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Anonymous 88232

i wont be working for a bit longer and i really need some money right now (nothing huge) and im wondering how i can make it with effort but from my home? :(

i dont like selling my body, but ive considered my feet. i see so many girls get money from guys but i have no clue how…id even give them company if they wanted.

i used to make money selling things but that isnt possible right now, though i want to again in the future. id also like to stream right now but again not possible just yet.
i also have no social media following so maybe im just screwed.

i do have hobbies and talents but nothing where i feel comfortable selling those things yet (music + art) ahh so i guess…

whats a way to make money with no money? most likely from guys? i know this is pathetic and im sorry.

Anonymous 88249

Yeah idk just make a fucking twitch account or something. The simps will provide.
Life sucks when you have to have dignity, but $20 is $20.

Anonymous 88255

I hate to say this, but.. selling underwear and/or socks. Clean or dirty. Make them pay for shipping/packaging/etc. It just depends on the coomer's preferences. You probably won't get a lot of interest if you don't show some face. Umm, but don't do that if you're not 100% comfortable, obviously. Maybe sell a dish and advertise in Facebook groups that's for your area? Just make sure the group allows advertising so you don't get banned from any one of them.

Anonymous 88264

thank you guys. its literally just temporary (for a couple weeks) but im hoping i can make SOMETHING with some effort. ill try feet/socks/panties and camless streaming

Anonymous 88268

Good luck, anon.

Anonymous 88276

who the hell is her audience? do men really read erotica?

Anonymous 88278

Men don't read normal erotica but they do read niche fetish erotica I'm pretty sure.

Anonymous 88280

There are men who read literotica.

t. has extracted money from moids in this way.

Anonymous 88281

how much have you made from them?

Anonymous 88284

Not that much, I am taking care of other business and I make more as a teacher at times, but I rake in about 500 a month from patreon along with commissions though obviously those aren't consistent. Takes a while for the coomers to find you though.

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