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Everything dolls Anonymous 87525

I know a lot of girls are into BJD and doll customization so I'm making a thread about it.

>Where do you buy parts/clothes?

>What doll enthusiast blogs do you follow?
>Do you do any of your own faceups, sewing, or customization?
>your favorite aesthetic?
>your favorite scale?

Anonymous 87530

I am too lazy to do much myself beyond just cleaning up old Barbie dolls lol but I looove Dollightful. I try to get into anyone she collabs with but I love her channel the best.

Anonymous 157817

I'm necroing this thread if that's OK, couldn't find a different bjd/doll related thread.

Anyway I'm considering buying a bjd. I bought one once back in 2015 or 2016 after watching the hobby for years, got too intimidated by the blank doll and costs of customising and ended up selling the doll. But I'm still in love years later and want to get a Peakswoods or Culur theory bjd. (Not sure if the latter still sells her dolls)

Anonymous 157886


I have been wanting to own one for years! Sadly I don't have anywhere to display/safekeep them, so I'm waiting to move out so I can take proper care of them.
Picrel, I have been eyeing myou dolls since their price is very reasonable (full sets are $300-400 usually), when I first started looking into BJD and only knew Dolfie Dream I thought I was doomed, I'm glad there are less expensive dolls out there.
Completely different style, but I also want to get a Pullip (Nana-chan is my dreamie), specially since lots of them are pretty cheap compared to other dolls.

Anonymous 158810

What are kinda the big/popular names in artist dolls rn? I don't mean the big companies like FL and Luts, but the independent (Western) makers.

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