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Anonymous 87329

How would you explain the last 5 years to a friend or family member who just woke up from a coma? The last thing they remember was May 2016.

Anonymous 87330

inb4 larp… just go along with it

Anonymous 87336


"You're finally awake!"
>What happened?
"Nothing really. Take this mask and keep distance."
"There's a harmless flue going around but the gouverment exploits it to enforce new guidlines and they are branding every rebel a nazi."
>I just want to see my friends and have a nice dinner. It feels like forever.
"Nope your favourite restaurant is dead since it had to close for a year without profit. However McCapitalist is open for businmes but only if you're vaccinated with an untested fluid. Even then you have to wear a mask inbetween bites."
"No. In fact you have to get out of this hospital bed for some guy who coughs a bit lol"

Anonymous 87337


>"There's a harmless flue going around but the gouverment exploits it to enforce new guidlines and they are branding every rebel a nazi."

Anonymous 87342

Incredibly based queen

Anonymous 87347

It would take too much time to explain. I'd just tell that nigga to go back to sleep it's not worth it.

Anonymous 87364


"Wake up and smell the coffee."
>What happened?
"Euthanization has become a new fad."
"I'm sirius, there is this alleged virus that escaped from Murrican financed bioweapons research lab in China."
>So wots dis bout Utahnization?
"It has like 98% survival rate, buuuut.. gubiment, media and cyancysts said that it has more chance to kill granny."
>So?? You didn't ans..
"Sooo.. in order to save granny and make sure that you yourself don't die from it, you have to get vaxxed by vaxxes made by the OG developers of the virus."
"I mean, they made it, so they are the most qualified for it, no?
>Hol da fuck up..
>Did I understand that right?
"Probably not, no one really does."
>Shit.. What else do I have to know?
"You have to wear a dogtor mask everywhere now, to prevent virus spread."
Ofc It doesn't really work, but hey, everyone does it, you will look lame if you don't."
"Ohh and.. most shit is now done remotely, that aside, If you want to grab starcucks on your way out from hospital you have to show Utah.. I-I mean covid pass to get it."
>Allright, I had enough.. Unplug the life-support fam.
"Wise choice."

Anonymous 87372

im gonna moshpit wail on all of you

Anonymous 87374

it has a 99% survival rate and mainly affects ederly and obese.

Anonymous 87378

Why are American like this

Anonymous 87390

Has much more to do with prostestantism

Anonymous 87391

If it's a WASP problem why is the US tilting away from WASPs on almost every fundamental issue?

Anonymous 87392

Like what? LGBT views have been more and more frowned upon since marriage equality, reproductive autonomy for women has been rolling back since the 90s, scratch the surface and we are/have been an extraordinarily conservative country.

Anonymous 87395

I scratched beneath the surface and found Critical Race Theory getting taught in the general educational curriculum, borders that are still open and flooding for over 50 years, no rollbacks on immigration, and sex positivity out the wazoo. Only areas that appear to be rolling back reproductive rights are already conservative ones, which a minority of the US lives in.

Anonymous 87399

>Critical Race Theory getting taught in the general educational curriculum


>borders that are still open and flooding for over 50 years

not true but based

>no rollbacks on immigration

again not true but based

>sex positivity out the wazoo

True I wish there were actual laws against incest and marrying children anywhere in this country.

>Only areas that appear to be rolling back reproductive rights are already conservative ones, which a minority of the US lives in.

Half the country is either in the middle of or planning to have massive rollbacks and we are seeing a possible undoing of Roe v Wade in the next decade.

Also we have insanely low protections for workers and marginalized people (including women), we are still doing a hecking imperalism on half the planet which we are also proudly killing.

Anonymous 87401

The /pol/ migrants aren’t gonna like this one lol

Anonymous 87406

Good, then hopefully they'll leave and stop shitting up the site.


You don't know much about American protestants if you don't think they and Israel don't go hand in unloveable hand.

Anonymous 87415

OP, this picture is really disturbing…

Anonymous 87416


A bit offtopic, but:
This guy really makes me think. What if tranners pass better in their 80s and 90s? When women are that old they start to look more masculine. Thus very old trannies may look like a terribly aged old lady. Given they don't kill themselves beforehand.

Anonymous 87428

>Given they don't kill themselves

What are we talking about then?

Anonymous 87429

The 59%, you know, for all the joking about comically high suicide rates the troons barely kill themselves half the time.

Anonymous 87547


>we're still poor and world is going to end as usual

Anonymous 87562


Anonymous 87566

Normies and idiots use the internet now at an exponential rate, including kids too young to remember the world without the internet and boomers too dumb to understand the internet. People believe anything they see on the internet and disinformation is spread freely, tactically and maliciously. This is used to create divisions which spread to the real world, since the internet and real world are now indistinguishable. Humanity has by and large reverted to a primitive form of tribalism and western society is on the verge of collapse. China is positioned to fill the void.

Also there was a virus that the world overreacted to, killing countless businesses and creating widespread economic despair. Donald Trump won the election.

Anonymous 87568

funny that you're talking about people being dumb and the rampant spread of misinfo while claiming the world "overreacted" to the virus when by all metrics it was severely underreacted to. also pathetic that you're so concerned about businesses and not the loss of lives, christ.

Anonymous 87569

I'll never understand how there can be people who believe in American imperialism, worker rights, i.e. socialist-lite while also swallowing the poison pill that is identity politics.

Anonymous 87571

Simple. Be based like me.

Anonymous 87573

Based on what?

Anonymous 87574

Can confirm as an independent party that that anon is most definitely based

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