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Anonymous 86810

thinking of applying to a full-time job rehabilitating animals, however i begin college in the fall and won’t have time for both. they don’t have part-time positions.

my question is, do i tell them i plan to only work for three months due to college? or do i not tell them anything and then put my two weeks in before school starts?

i feel like saying something would ruin my chances :( but id feel so weird just leaving in 3 months!

Anonymous 86812

You should let them know ahead of time. If you put in your two weeks after three months it won't look good on your resume if future hires can't look them up and know it was agreed you'd only work for three months.

Anonymous 86814

i probably wont get the job then :( but its worth a shot

Anonymous 86825

Don't worry about future employers looking up previous jobs if you are not applying for a professional position- they won't and if they do, they can only ask whether you worked at the establishment and maybe the timeline.
Take the job, in the interview process you can mention that you are thinking about school but might take a gap year.
Two weeks before school starts you can come up with any excuse or even just say that the school plans changed.
It appears as if the position you are seeking probably does not have a long training period, which is the main factor that would make an employer hesitant with short-term employees.

College students, including me, work for the 3 month summer period all the time, and employers get this. Even if you mention it to your employer, assuming you have the qualifications and seem to match the workplace vibe, they would probably hire you anyway.

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