

Anonymous 110085

>big pharma!!!

Anonymous 110097

Screenshot 2021-10…

i knew i was avoidant, not schizoid but i relate to it a bit

Anonymous 110154

Having a mental disorder that ruins or can ruin your life isn't a personality

>Inb4 society

There's no way to change society and how we treat humans with personality disorders to accommodate them all, especially the mid to low functioning ones, because the mentally ill whims those people have conflict with each other and aren't satisfying their needs in the end

Anonymous 111011

Screenshot 2021-10…

I think these kind of exaggerate results because I've literally never seen a 'normal' result for these but I have been diagnosed with BPD so it is accurate there

Anonymous 111012

personality disorders are legitimate things that can be spread genetically or caused by brain chemistry defects, they're a lot more serious than being a cancer or an INFP

Anonymous 111013

I think you are the first person I've ever seen get a result that actually seems plausible

Anonymous 111028


well, shit.
histrionic feels like the hugest insult here

Anonymous 111034


i want meaningful friendships so bad

Anonymous 111035

someone really hates her diagnosis

Anonymous 111041

calm down anon no need to overreact kek

Anonymous 111052


Anonymous 111075

lol god fucking damnit

Anonymous 111181


Half of these ‘psychology quizzes’ are terrible with the way their phrase their questions, and this one is no exception. Queries in such tests have to be structured in such a way as to get at the underlying reason a person acts one way or another because one type of behaviour may be provoked by very disparate thought processes. They have to be, but they are not, and this makes them unfun.

Anonymous 113064


Anonymous 113071


we're equally depressed

Anonymous 113082


100% schizotypal… what is it like to be you…..

Anonymous 113089


Don't get why masochism is so high but I've been diagnosed with StPD so it's at least somewhat accurate.

Anonymous 131252


liking attention and talking to people makes me histrionic? this quiz isn't reliable at all

Anonymous 131257

I kind of assumed this website was pretty mentally ill but holy shit

Anonymous 131313



Anonymous 131323

There’s several paranoid androids ITT as well

Anonymous 131335


I am just depressed and I guess a little schizoid. I don't know why my masochism is so high, is it because I want to kill myself? I feel like that would count as a different category.

Anonymous 131342


i got schizoid
>tfw moid persinality disorder

Anonymous 131369


Adhd Diagnosis

Anonymous 131444

I took the test and it was so off mark I am not even going to bother posting it

Anonymous 131507

psych shit 2 elect…

Kinda wish there was a button for "I don't care" since that was a lot of these. Actually have SzPD. Around 10 years ago I scored 100% on schizoid and waaay higher on paranoid, so nice to see that a flawed internet quiz is noticing my personal efforts in becoming less of a void.

Anonymous 131515

Any test that doesn't have a 'neutral' option or a test where a question is really two questions (for example one of the questions was something like "i think people dont like me AND i fantasize about them hurting me") then it isn't a very valid test imo

Anonymous 131541


How am I avoidant? Everyone hates me.

Anonymous 131542

There should also be an option for "I don't have friends"

Anonymous 131603


It's nice to see some of my results are less than the ones I'd get when I was a dumbass teenager.

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