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Anonymous 86771

You get 3 wishes Anon. What do you wish for?

Anonymous 86773

Wish my mom took better care of herself, wish my brother would get his life together, and I wish for a qt 3.14 bf thatll only love me

Anonymous 86774

1. World peace
2. Health and happiness for my loved ones
3. Metal gear rising sequel

Anonymous 86775

1. World peace and socialism
2. End to all forms of bigotry
3. To have the same proportions as Amber Rose

Anonymous 86784

1. my ex fixes himself and we live happily ever after together
2. to be prettier
3. to become a successful and happy streamer with her own business

Anonymous 86785

1. The opportunity to test myself.
2. The ability to fully give myself to the test.
3. To be at peace with the results of the test.

Anonymous 86790

1. A sane form of socialism
2. A nearly perfect husband
3. To have plenty of good friends

Anonymous 86791

1. Immortality without aging
2. Omniscience
3. a cute hat

Go big or go home

Anonymous 86796


1. The universe and everything beyond it is destroyed, culling instantly all forms of life, leaving no possibility that it may form again, cultivating only an eternal abiosis which no sentience shall grasp.

Anonymous 86858

> Metal gear rising sequel

You and me both, anon ;; ____ ;;

Anonymous 88408

1. I want a magic purse that always has the exact amount of money I need inside

2. I want the ability to grow all plants I want easily

3. I want the blue unicorn I wanted when I was a kid

Anonymous 88414

Very sissy wishes itt

Anonymous 88417

1. Gender roles to be destroyed.
2. World peace, completely.
3. Me to lose any mental damage and become fully happy.

Anonymous 88600

>didn't wish for the processing power to use her teleportation properly
>tries to move two feet to left
>finds herself in the vacuum of space because the earth is whizzing away

You fucked up.

Anonymous 88606

1. $200,000 thousand dollars every year for the rest of my life, adjusted to inflation.
2. all of my medical issues to be healed (my aches, my pains, any dental issues, etc.)
3. magic to be real, world wide.

Anonymous 88614

That would be harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan.

And world peace!

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