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Anonymous 87500

ITT: times you acted like Cruella

Anonymous 87501

weirdly specific. are we all to have seen this film already or are we supposed to relate to her in exclusively the dalmations franchise? because i don't think she's at all relatable in those films

Anonymous 87502

I once skinned and killed 99 dogs.

Anonymous 87503

So let me get this straight:

Cruella is an animal abuser because she witnessed her mom being pushed off a cliff by ferocious Dalmatians which was ordered by the Baroness.

Like. It still doesn’t answer the question of why she’s an animal abuser. Like the backstory makes no sense in regards to the original story,

Anonymous 87505

Someone please help me understand why we chose Cruella of all Disney villains to give this treatment? Why the villain who wanted to skin dogs? Ursula is approachable as having complex motivations, she's power grabbing but at least I understand power grabbing. Malificent is a pissed off at being snubbed, takes revenge, whatever. The Evil Queen is jealous of Snow White's beauty and tries to kill her, but that's pretty easy to spin into a decline of reason story.

Cruella though? The one that wanted to kill over a 99 dogs for a furcoat? That Cruella? That's who we're giving the "boo hoo my motivations are so complex you don't understand" treatment?

Oh, they tried to give her the victim backstory? Doesn't justify killing fucking animals.

Anonymous 87506

that's… the big backstory? that's the best they could come up with? what kind of brainlet are we supposed to believe she is? she's supposed to be like, chic and sophisticated, just a cunt, no? not retarded? but she's so stupid that many decades later she still blames the dogs rather than the person who ordered them?

Anonymous 87508

agreed. you just know there's SO much space to create a good ursula backstory, why even waste the time with a dud of a villain like this? and why would emma stone sign onto this? the only thing appealing about cruella is her look, and there's no way you're going to make skinning dogs sympathetic, and they still failed at creating a sympathetic backstory. she's a really shallow character and there really was nowhere to go with her.

Anonymous 87510

>gives Anita and Roger Dalmatian puppies in the end credit scene
<then demands to be given puppies later in the original movie

Anonymous 87511

The best part is that allegedly, she get the name Cruella from her Mother noticing she was an especially cruel children in the first 10 minutes of the film.

Yes, this is how you make a sympathetic character, blatantly pointing out their innate cruel tendencies as a fucking child. Then trying to write it off her animal cruelty based on animals killing her parents. Yes, the fact animals killed my parents justifies me killing dogs for a fur coat. What a shitty plot.

Anonymous 87512

this should've been shot down as it was presented. how something like this that makes so little sense made it to production, i do not know. i assume the film relies on visuals or something because i don't see how this could possibly paint her in a sympathetic or compelling light.

Anonymous 87513

The critical reviews state as such, with it being very "style over substance" with good visuals and designs horrible shitty characters.

Anonymous 87516

she doesn't need to be 'sympathetic' lol - she's just leaning into the edge. why is it moids can instantly understand this about the Joker but this is difficult for her

Anonymous 87518

but being named 'cruella' bc you're an extraordinarily cruel child and then wanting to kill hundreds of dogs for a coat bc a woman ordered dogs from many decades ago to kill your mom is not even remotely on the edge. sorry, the joker backstory was WAY more understandable and makes way more sense

Anonymous 87519


> attempting to kill dogs.

> then wanting to kill hundreds of dogs for a coat bc a woman ordered dogs from many decades ago to kill your mom


Anonymous 87520

how is it based when it makes her seem like a mental midget with no priorities

Anonymous 87524

I don’t know what this new movie is but OG cruella was a girlboss. Honestly fuck dogs and the normies who cry over them.

Anonymous 87531

This movie is so garbage. I couldn't even finish it.

Anonymous 87548

Didn’t watch because I’m too cheap for the mouse but who the fuck keeps asking for all these “evil woman origin story” movies. I blame Ever After High for all this shite

Anonymous 87554

and why are they live action? who is asking for the live action aspect? they're just cheap money grabs but what i can't understand is why they're even hiring top tier actresses for what's essentially straight-to-dvd tier. maybe kids are really into this and they're bringing in more bucks than we realize. i just don't see how these half baked films would be super profitable if they keep hiring angelina jolies and emma stones.

Anonymous 87557

i haven't watched it, is it shit? my gut instinct is telling me it's shit

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