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Anonymous 87963

>gets called a moid when trying to open up

Wasn't being a pickme or whatever the fuck wasn't even trying to advocate for anything. This place's userbase has turned more to shit,even had a tfw no bf thread highjacked by some anon ranting about transexuals.
Been browsing for years and it didn't used to be like this,if you guys want to be tryhard why don't you just post on lolcow

Anonymous 87969

What do you expect? Why do people even get offended ppl might think you're a moid? Users on lolcow piss their panties over the same thing and it's cluster B tier.

None of us know that you don't have a sack, and scrotal invaders are lurking and posting with their yeasty sausage fingers all the time, so you can't blame ppl for being wary.

Anonymous 87970

Because at some point it is just useless detailing/dismissing . Men sexualize and appropriate everything including stuff you wouldn't suspect like terfposting and manhate posting ,and alot of women are actual pickmes that would post moid tier shit.

You just can't know

Anonymous 87972

Ok? So that's all the more reason to not get offended. Some people might write it off, but others don't. I don't often see people jumping on the bandwagon when 1 (one) person's antenna goes off.

Idk I just personally don't care if someone thinks I could be a moid. People are suspicious for good reason…

Anonymous 87973

I've noticed that it's often used to dismiss a point without having to engage with it.
>opinion I don't like? Must be a moid/troon/pickme/handmaiden!
Very fast and easy way yo get out of argument you're losing.

Anonymous 101453

>I read the room wrongly and was outcasted by the ingroup, but it's YOUR FAULT
You don't see how this sounds like male socialization?

Anonymous 101567

Anonymous 101568

This, incredibly annoying experience. Very easy way to back out of a losing position.

Anonymous 101638

This is true of everything on the internet now. add racist, colonizer, antisemitic, alt-right, antivaxxer, qtard, ect to the list. Calling a person a name with a negative association is the easiest way to shut them up.

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