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Anonymous 87320

those with bf's, gf's, or spouses
What is one thing you wish you partner had or did differently?
>pic unrelated

Anonymous 87343

I'm a closeted lesbian in a relationship with a man. If I could choose one thing, I'd say be a woman.

But as a genuine critique of my partner I'd say hes a horrifically uneducated man and refuses to have any conversation that requires rubbing two brain cells together. For example, I once pointed out that he says "up the ra" (a chant for supporting the Irish Republican Army who fought back against Englar and was essential to our freedom at the time) and how he always plays as a soldier of the Imperial Legion in Skyrim (who fought back against the rebels of Skyrim to take their land for the empire).

Instead of just saying "ah, that's a weird funny detail I never noticed about myself", he launched into the same autistic speech he's been giving me for years about how being an unthinking contrarian is just funny and he doesn't care about anything as long as its funny

Anonymous 87348

He sounds like a chore to be around. My condolences.

Anonymous 87443

or maybe he doesnt want to be lectured about muh potato famine and muh 800 years of humiliation while playing fucking skyrim LOL

Anonymous 87453

I never lectured him. I just thought it was a funny detail, and I actually wasn't going to drag it out the way he did. He does this whenever he thinks you might even br suggesting something he does is weird or dumb (which nobody ever does). If you knew him, you'd know it would be useless to "lecture" him anyway. Hes the kind of guy who doesn't like to be wrong so if you actually are right he just says "alright" and then doesn't remember anything you told him 24 hours later. He just literally doesn't want to think ever and it is a huge problem with him in every friendship, family relationship, or girlfriend he has ever had

Anonymous 87456

Seems like a moid bait thread but ok

I hate his new friends. They’re such negative people who are rude asf to me and then whine about not having gf. He’s someone who wants me to be a part of all aspects of his life so he tries to make us get along with each other which never works. I just hope he ditches these losers instead of me.

Anonymous 87458

I wish he didn't have sleeping issues, waking him up in the morning takes two hours.

Anonymous 87475

I wish he didn't live so far

Anonymous 88140

you're no dyke. cope bihet

Anonymous 88818

mine had friends who mocked me behind my back because i lived in a 3rd world country (when i never were rude to them in the first place) and where planning on trying to harass me on my social media but i found out their schemes before they could do that and they were amerimutts (and one of them doxxed me like 5-6 years ago), and he still is friend's with some of them and that makes me feel kind of sad, like you'd still keep contacts with someone that hurt your supposed " lover " like this?
i had meetup plans with him but when i think of situations like this i might reconsider since i feel like he would put other people on a higher pedestal, and that's a terrible future

Anonymous 89012


Ah yes. The inferiority complex induced self-sabotage. A rare but fascinating psychological phenomenon.

Anonymous 89018

He eats a lot because he does a lot of physical labor. If you work in the sun all day no wonder you're going to be hungry. Labor burns a LOT of calories so whatever he's eating he's going to burn it off. If you feel insecure about your own health compared to his, improve yourself. Walking in the morning makes you 500% healthier than the average American. But maybe talk to a counselor.

Anonymous 89045

Sometimes I wish he let me die.

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