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Summer Plans? Anonymous 87699

Do you have any goals for the summer? Any activities you want to do? With restrictions loosening up now seems like a good time to do what you couldn't before.

Anonymous 87700

It gives me so much anxiety that she filled up a kiddie pool on hardwood floors

Anonymous 87702

she put a couple towels under it'll probably be okay!

Anonymous 88262


Planning on going on a mini-vacation out of town for a few days next month. Still going to wear my mask and keep my distance though. The masks aren't required anymore where I live and witnessing people online throw temper tantrums when they were told to simply wear a mask and keep their hands washed.. makes me not trust anyone.

Anonymous 88267

I'll be doing what I've been doing since January. Grinding math, philosophy and art all day.

Anonymous 88270

based polymath anon

Anonymous 101146

We ended up not going anywhere, lol.

Anonymous 101395

Losing my time doing nothing.

Anonymous 101401

Summer is still on

Anonymous 101484

I will stay inside like a good girl :3


Anonymous 101501

Go out for runs with a friend, visit the beach on a weekend, prep fruity popsicles, learn new cocktails to enjoy with a friend, learn how to prepare better salads and chilled soups and finally get used to cold showers

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