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social media and changing behaviors Anonymous 86873

How does social media affects and causes our change in behavior? Discuss, tell a story, or just give your opinions!

Anonymous 86874

wikipedia's cute

Anonymous 86877

Wtf is pandora?

Anonymous 86878

Samefag but I just wanted to say bing and google fuck while yahoo watches. That is all.

Anonymous 86880

are you ok anon?

Anonymous 86886


Kek sorry I got distracted by the op pic. Guess I'll try and answer the question.

>How does social media affects and causes our change in behavior?

Different social media forces us to behave differently based on the 'culture' inherent to that particular social media. This 'culture' is then maintained by the user base of that website, usually through peer pressure. I think this is pretty obvious but for example, I can't go on twitter and toss the words 'faggot' and 'retard' around without being ostracized and kicked off of the platform. Similarly, it would be stupid of me to whine about the usage of those words on an anonymous imageboard and expect to not get bullied for it. This is just how things are; you either conform and 'integrate' or you get othered. Real life works this way too now that I think about it.
Another thing I've noticed is how social media has desensitized us to the amount of information we share online. They used to tell us to never share any personal info online but now if I want to sign up for any social media I need to input my phone number, date of birth, shoe size, whatever the fuck. It boggles my mind that no one on these platforms seems to be even slightly concerned by the amount of info they need to share just to be able to use the platform. Hell, most of them seem eager to overshare as much as possible about their mental illnesses or shitty family situations or whatever. How are they not ashamed of broadcasting all that to the whole world on an account that has their real name and face attached to it?
The effects of social media on offline behaviour is a bit different. I've noticed people who act like they're hot shit online rarely have the guts to act that way in real life. It's like the anonymity of hiding behind a screen gives them the courage to act like shitheads (getting kinda meta here, considering what site I'm on kek). Of course there are retards who can't help but bring their online faggotry into real life and that's just fucking lame if you ask me. The other day, my younger sister was telling me that I can't use the words 'psycho' and 'schizo' as insults because that would be ableist. Naturally I told her to fuck off and grow up because real life isn't twitter and no one fucking cares. Pic very much related kek
Okay that was all over the place but that's my two cents.

Anonymous 86903

Online you can be a totally different person. You can be more confident and impulsive. You can easily be distracted from all your weaknesses and bad feelings that you don't want to confront. Often times people have two different personas, the real life self and the online self. It's common for young people to feel like their online persona better reflects their true personality, for example they write more eloquently online but aren't as good at speaking to people in real life. It's easy to get trapped in a bubble driven by algorithms that won't show you an alternative perspective. A lot of people think that what they see online actually reflects real life so they don't really understand the world. That's why so many were shocked when Bernie and Labour didn't win in 2019/2020 despite seeing overwhelming support for them all over their social media feeds. I think a lot of people become misanthropic after seeing so many inflammatory opinions online, maybe most people just can't handle seeing the thoughts of so many strangers at once. Internet changes how people process information, many people now find it hard to read books or watch films or do anything else that requires focus and perseverance. The sheer amount information on the internet delivered in small doses is actually making people dumber than if they just stuck to getting information from books.

Precursor app to Spotify.

Anonymous 86909

This made me feel old and I'm not even old.

Anonymous 88819

reminds me of 2011/2012
fun times

Anonymous 88822

Anon, how old are you?

Anonymous 88888

Kek I'm 20, I didn't spend my childhood on the internet though so I'm not familiar with what websites came and went pre-2015.

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