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Starting my lesbian cottagecore farm Anonymous 87983

So about a month ago I bought some €1 tomatoes from Tesco and used the seeds to plant 20+ tomato plants. I dream of having my own farm with a with and a cat and a dog and maybe something like a fluffy donkey to help carry out crops to the farmer market to make a living.

Anyone else have lesbian cottagecore aspirations? I just want to be happy

Anonymous 87984

That sounds nice minus the animals and lesbianism.

Anonymous 88007

I love it! I heard tomatoes are super fulfilling to grow because you can get a ton of them from just one plant. Enjoy yourself and if you remember, post results!

Anonymous 88022

they're good until you get hornworms and no tomatoes. i was told to kill the hornworms and i'm still traumatized. i shouldn't have done it. the tomatoes weren't worth it. i deeply regret it. prepare to strategically plant other deterrent plants to keep them away and save yourself from the torture of having to kill them

Anonymous 88050

You're going to have to thin out your tomatoes pretty soon or else they'll all die. What will you be transplanting them into?

Anonymous 88562

A friend got me into mycology and sent me a starter kit, so I started growing my own mushrooms. It's been really fun. I have no luck with plants, but my mushrooms are thriving and tasty

Anonymous 88568

I’m a lesbian yes, but so traumatized by other lesbians, that I’d rather have a platonic cottagecore commune or something.
Hay gives the wheezes, so no donkeys sadly. A quality quad will do the job I s’pose.
I’d opt for potatoes instead of tomatoes, since they last a long time and are nutritious.

Anonymous 88588

I want to grow my own shrooms but I'm afraid of fungi and their spores.

Anonymous 88590


Have you thought about getting a lizard? Stuff like bearded dragons eat horn worms so you could just feed them as a snack instead of having to kill them yourself.

Anonymous 88604

You could also throw the hornworms into a container and give them away for free to lizard owners.

Anonymous 88621


Anonymous 88622

sad image D:

Anonymous 88775

tf is a lesbian cottoncore farm

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