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Anonymous 86722

im going through a really awful breakup and i have no friends and im neet so its hard to distract myself with stuff id usually enjoy. i dont feel ready for a job again yet and may not get one anyway since i start college again soon. so i will eventually have set distractions again but right now i feel so empty and unwanted.

sorry i shouldve put this in the vent thread. i really should be just enjoying my time and focusing on myself and my goals. maybe later today when im not so hurt. some days are better than this. i just feel pathetic for loving someone who treats me like gum on their shoe…but i moved back home and its over now.

i want friends and to love myself! does anyone know how i can be neet until college begins without feeling useless? maybe i can workout again. make stuf. Nnggg

pic isnnot how i feel but wish i did

Anonymous 86726

Go for more walks!

Anonymous 86736

sewing and embroidery can be really cheap and fairly easy to pickup, and I like to do them while watching anime so that i can feel satisfied with my work at the end. its really nice to feel like ive accomplished something in a day, even if its just a small thing

Anonymous 86749

i love to sew but i left my sewing machine at my ex’s, a long with 3/4 of my craft stuff that i dont know if or when i will get back.

i crocheted a blanket for my puppy yesterday which felt nice. my mom said shed pay me a bit to help her sew dog bandanas but we have to get another sewing machine. i love craft stuff and really want to sell things i make but now i kind of have to start from scratch :( i also like to make music and draw and read (in terms of things i can do without money)

but since the breakup motivation has been hard and ive just been playing WoW mostly which makes me feel guilty. work is definitely in the back of my mind but with classes coming up im just nervous is all…

i can talk to my mom more about stuff to do for money or just to help her out. i just donr want to feel useless and sad at a time where i am so free

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