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Anonymous 87675

Has anyone had lingering pain after a UTI? I had a UTI/ bladder infection back around the beginning of April.
This was treated with antibiotics and the burning, cloudy urine, and other symptoms pretty quickly cleared up. But I'm still noticing a bit of pain around my pelvis… IDK if this is a lingering symptom or something else. Has anyone else experienced this?

Anonymous 87677

I had a similar lingering pain before. I went my doctor and he said it was nothing. I'm not sure if he was right to do that but it cleared up just like he said it would

Anonymous 87678

Ok thanks this is reassuring!

Anonymous 87679

Lingering pain after a UTI is common. As long as it isn't unbearable there's nothing wrong and it will go away eventually. I'd start to worry after six months, but it should clear up faster.

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