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Friend Finder Thread (Revived Edition) Anonymous 88862

Admin note: I will not remove your contact info for you. Use a throwaway. Do not request or post server invites of any kind.

For all anons who want to make friends and trade contact info. Please no scrotes or troons (report any you see). Also, no links to servers.

Info you might want to include in your post:
> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Don't be afraid to reach out! You will meet more potential friends if you post your info and respond to others rather than just posting and never checking the thread again.

Anonymous 88864

Just testing the waters, but is any driverfag here who would want to make friends?

Anonymous Admin 88867

I don't delete posts for users who regret sharing their contact info. Posts can be deleted for 30 minutes after publishing, then they'll stay forever. Don't report posts to have them taken down. Always use throwaway accounts.

Anonymous 88868

piggybacking for a similar reason and wondering if there's any jim carreyfags here

Anonymous 88871

Anonymous 88873

Anyone here in the NYC metro area?

Anonymous 88901

Cowboy Sonic.jpg

Will share tag if there any other anons that live in Texas.

If you have trouble conversating I'm perfectly fine with just sending each other stuff we might like after telling each other our interests.

Anonymous 88902

If there are any*

Anonymous 88917


Anyone here interested in weebshit and wants to make friends? I like to play visual novels and I've been getting into shoujo and josei anime lately.

Anonymous 88923

Anybody in the Pacific Northwest? (Washington and Oregon)

I love music. I love Coffee. I love weed. I hate alcohol and cigarettes.

I used to be a big weeb when I was in middle school. Not so much anymore but I still want someone to go to conventions with. (I've never been to a convention but I'd like to as soon as this corona is over)

Anonymous 88980

I'm a weeb and I'd like to make some friends, I don't really have anyone now

Anonymous 89005


I'm 24 and am going back to school this fall. I don't have friends because of social anxiety and other shit in my life but trying to work on it. I'd love to have a friend around my age who can relate to being behind everyone else in life and screwing basic shit up because these aren't things you can really freely talk about/admit to people irl. I don't care where you're from but I'm in time zone CEST. Discord: voyage#1748

Anonymous 89008


23 year old europoor tard, neet-passing wage slave, failed e-girl, bara tiddy enthusiast, under 5' tall, god's least favorite little lamb. i overshare, i'm cringe and talking to me will kill your braincells. i have no real sense of identity but my love for sonic the hedgehog is eternal. if you like discussing 2000s aesthetics, the sims 2, video games that aren't the sims 2, azealia banks, nu metal, britbong electronic music, critically panned horror movies or just want someone to cyberbully hmu on discord underworld#7777 xoxo

Anonymous 89014


20, america. any age is okay!
something to maybe bring up that could be relevant is that i am going through a really tough breakup, so initially some days starting off our friendship it may just be difficult to talk since it consumes me lately, but once i get over this hump ill become a lot more myself again. that being said it wont interfere in anyway other than me maybe needing time away sometimes, i generally am positive and wont whine about it! just thought it was relevant and its been giving me lots of brain fog and confusion as i rediscover myself hehe.

anyway, im open to making friends with anyone! i love to listen and help or even learn about your own interests (and i can share mine or teach you things).

i adore bug taxidermy, reading, music/making music, wet felting, sometimes films, sewing, crocheting, rollerblading + walks, and discovering/being creative all around. i just love learning about various topics, trying new hobbies, and i get excited over new things lol. some of my dreams include having my own business, streaming when im not so shy, and creating a game.

im currently a neet but going back to school in fall and considering working part-time…lately i play WoW too!

sorry for the lengthy post, but if anyone is interested in being friends just let me know and i can give contact information! i was just hesitant incase nobody would want it. let me know <3

Anonymous 89015

i also love animals and dolls (a bit autistic about them lol) some vidya like gurumin, conspiracies/mythical-related things, im trying to connect with god again but its a bit iffy…i like discovering unique things blah blah think ive said enough

Anonymous 89027

I can relate to a lot of what you wrote about, I just sent you a friend request on discord (sorry I don't use discord and I have a random username, I'm nmhr87f#4932

Anonymous 89028

I don't have friends either tbh. I'm kind of a shy and awkward person at first, but I'm trying to reach out and make some weeby friends who arent super into SJW stuff, if you wanna contact me(or anyone else who can relate wants to) i made a throwaway discord Hirudo#6934

Anonymous 89029

I'll send you a friend request on discord now

Anonymous 89146

my god, what is the source of your pic? I love it so much and google search is useless. You sound super cool (especially since you also love dolls!) and kind. Would write to you but I'm really unreliable when it comes to online friendships. Keeping fingers crossed so that you find great pals!

Anonymous 89175

> Age
I'm 18, turned this year. I don't mind how old you are, I would like to talk to anyone, even if you're in your 40's.
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I'm into art and literature. I also play vidya and watch anime (quite casually, to be honest.) I'm currently recovering from an eating disorder, and I would love to talk to other women who are also working towards improving themselves! I currently have no friends besides my boyfriend, and I get very lonely when he's at work. I also think a woman shouldn't be isolated from other women, I treasure female friendship. I would love to hear you talk about everything you love, I'll cheer you up and be your biggest fan! :)
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details
I speak English and Spanish fluently.

Anonymous 89179

I'd like to add you but I'm too shy to post my contact info on here. You sound interesting and we share many common interests!

Anonymous 89181

If that's the case, just make a throwaway discord, so if it doesn't work out well, you can always delete it and have nothing linking back to you.
Better than remaining "shy" and not making any friends.

Anonymous 89185


closer to 25, am fine with the ages of 18-35 but 35 is when things start to get iffier

recently lost some friends due to disputes and loss of interests. it's hard for me to fully pinpoint my interests but I am currently watching fleabag, kinda obsessed with Jim Carrey, I enjoy quite a bit of tv and cinema. My interests in anime have ultimately faded over the years, and I have become critical of the genre, so I am not watching anything newly produced, however if you bring up an old series I like I will probably jump on discussing it. I've also been a kpop fan for over 10 years, predominantly girlgroups, listen to a lot of music overall besides kpop. I don't really like the boys or boy groups. I like aesthetics and art as well. I prefer to interact in servers above all else, since that's forbidden here, I would like to inform outright that i am a bit slower in one on one interactions. after having lost a close friend of mine of nearly two years, I would like to make new friends.

If you're interested, respond to me and I will post my discord handle!

Anonymous 89273

>>I’ve been a Koop fan for over 10 years

How do you feel about Girl’s Generation anon?

Anonymous 89281

oregon here! also into music and currently in a weebshit revival phase, feels bad i'm in my twenties and i should be over that junk but here we are idc

Anonymous 89282

they were my first girlgroup and group overall! I haven't watched their variety content in a long time but I remember they were the first real kpop act I was into back then. was devastated back then when the Jessica departure news broke… I hope one day they'll be able to have a full reunion, wishful thinking, or at least an oh gg comeback

Anonymous 89456


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
I'm fine with anyone.
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Unrepentant fujo and weeb. I've been a NEET for the past 4 years so I'm a bit disconnected from reality lol. I spend most of my time browsing pixiv, playing whatever visual novels I can pirate, and reading BL manga. Currently trying to get back into reading and writing. I love to chat but I don't have many friends so if you want to shoot the shit or just clown around feel free to contact me especially fellow fujoshi.
> Contact info
discord: cyberjock#1055
email: [email protected]

Anonymous 89471


any age is fine,

life has taken a turn and has left me in the deepest pain and most liberating breath of air. i’m looking to make friends. i just want to connect, whether it be through a shared love for bunnies or a deep desire to live in a place far away from here that will never exist :( i want to be your escape, and i want you to be mine. to laugh to cry to helo eachother. i’m not sure if this is socially acceptable on cc because i don’t frequent, but i hope someone is open to it. here’s a few things about me, we could even start a friend post to find girls to befriend.

i like to believe i am calm and loving and down to earth, i do suffer from a plethora of mental illnesses but every day try my best though. i want to change my life, every day i try to do something better than the last. being in pain and suffering gets old. i just want to give love and connect to the world through animals and humans and nature. i love self care and dressing in ways that make me feel amazing, and i love the rituals of taking care of myself. i don’t have hobbies really, my mental health has always made it hard for me to feel like i can do something and have fun while doing it. but i do love making things and being creative, like doing my makeup, drawing, dressing up. i want to try needle felting again, cleaning my dad’s old records and playing them on my table, and i want to garden. you could request a little needle felted creature and i would make it for you! i would love to talk, but i don’t know how or where really. i’ll leave my discord though. much love. i’m also going to bed in a few hours so if i don’t add back just know i will in the morning!

tag: nawah#5170

Anonymous 89511


just gonna add my discord

Anonymous 89741

Question, slightly off topic, yet still topical.

How long is too long for not having any friends?
For me I haven't had a single friend for more than 4 years.

Anonymous 89775


TX here!
Helloooo friends. I feel so weird looking for friends online but I've really hit a wall with my social life and I just need some girls to chat with. I have a hard time just having surface level conversations and I like having deep talks, and that can be kind of off putting. I just really like knowing how people feel and connecting a bigger level so if that sappy bullshit peaks your interest I'm your gal.
> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
18-30ish,no hard number though
> Your hobbies, interests, and why
I'm big into doing anything with my hands, sewing/ fashion, (love historical clothing) baking, etc! I also really enjoy making stuff for people. Very into fairy/ 1800th century aesthetic. I love art and love looking beautiful things. Love learning about random little corners of the world/ internet so please feel free to share your interests and finds with me. You guys sound really sweet so I'll try to add some! Sorry if I'm shy in advance I haven't had much social practice in a while.
fav games: sims, animal crossing, stardew valley
> Contact info
discord: garbageboystinkman#3866

Anonymous 89776

This is my post I'd love to send you a pm!

Anonymous 89861

Just wanted to say that I've been contacted by someone who outright told me he was a man, so a reminder to be careful I guess.

Anonymous 89864

Hi sisters!

I'm 18, and my general location is Gregg's Liverpool, where I will be buying a cheese and onion pastie on Tuesdays. You can meet me there, just look for a tall girl with tatty shorts and a beige bag.

I hope to make friends who are between 18 and dead, and are also women.
I do not fear very much, and like to cook, especially for people I know. Ideally I could find copmanions who like gaming, esp horror games, playing instruments, and learning languages. I am a diet homophobe and love yuri manga.

I am adding to this thread because I have been reading these posts, and you all sound like queens. Like >>89014 I can't believe how creative you are, and how genuine and interested in life people like >>89775 are. I wish I knew you all in real life.

,[email protected]@ppwa,
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]KR ``*+<a,JJ,aw~o` ;"
jTK| .A- {
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[email protected] 'M.| ,AQm.|,aH J
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,~Q;KEMkK"v- .C Y.
,wCmKK"''"KC `; y" ,U `>.
,mTmKK' 'Y, "<; ,4 ,- *.
wEmKK" "y 'E- ) A `>
mTKKKP `u "VL; ,W` z" [ V`y
,Am"""<, "~, `"*~v; yPw, x` 1 { j*
,BjKK"'' `, `"~, A *H `Y` @ U A 1
2Ek6,gpwwwww, ". '"* "n Mm ,G C
[I$mTKKR"| -Ey \ / " \K,,aP ,CE
`4KKKKR |\ [z` "p 'B;Jw ,mE H
mKKR ;" 1/ "p '@R"' ]
{KKH \] "*?pz-~ @m H
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`@mKBpl$[ ( ,B. `,U ,([email protected]`
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[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@W
[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@N
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[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@MM*`
`"%[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@MM" `'"````"'-

Anonymous 89978


I'm 22, from Europe. I'm currently in university. I enjoy kpop, favs are Dreamcatcher, Gfriend (rip), Twice, would be nice to discuss with it someone who is not crazily obsessed.
I also like anime, manga, tv, comics, cinema, music, video games, webtoons. I also draw, currently trying to study anatomy.
I'm generally laid-back and quiet, but I can be open-minded and talkative with the right person. I also have a cute dog

My discord: tartimi#3341

Anonymous 89984

i am also going through a break up, if you want to vent/have someone to support to i'd love to talk to you!! i know how much it hurts

Anonymous 89993


Hello everyone. I’m 18, from the UK, haven’t had a friend in 4 years. I don’t really have any real hobbies or interests because I’ve been living in a fuzzy state of disassociation and detachment for a while now so nothing really brings me joy or interests me like it used to. I do enjoy talking to people because it makes me feel like I’m still here and alive, we can talk about whatever you want I don’t mind, I just love talking to different people. So if you want to hear me ramble how female subjectivity is true and other bullshit add me here loo#8157

Anonymous 90001

For that girl who was talking about life sucking and being a doormat, my usernames sunnycat at saidit.net

Anonymous 90002

sent a request

Anonymous 90004

is that nick mullen? he looks like pure shit, what happened??

Anonymous 90018

who was the one who posted from the vent thread? I haven't gotten any emails yet

Anonymous 90040

I sent you a message

Anonymous 90051

do you have any contact info? if not i suppose i could make a throwaway!

Anonymous 90124


> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends

doesnt really matter

> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

im a neet/stay at home gf basically and dont rlly have any friends due to moving across the country multiple times in the past 2 years. despite being 20, i dont have a job didnt go to college and dont know how to drive whcih makes it a little hard to relate to other ppl my age, so it would be nice to have friends who r in a similar boat.

im into cooking and baking, and want to learn more homemaking type stuff, etc. and im interested in traditional nutrition and health also

i love the twilight movies. and im a christian :)
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
english, united states

Anonymous 90131

why did you not go to college?

Anonymous 90209

>i love the twilight movies. and im a christian :)


Anonymous 90214


>Any age range, whether 18 or 40.
>I'm looking for friends because I'm retarded. Corona eroded my ability to hold conversations, and I'd like to actually talk to people one-on-one, not post on image boards and wither away with my single friend. I'm looking for people to call and talk to over vc.
>Hobbies: Anime, manga, fanfiction, art, retarded autistic holes like history, psychology, etc. I like rare, small fandoms with little exposure and rare fics. I'm also looking into crocheting and sculpting. If you wanna info-dump me, please. I enjoy that shit.
>Midwest, USA
Here's muh throwaway email: [email protected]! I'd like to exchange emails with somebody and make a friend!

Anonymous 90221

>Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
I don't care, I'm just bored
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Hobbies: Mainstream animes and video games
Interests: Philosophy, went back to school for that, currently studying.
Why: I have no friends and I am bored.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I respond slowly until I start to actually give a shit about you. I'm a shit person.

Anonymous 90326


>Preferred age for friends
Don't care
>Your hobbies, interests, and why you're looking for friends
Anime, video games, reading. Looking for friends because I don't really have any
>Contact info
>Any other relevant details
I am absolutely terrible at talking to other people but I will try my best

Anonymous 90343

I live no where near Gregg's Liverpool but I will look for a girl with a beige bag at the next coffee shop and give her a knowing look in tribute

Anonymous 90484


> Age
> Preferred age range for friends
Anyone 18+ is good
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I want to meet with new people and play games maybe? I love vidya, animanga, art (I love classical art and I draw but I'm not great) and writing. I'm very into horror/action packed stuff, especially stuff with monsters.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I speak English & Turkish fluenty, timezone is EET.

Anonymous 90486


> Your age
33. I'm old.

> Preferred age range for friends

25+ (or a mature mindset at least)

> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

Tabletop RP/Online RP (mostly White Wolf), art, vidya, lolita fashion, trashy reality shows, cute shit, vampires. Looking for other artists to start a drawpile with and maybe do a little 'draw every day' sess and talk.

> Contact info

I'll post it if anyone wants it. Don't wanna dox myself.

> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

UK, GMT, English is cool, but I speak German too.

Pic semi related.

Anonymous 90619

New to Crystal cafe
>Preferred age range
Music, Manga and politics
>Contact info
Available upon request, don't want to be doxed
>Other relevant details
UK, can only speak English… friendly to those who speak broken English.

Anonymous 90642

speed racer.jpg

> Your age
Don't wanna post personally identifying information.
> Preferred age range for friends
I don't mind any age but talking to a woman 25+ would be preferable.
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I am opinionated about radfem theory and autistic bullshit like sonic the hedgehog. Would like to meet other like-minded women. I like almost all crafts and fitness as well. A gym buddy would be my holy grail.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
Don't wanna post personally identifying information.

Anonymous 90666

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I like Casual Gaming, Cooking. Programming, Fitness (specifically I like running, cycling and aerobics), reading/writing, languages (a foreign friend would be lovely as it might give me just enough motivation to follow through for once and keep up practice.), robotics/making/DesignTech. I think I'd just like more people to talk to occasionally, even if it's just for 5 minutes on a lunch break a couple times a week.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details
I'm looking for purely platonic friendship as I'm straight and married. I'm English and I prefer contact between 18:00-22:00 GMT+0. I'm very friendly but I'm pretty uncomfortable about very personal topics. I prefer talking over a game to take the pressure off of the conversation, at least initially whilst I get to know people. If you're a moid looking to make a female friend turn back now. There's nothing for you here.

Anonymous 90690

Anonymous 90716


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I'm a digital artist, I play some vidya, I'm listening to music 24/7 and I would love to give and get recommendations, I read literature, I like fashion, and I go on adventures with my dog on a daily basis. Let's be best friends and send each other screenshots of threads, cute outfits, play games, and hang out in vc.
>Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I'm on an american timezone, keep this in mind :)

Anonymous 90726

I would like a 25+ internet privacy-conscious radfem friend. But I'm a bit autistic and take a long time to respond sometimes, would that be something that bothers you?

Anonymous 90730

Hello, I'm also an european lolita, you can add me : Felis Silvestris#5097

Anonymous 90930

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I simply don’t have any friends. Have been a pretty lonely person, and have moved a lot throughout my life so it’s hard to make connections of any sort. I’m like most anons here and like things like video games and anime. The only thing though is I don’t have social media of any kind and don’t follow celebrities or even watch YouTube ( which makes it even harder to make friends as I’m behind on trends and lingo).
> Contact info:
discord : bramble#7877
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever

I live in Wisconsin, USA . Would be interested in any anons who live in the Midwest area. Always open to making friends even if this post is up for years.

Anonymous 90946

seems like you are not accepting friend requests on discord

Anonymous 90949


> age

> preferred age range


> hobbies/interests/why i'm looking for friends

i'm a pretty lonely person/average lurker of /b/ on cc and /x/, so i like occult stuff and general radfem discussion. i write poetry and am a huge fan of classic horror literature. i love junji ito and cosmic/eldritch horror. not religious. would eventually like friends close enough to play vida games with.

>contact info


>other relevant info

eastern USA timezone. my favorite color is orange but i think green is cool.

Anonymous 91547


> Your age
mid 20s
> Preferred age range for friends
under 40
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I don’t have any friends at all. No relationship and not much contact/common ground with my family. Pretty much the same interests as everyone else here. I also really like outdoors stuff like camping, hiking etc.

Would be nice to talk to some people who can identify with someone who feels like they’re miles behind everyone else in life, unsure and anxious about the future, struggles with feelings of low self worth.

Or just swap memes and tell me about your day and stuff
> Contact info
discord - ravens#5395

Anonymous 94045


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Currently in college (computer science), but i'm usually obsessed over something different. Currently it's fragrances, i've been CRAZY for them ever since i regainedmy sense of smell after losing it. I also love talking about hair care, food recipes, as well as fitness related stuff (gym newbie).

Would love to have people to chat with, especially since i'm brazillian and very curious about day to day life in other countries :)

discord: bieljanta#7681
I'm going to be more available this few weeks because we're in winter break in college.
But hit me up anytime, i'll do my best to answer!
Been looking for female friends since the only ones i had where my ex's
Trying to leave a self-hate cycle

Anonymous 94173

anon, are you still there? your tag didn't work

Anonymous 94605

> Age
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Reading, watching movies, cooking! I love anime but not in a moidy way. Struggling with loneliness, and moving to a new country soon so loneliness x 2. Please hmu and be my friend and ft me and play games w me. Tired of my bf being my only friend. I want girl friends.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details
Indian moving to US for college.

Anonymous 94941


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
Any female
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
pls befriend me I’ve got gifs. I love botany, foraging, listening to/making music, art, walking, baking, sewing, crochet, reading (mostly science or historical, favourite fiction is Terry Pratchett, aor day of the triffids, okay, okay, I won't list books now)
> Contact info
sprggn#0518 on discord
> Any other relevant details
I don’t really mind what the topic is, I would love to listen, learn and chat with other women with similar interests (or who want to just shitpost cece content, that’s good too) am not a tradwife, just a broke neet
Also, If you like john fahey hmu

Anonymous 94955


I can't believe all these discord users. Ignoring the tankie spyware is really no one else bothered by the fact that the company and staff are all misogynist troons and furry paedos?

Anonymous 94956

gimme suggestions so

Anonymous 94958

of alternate sites I mean, I just used what everyone else was using also I don't/didn't know they were furries :(

Anonymous 94961

There's a super tiny platform called Comet. It's like reddit and discord combined, so maybe that?

Anonymous 94963

thanks for the suggestion anon remain vigilant

Anonymous 94964

can you send a link of the website? I can't find it :/

Anonymous 94965

Anonymous 94966

Anonymous 94968


If you need a discord-like use Matrix/Element (formerly known as Riot). It's not perfect but decentralized so you can only register with a good host. If you just want chat the kino choice is XMPP and Mumble for voice.

Any reddit-like is inherently garbage because the le epic upboat xDDDD system necessarily produces echo chambers and groupthink by promoting the most milquetoast opinion and manipulating users to parrot those or face algorithmic ostracization.

Anonymous 94969

Comet doesn't have upvotes, I believe.

Anonymous 94974

+1 for the pic anon, if anyone wants to add me on elemenmt (i am hello kitty roller rescue tribute poster from above) my contact there is @sprggn:matrix.org
ty to all for the suggestions ily

Anonymous 94978

i've only used element for 1-1 contact but i really like it, do recommend over discord

Anonymous 94980

I _think_ that matrix.org is run by troons, at least partially, but I do know that they block a lot of other servers, so I personally recommend registering your account with a different host.

Anonymous 95012

too lazy to go all freedom fighter and not use discord
plus all my friends are also too lazy
c'est la vie

Anonymous 95014

every single discord server i have heard of turns into an inner clique of nude sharing, pedophilia, or constant drama. why do you guys subject urselves to this

Anonymous 95016

…because all my fandoms are microscopic and nobody is willing to move platforms. I'm only in like, one server, so.

Anonymous 95019

i thought those turned into undertale fans

Anonymous 95020

>know the right thing
>choose to do wrong thing
>profess laziness
I can't understand this at all. Doesn't refusing to live up to your principles bother you? I could never respect myself living like that.

Anonymous 95028

NTA, but… it's not that serious dawg.

Anonymous 95034

haven't personally encountered the first two, the third…eh idrc
my information is already logged by an untold amount of information brokers that operate across the continental US. to even make a dent on what's already been documented I would have to cease internet usage for the rest of my life, and that won't matter in the long run at all.

Anonymous 95075

if it's not that it turns into constant drama and excessive content and thought policing and no fun allowed

Anonymous 95076

if you're that paranoid you probably have something to hide

Anonymous 95096


pity reply

Anonymous 95152

Hi there!
I’m 24, and my age range is 18-99. Well actually, I lied, if you’re over one hundred, just message me anyways, because that’d be pretty cool!
I like video games, books, gardening, and other stuff, just ask!
Reason why I’m looking for friends is, because I have rarely met anyone I truly clicked with, and I know why (Aspergers), but I’d still like to try and find them.
The reason why I’m looking for friends on this site is, because I have had bad experiences with men as friends. You see, I’m a lesbian, and men often develop crushes on me, and it’s just… sad.
I live in Europe.
I’m going to actively check my throwaway email for 1 month. Expect a reply from within a day to within a week at most. After a month has passed since this post, pls notify me ITT when you message me.
As for the email, it’s [email protected]

Anonymous 95262

nah it's just the truth
you might as well not own a smartphone or any device if you're that retardedly afraid of "mmuh surveillance", because every single fucking thing you own spies on you, and discord is no different. if you want to be a hermit with a truly "private" life then stop posting on imageboards and go live in the woods you dim bitch

Anonymous 95828


>my age
>your age
Any, preferably who isn’t too busy with having an actual life (and sex) so I don’t feel distracting.
>about me
Uhh, I’m a NEET but I’ll probably finally enter a college this fall. I don’t like art, or cooking, or vidya (laptopfag), or weebshit, or fandoms… not a wealth of long-term interests. But, I’m a linguisticaboo and I want to start reading real textbooks as opposed to /lang/ shitposts on 4chan. I’ve taken up German again and rn inpooting shitty tv shows. Don’t understand much but they’re great. I also randomly pick up and drop new internet activities so if you’re like me, maybe we’ll join our braincell forces together and actually do something fun.
I generally prefer having light-hearted exchanges about things you came across/thought of today, chuckling at shitty memes, or talking about autistic stuff that you would only discuss on imageboards.
>my trooncord
I’m not a SJW so if you’re a terf/pink-pilled/just not the mainstream far-left e-thot, getting to know you will be a cool fresh experience.

Anonymous 95840


Being an IRL softcore troll to normalfags. Camping, Toads, Tennis, Vivariums, DMT
[email protected]

This is a throwaway email account so do your worst:)

Anonymous 95842

Dude I fucking love vivariums. I make terrariums

Anonymous 95883


19. i turn 20 in february.
>preferred age range for friends
>hobbies and interests and why you're looking for friends
video games, conspiracy theories, language learning, c-dramas, anime, radical feminism, weed, psychedelics. i'd really like to make some female friends who just enjoy talking and sharing memes. my best friend and i had a falling out so i've been really alone.
>contact info
discord: Miss Y#7902
email: [email protected]

Anonymous 95945


Tags not working…

Anonymous 95955

haha dude

Anonymous 96078

shut the fuck up retard.

Anonymous 96168

Anonymous 96198

Anon, if you're still around I'd like to be your friend, couldn't find you on discord!

Anonymous 96308

❤ Blippo Kawaii Sh…

any age is fineee
i really want sweet friends to chat with, send cute pictures to eachother, to laugh with and smile wis and call! i love snuggling and crying and eating and needle felting and collecting stuffed animals and doin my makeup and dressing in little outfits that i theme my day around i want to get not sick from my mental illnesses and so i am trying my best i love to make others smile and all things sweet and small and i just want to hug friends and just do sweet things together and smile
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
usa, mst, english, whatever

Anonymous 96309


I’m 23 and in Vancouver.

I love music. I want to be around people who make music and host events. I’d like to make music and host things myself.

Anonymous 96364


I'm 20 years old, any age honestly as long as you're not under 16. I'm a metalhead, but I like other music too. I also like drawing. I'm looking for friends because I haven't talked to anyone in a while because of depression and my loved ones turning against me.
English is my second language so sorry if my wording seems weird or off. My discord is XWD_ishmethul#1811 feel free to dm me

Anonymous 96471

That wall looks slavic, are you from Eastern Europe?

Anonymous 96481

>that wall looks slavic
i dont disagree but this is so funny conceptually. can you fully dox someone via wall texture? unbridled autism is a gift

Anonymous 96485

Based metal enjoyer

Anonymous 96663

If they hang their passport and credit card information as posters then I might give it a try

Anonymous 96665

You are literally goals looks wise. Literally so beautiful

Anonymous 97058


i'm 22 from the usa. into yarn crafts, books, and video games. trying to get back into drawing, would love some art friends to share drawings/tips/inspo with. i'm terminally online so i'll respond quickly when i'm not in class. my discord is rooi#8611 or if discord isn't your thing you can email me at [email protected]
ttyl <3

Anonymous 97448

Hi there.
I'm 23, from Porto Alegre and i don't care about age.
I like videogames, history and and i'm studying medicine (UFCSPA). I can speak english, german and portuguese.
I'm searching for a friend because i've been felt lonely.

Anonymous 97568

is there any history in particular you're interested in? i like edwardian stuff!

Anonymous 100098

here from lolcow.
I'm just here because i would like some farmers or in general just more terfs in a terf server i made. You must be at least over 16. If you want to be added, go ahead and add me at p.#0813 and please message me or i'll forget. We have about 11 members right now. We also have anime channels and shit

Anonymous 100299


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
17-21 only please
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
i've been desparate for company and long-term friends lately and posting to /soc/ got me so many boring moid adds that discord locked my throwaway for suspicious activity. i was told abt this place by the one of the only cool people i met (if you see this again please add me, i was mintfruit).
i'm into madoka magica, lucky star, and slice of life and comedy in general. i play some minecraft too and like a lot of rpgmaker horror/exploration games. i also do some digital art and i've been getting into music making.
i have a lot of issues that resemble a personality disorder but i cant afford a diagnosis since im a broke hikkineet. i have attachment issues, separation anxiety, paranoia, and moodswings as a fair warning.
im not looking for 27 year old men with depression trying to armchair diagnose me or traumadump. im not looking for male 4chan regulars or men in general. i got too many soc adds that were men with "my issues" and they were all uncomfortable and weird. i will know you when i see you. my stated interests are basically the only ones i have, i am not into shounen or fps/mmo action games at all, i only like the fun hangout ones.
i seriously just want friends who are like me. mentally ill, terminally online, or just having my interests are very welcome.
> Contact info
its a throwaway but i'll check it regularly, if you're nice i'll add u on my main
if i dont respond or accept ur fr please reply here, discord might've locked me out again, all late adds welcome (even if its 2 months late), i swear i dont bite
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
im from the US, i only speak english, uhhhhh yeah :)

Anonymous 100302

gosh darn it please just reply with your tag if that's ok

Anonymous 100307


How did you got locked out?

Anonymous 100308

my previous account got locked out for getting so many adds and started requiring a phone number, which is a big issue when u only have a landline
this time it locked me out after the first add

Anonymous 100309

miettivä sammakko …

Huh weird, never happened to me before

Anonymous 100311


But yeah, i added you earlier so here is my discord:

Anonymous 100317


You seem cool. Please add: nutcracker#1389

If anyone else wants to add me: I like watching anime and true crime documentaries. I'm a digital artist. I enjoy reading quite a bit. I barely go outside. I don't use any social media besides discord and I have no IRLs. Add me if you're cool and I'll try my best to be a friend.

Anonymous 100435

I posted >>>/feels/63097
I know I linked that wrong sorry

My discord is mayalani#4695 would be nice to have people to talk to right now to distract myself from coat hanger chan

Anonymous 100436

Lc chan here, I added you!

Anonymous 100437

Anonymous 100542


I tried sending requests to a few people who had posted their discord accounts here, but either they weren't accepting friend requests or the accounts had been deleted. Maybe that's a bad omen, but in any case my opinion of myself is too low to reach out to people who seem like they have lots of hobbies or interests that I don't share so I'll give this a try.

> Your age

Mid/late 20s.
> Preferred age range for friends
I don't have a preference, but I don't see us getting on very well if you're under ~21? But I'm pessimistic and open to being proven wrong.
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I waste most of my free time listening to music (I love lots of different types of music, from pop to ambient to metal), playing video games, watching TV shows/movies (I have a soft spot for horror movies), or generally browsing the internet. I'm broadly interested in philosophy, religion and mythology, the occult, true crime and horror, but most of my hobbies and interests are embarrassingly surface level. I'm jealous of people who have creative/active hobbies that they're passionate about, and I'll warn you that that isn't me at all.

I'm a near complete shut-in, though not unemployed, and I haven't had any real life friends in years. I have relatively few online friends and I don't think I'm particularly close with any of them. Without divulging anything about my family situation, I'm really lonely. I swing violently between being completely fine with it and feeling horrible emptiness from lack of human contact and anxiety surrounding this. I'll also echo what a few other people have said about general anxiety and feeling like you're lagging behind everyone else, and I'd be happy to just discuss this (or anything else I've mentioned) with anyone willing to do so honestly.
> Contact info
Discord: tq#9122
Email: [email protected]
I'm happy to receive emails if you're not into instant messaging and want to try a pen pal type thing instead. I'll try to remember to check these accounts for a while in case someone happens to be reading this months from now.

Anonymous 101200

messaged you!

Anonymous 101212

I wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous 101295

Anon from Belarus are you still here? We talked before but I stopped replying because I stopped using discord out of panic because someone from here I had been talking to revealed himself to be a man. Sorry about that. I saw you deleted your account and I regret not keeping in touch with you because we had a lot in common.. If you're still here and still willing to chat, please reply?

Anonymous 101325


i am in my mid 20’s and i preferably want to be friends with people around my age but i assume they’ll be too busy to deal with my nonsense so anyone is okay.

i ranted in /feels/ and the anons who replied to me in that thread convinced me to make an effort and reach out and get to know people because I realise that being alone in my mind 24 hours is taking a toll in how i perceive the world and even myself.

i think all of the topics in this forum are interesting and it’s just that i wish i would get a notification and reply to them faster before my train of thought shuts down.

i have many interests albeit them all being surface level. i just don’t play vidya and the only anime I watch is jojo.
i dont hyperfixate on anything except maybe contrapoints lmao. another thing is that one on one chats makes me kinda anxious. I’m more of the type who’ll observe conversations and jump in when it interests me. my discord is cluel7#5661

Anonymous 101385


>age range
lately PC gaming, favorites are RPGs and horror. i follow some lolcows and YouTube train wrecks for entertainment purposes. previously was really into watching movies as well as standup comedy. i used to crochet plushies when i had the energy, same goes for baking and cooking. love to play tennis although i don't often. listening to music, my favorite being trip hop but i listen to whatever fits my mood. just got out of college and work part time. used to watch anime/read manga a lot years ago, now just from time to time. favorite manga: berserk
never had online friends, barely have IRL friends, and i have wanted to post here for a few years so i'm finally doing it. if you want to chat hobbies, life problems, or game together pls add me :)
Jennga#6437 USA, EST time zone

Anonymous 101387


samefag, just wanted to add that you should be prepared to send a voice memo for verification because its now mandatory

Anonymous 101403

No idea, I've been is a very similar situation for years too and I want to change it.

Anonymous 101419


> Your age
21 years old
> Preferred age range for friends
19-29 but it doesn't really matter
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Conspiracy Theories (elites, fake history, spooky stuff…), Films , Art (architecture and painting mostly), Politics (weird mean stuff and ecology), Nature, Literature (mostly novels),Religion (paganism and magic), Baking and Cooking, History, Fashion (not an expert), Music, 4chan (memes and schizo posting), Exploring Abandoned Places…
I'm not exactly looking for friends I would talk to constantly but just some girls I'd meet online maybe twice a week to have interesting conversations with about anything. I don't want to give specific details about myself early but get to know somebody through her opinions, maybe play online games together or talk to each other on the microphone while multitasking. I'm discret and I prefer notto give a lot of personal info like my name so I'd go by Freixe.
> Contact info
[email protected]
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
UTC/GMT +2h (Western Europe)
I speak English but it isn't my first language.
I'm also interested on having a penpal and only comunicating through e-mail with her once a week through letters.
I would also like to create a discord group for miners who want to chat with others in a more distended and relaxed way than the one I mentioned above and also to get together for special occasions.

Anonymous 101791


A day in my life
>Wake up late
>Skip breakfast
>Turn on computer
>Browse imageboards, 'fun-post'
>Read about true-crime, creepypastas, or conspiracies
>Wonder why I gave up on art
>Watch anime with boyfriend
>Go to sleep
I don't know why I wrote this instead of a list of interests. I supposed giving some insight into my life would be more cool. I want to talk to people who love that type of voyeurisms, who dig stories about normal people, because I know we're alike.

(more) About me:
>Weird sense of humor
>Not mean
>Weak sense of self

Ask for e-mail or Matrix

Anonymous 101803


i added you just now… i'm too paranoid to post mine on here (for the moids lurking) but i just wanted to let you know.

Anonymous 101812


am america , 18+.. im basically a permaneet; i don't mind where you live/how old you are provided you're not like.. a child lol


i have almost 0 'real' hobbies (lol) besides drawing on/off.. i like midwest emo/skramz music, 2000s webcore stuff, shitty microblogging platforms ala tumblr/twitter, shitposting and just generally complaining about terminally online internet person shit w someone else..

>looking 4

i don't talk too often, mostly in bursts, but i'd like someone i can pop in and chat with every so often or vice versa with me, someone who'd not take it to heart when i'm avoidant, or forgetful, etc.. i understand i'm not really a 'catch' in terms of being a friend but uuu… bonus points if you are as mean and bitter as i am so we can torment and bully eachother. if ur chatty that's cool too, being boring has made me very good at listening

throwaway disc → magdol#6736

Anonymous 101832

>Conspiracy Theories
>memes and schizo posting
Added you straight away

Are there any lolitas on this website ?

Anonymous 101868

ayrt i just accepted in case u didnt see i was asleep so it took long orz

Anonymous 101871

its ok anon i just woke up too! hope you had a good nights sleep

Anonymous 102030

homura 38.png

>Your age

>Preferred age range for friends

18-25 but I don't mind if you're slightly older and you think we'd get along :)

>Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

I'm really into anime/manga, vidya and music, and recently have started getting more into visual novels and practicing drawing.

Looking for friends because I haven't had any irl friends the past ~5 years and only have my bf who I've been with for 3 of those. I've been a neet for the past year but am starting uni in about a month.

I'm hoping I'll find some friends there but I'm not too optimistic because I find it hard to talk to people I don't have common interests with, and because it's hard to find people with the same interests irl who aren't only into them on a very superficial level and/or are men only interested in talking to me if they think I'll date them.

I'm pretty quiet and reserved usually but I have a lot to say about things I like, and once I open up to people I don't have much filter and have a pretty crass sense of humour lol

>Contact info

My discord is ivysaurus#4569

>Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

I'm in the UK (England specifically) around the northwest and can only speak English, however the uni I'll be going to will be in Wales

Anonymous 102031


Forgot to mention I also run a server for fellow cc users! It has a bit of a neet theme to it but u can still join if you're a wagie/in education. There's about ~30 members and there's voice verification to get access, so u can be assured there's no larping moids. If you'd like an invite just throw me a dm :)

Anonymous 102081


not receiving friend requests anymore anon?

Anonymous 102085

What kind of stuff do you talk about? I've been looking for a female neet place for so long

Anonymous 102097

yeah thats when he was off his meds and having a manic episode

Anonymous 102098

not anymore, sorry. you can drop your contact info if you still want to add me tho

Anonymous 102131

>tfw sound like 12 year old boy

i'd be interested in joining though, sounds cool

Anonymous 102141

homura and mami.jp…

Alongside the general chat channels there are channels for a bunch of different interests/topics. There's the obvious anime + vidya but also channels for less autistic interests like regular movies/tv shows, literature, languages etc etc. There's also some creative channels if you're into sharing stuff you make :)

Lmao you're welcome to join anytime

Anonymous 102156

age 21, girl lesbian fujoshi neet, very new to this site. um if anyone wants to connect just reply and i’ll drop my email/discord <3

Anonymous 102270


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I don't have "real" hobbies. I kill time watching anime or playing vidya. I have a mild interest in missing person cases and targeted individuals/gangstalking.
I'm looking for friends because I don't have any and my social needs aren't being met. As a friend, I can offer sincerity, it's not much but it's what I got.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
US timezone but my sleep schedule is a mess.

It would make me very happy if (you) added me, so please consider me as an option if you can.

Anonymous 102298

You seem interesting and slow communication is my favourite type of communication. I'll shoot you an email once I get home.

Anonymous 102411

Just trying again, I'd like to get in touch again if you're still here

Anonymous 102435

mid 20s, northeast usa, radfem leaning lesbian

looking for friend to invite each other to video games and/or watch stuff, maybe open to more

email: [email protected]

Anonymous 102436

ty opiat vykhodish…

I am a twenty-one-year-old Ukrainian female. I speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English and study Japanese. I am a neet and a shut-in who only talks to people online. All those people are male, and although this situation suits me just fine, I could stand to have some female interlocutors.

The most important thing to know about me is that I have an abrasive, caustic personality. People either enjoy it a lot and think I am the most entertaining person they have ever met or cannot stand it and think I am the biggest asshole they have ever met. Or, they think I am a childish narcissist and unfriend me, which is also fair.

Likewise, I enjoy forceful personalities and get bored by wallflowers: I like exchanging opinions and general bantz and will steamroll those offering no resistance. My main interests are homoerotica — I am a dirty, dirty fujoshi — and offline and online drama, but most of my conversations do not revolve around interests but worldviews.

I have a single demand for those adding me: you must write properly. Proper punctuation, capitalisation, and spelling. My messenger posts are written the same way this post is, and yours must be as well. I voice-chat too, but only in addition to texting and if your mic is not complete rubbish.

Direct your complaints to basshitsu#2120 on Discord. I accept adds indefinitely. The picture is by Kaneoya Sachiko.

Anonymous 102437

Hi〜 I’m turning 21 soon! I’m a lesbian ##who had slight fujo tendencies in her teens and wants to revisit them—lol maybe u can help##
If you’re interested in chatting with me, drop your discord anon!

Anonymous 102448

why should i bother with the effort of pressing the shift key at the beginning of any sentence for some neet fujoshi that flicks her bean to fags that has nothing to offer me
stop acting like youre worth anything when your post paints you as such an abrasive person. i bet youre worse to interact with.

Anonymous 102456

>openly admits to being mean
>only has male friends
>hobbies include being a pervert and a gossip
>grammar nazi
Do you have any positive traits to advertise?

Anonymous 102466

u sound hawt

Anonymous 102521

hii!! idk if you’re still here but my discord is chrollo#0320 !! i promise im super sweet!

this is also open to anyone who wants to drop me a message!! i’m always open to friends <3

Anonymous 102528

Anon, are you there? I'm also brazilian, 21 years old. Feel free to send me a message! うさぎ🌙#0367

Anonymous 102534

The few Ukrainian women I've come across online were all abrasive and caustic. I don't want to sound bigoted but this can't be coincidence.

Anonymous 102539

bieljanta here - I've sent you a request (i'm going by a different username now) ^^

Anonymous 102661

kaneoya original.j…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being bigoted, anon. Besides, you are correct. Slavs are rude, and this is what I like us for.

No. Some people look for characters like me, and I look for those kinds of people, so my post functions as an advertisement the way it is phrased.

Anonymous 102675

hey, if you don't mind me asking is this a throwaway? i sent an fr but you don't seem to be accepting

Anonymous 102704

I got shit and deleted my account because some moid was rude to me, sorry anon.

Anonymous 102708

that's ok, im very sorry that happened to you
in future, don't take them seriously, they're losers and want to project that onto anyone they perceive as being happier than them

Anonymous 102737

my god you sound like an awful chore to be arround.

Anonymous 102744

Maybe stop shitting on that single post you didn't like in the friends finder thread? Literally just scroll by

Anonymous 102892

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
above 18
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
i draw, about to start university for the second time (graduating from neetdom), im usually good at getting people to talk, super extroverted but im trying this thing where i stay home and fix my shit and stop depending on fun with other people as my will to live. also miss having internet friends from other countries. i can talk about anything really.
> Contact info
Deniz#2001 on discord

Anonymous 102893


im 22 and honestly i just want more weebfem friends who play genshin & like girl groups.
i love dogs & rodents, idols, radical feminism theory, and just overall shitting on agps for laughs.
if anyone is interested in being friends let me know and ill share my contact info

Anonymous 102894

>22 - 35
>I like reading (non fiction and fiction), about philosophy, psychology, I like classic literature and gothic horror fiction, I love politics (I sound so cringe), politics memes are funny too (I consider myself centrist but I’m edgy lmao)
I like video games (playing them), I have a PS4, everytime I mic up in a lobby they call me little boy :/…so there’s that for ya, I like studying people, their faces lol.
I love doggies and old people (old ladies the most), they’re innocent and need to be protected, sometimes I feel like a soldier for dogs and elderly ladies, because I feel like I save them

>My discord is Sultana#1475

I’m in Canada, born and raised

Anonymous 102895

I forgot to add, if you do add my discord please try and DM me when you do it, I have a backlog of 39000 bot/fake friend requests from when I pissed off a streamer server once, sorry just had to add this!!!

Anonymous 102896

I sound like a twelve yr old boy two lmao

Anonymous 102897

Can I add you? I’m 23 Canadian, autistic and shy but very friendly and can make jokes, I’ll just add though if you do want to voicechat someday I sound like a little boy (just adding that) since I know people get shocked when they hear me for the first time, if you’re okay with this, please let me know

Anonymous 102899

I just scrolled up to loook at their post because of your comment, they sound like a literal succubust demon

Anonymous 102900

yeah sure just add me

Anonymous 102904


19 and from the US. Would prefer someone between 18-29 but I figure that's already most of this thread. Don't care where you're from as long as the time difference won't get in the way (EST)

I live in a small ass town and haven't had any social contact outside my boyfriend for like 3 years. I have pretty solitary hobbies so it hasn't bothered me too much but I figured I'd put myself out there.

> Interests/Hobbies

Main things are writing and art. I am still shy about sharing my own but would love to talk about it/beta read and give critique. be warned i'm a bit of a fujo I really love fantasy, main things that come to mind are the Elder Scrolls and Witcher series (I also write fantasy and have my own little world going). I also like anime/vidya but am pretty casual about it now. IDK I feel like I can talk about basically anything, only thing I'd like to avoid is politics.

> contact


Anonymous 102911


Are there any older miners here (let's say 25y+) who are also shut-ins/have no friends?

Anonymous 102914

Ye, I'm such older meat. I could have more friends. But a mixture of comfort, laziness, snobbery and too many "2deep4you" topics keeps that from happening. Nice to meet you tho.

Anonymous 102916


I like this one. When I was a hecking lot younger I had several similar mannerisms and I'm still a fag loving perv. I've gotten over a lot of my edginess though, egodeath by drugs + lots of love. And I'm 10 years older than you. So you'd probably get bored or annoyed with me as a friend. As I would have with anyone not matching my mindset back then.

You should really go all gas with no breaks outside anyway, not on imageboards. Go exploit the world, don't let shyness or trauma from the past stop you.

Ah, heck. Maybe I'm projecting.

Anyhow, don't let those snide replies get to you. They're just in a different track in life.

Anonymous 102919

> Age
> Preferred age range
Anyone over 18 that is a natal female
> Hobbies and interests
Tokusatsu, books, animanga, crafting, learning new things, Japanese idols and J-fashion. I also really like RPG maker games and visual novels. I'm also a bit of a fujo but a very casual one.
>Why are you looking for friends?
Because I'm basically a shut-in.
> Contact info
i like plushies#5134
> Any other relevant details
I can speak English and Portuguese, I'm studying German.
Even if you have no interests in common with me, I would still like to talk to you. I love to learn, and I love seeing people talk about their hobbies, so if you have a hobby, I would like to be friends!

Anonymous 102939


looking for other women willing to meet up & go window shopping in London/Cambridge for halloween stuff/makeup/do each others' makeup.

i'm a school teacher in my early 20s and i'm studying my second Master's degree in London this autumn.

regrettably, i love mcdonalds.


will teach you how to shoplift from tk maxx if you want ;)

Anonymous 102940


you had me at childish narcissist. added

Anonymous 102945

OK, now that I'm accepting friend requests again on discord (I forgot that I had to turn it off because of an ex-moid), I'm posting my presentation, instead of only adding anons.

> Your age


> Preferred age range for friends

Doesn't matter, interacting with different age groups is enriching. I simply strongly dislike people on their 30s that only ever talk about their children, but I don't think anons tend to be like this anyway.

> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

Why not ? It can be fun. Already talking with miners and farmers on the terf discord and it's chill af. I wish it was more active, too.
I know I'm dreaming, but I'd love to meet up fellow miners to go to events such as concerts, music festivals or lolita/jfashion meet-ups together. Otherwise I enjoy edgy drawing and schizoposting.

> Contact info

Felis Silvestris#5097

> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

I'd love to meet someone I could meet up with regularly, but I think I'm the only miner in my region. If you're from France or western Europe that's a huge plus. I long for autistic/schizo/unhinged hang outs. I have become too normal with getting older. But I'm hoping too much, I guess.

Anonymous 102965

why are all the coolest uk anons southern gdi. if i ever go to london i will lurk in a tk maxx in your honor

Anonymous 103012

crazy love.jpg

> your age
> preferred age range for friends
18-24 preferred, but i'm not picky
> your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
art, fashion, self-improvement/normiemaxxing, edm and rhythm games. also looking for people to talk about school and trying to do well in an american uni environment
> contact info
erasermotorphantom at protonmail dot com
> any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
hmu if you want someone to be your penpal, your art buddy, or if you just want to ramble about your niche interests or original characters. alternatively, hmu if you feel 'behind' in life and want to change that, like i do. or hmu if you want to send weird memes to someone occasionally. that's okay too

Anonymous 103245


>You should really go all gas with no breaks outside anyway, not on imageboards. Go exploit the world, don't let shyness or trauma from the past stop you.
>Ah, heck. Maybe I'm projecting.
You are. I have no trauma to speak of, and I am certainly not shy. Never have been. I stay inside because I like it.

>Anyhow, don't let those snide replies get to you. They're just in a different track in life.

Do not worry: they will not. I only saw your reply because I check my posts here and in /soc/ for the snide (You)s. The funny ones enlarge my evergrowing collection.

Anonymous 103272


That is a (You) I got once before on /soc/ and saved because it is funny. I hope this copypasta keeps following me across boards.

>So you'd probably get bored or annoyed with me as a friend.
>I don't know if I can offer you proper punctuation all the time.
>I wonder how weird that dynamic would be.
You are like the people who lament, ‘Damn, that party sounds fun, but they probably do not want me there…’ instead of going to the damn party and seeing how it pans out. Should I mail out handwritten invitations?
At worst, you will waste some of your time or hear something mean you will forget about in a day.

Anonymous 103475

You remind me of a Russian friend I had whom I fell in love with (first lesbian crush actually), although she nicer. Like the other anon said, you sound hot.
Unfortunately I'm not looking for friends because I'm terrified of meeting new people, I just wanted to tell you that. You sound like a super cool person. Not to mention your based taste in artists

Anonymous 103525

What mental illness would cause one to just sit and rot away like that? Enjoy life

Anonymous 103528

idk if ur still looking at this thread but i play genshin and like girl groups too, hmu!

Anonymous 104312

Is your discord username visible? I can't find it and want to join.

Anonymous 104319

I wonder if there's miners who aren't weebs, I really find anime and japanese media meh, only read like two mangas and don't plan in reading more.

Anonymous 104324

> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends

Older than 20

> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

I don't have hobbies that I do more than once a month besides cooking, playing videogames, reading and listening to music (I'm currently listening to Kate Bush, she has "I visit CC" vibes). I like to paint sometimes and make collages. I travel very often (three - four times a year) and I hope to meet other miners around the world who I could possibly meet in person one day. I have no irl or online close friends, the only people I regularly talk to are my boyfriend, my mom and my therapist. I'm not a NEET but I barely work, nothing more than 10 hours a week. I'm into vintage clothing, stoicism and languages. I'm most likely autistic to some degree.

> Contact info

If there's anyone interested in adding me I'll post it.

> Any other relevant details

ESL, native language is spanish, currently learning french because my bf is from France and I want to communicate more with his family.
I live in South America.
I don't really care about covid and I would be considered a terf, if that bothers you then I don't think we can get along.

Anonymous 104426


As soon as I saw 'white wolf', i was sold. hmu at chocolat_viennois#3996 if you want

I'm 26, like ttrpgs, history, sewing, baking, writing stories and characters, and internal decoration. vampires are my mf-ing JAM

Anonymous 104592

>only read like two mangas and don't plan in reading more.
but that's normal

Anonymous 104624


>preferred age range for friends
>hobbies, interests and why are you looking for friends
hobbies:video games, painting, reading abt psychology, philosophy and craft
why: I have no irl friends and I want people to chat with and maybe watch things together
>any other relevant details
I rather to be added by woman, not looking much for man
I speak english and portuguese
I'm from europe
I dont like people that take a lot of time to answer me

Anonymous 104625

>I speak english and portuguese
>I'm from europe

Anonymous 104626

Anonymous 104698


I'm 21 and in Nebraska. I like anime/mango, vocaloid, baking, cooking, RuneScape, HEMA (which I haven't joined a club for yet because my local one is very rapey and scary), /cgl/, and studying Japanese in my spare time. I know I seem heavy on /jp/ culture, but I promise I'm not obnoxious about it, I just really like manga/vocaloid/swords etc.
Will post contact if anyone is nearby.

Anonymous 104715

olá anã

Anonymous 104783

Bildschirmfoto 202…

i recently met up with someone from here, she was super chill and i had a really really nice time, it was cool to talk about stuff that's usually discussed on here with someone irl who gets it. so i just wanted to drop in to say if you ever get that chance you should totally do it! (but be safe about it of course)

Anonymous 104830

I tried adding you but I guess u changed ur discord tag, I think we would get along well lol. If you wanna chat lmk ur new tag

Anonymous 104837

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I like cooking, baking, pop culture, 80s new wave, shitty reality TV, documentaries, reading about weird religious sects, true crime, long form articles, playing Sims, and reading biographies.
I love hearing about other people’s lives, I’m a good listener but also love to talk and I tend to ramble. I don’t have many friends IRL cause I’ve drifted away from most people since graduation. I spend most of my time watching tv with my cat.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I live on the east coast in the US but like to stay up rly late so am on my phone most hours of the day

Anonymous 104875

You sound cool and a lot like me, can I add you on discord (I posted on this thread)

Anonymous 104923

irmãs? i wish we could talk but i'm afraid of moids infiltrating us.

Anonymous 104925

There's a few of us on ptchan too, me and another maninha had a thing for moid hands. I would add on groomcord but I'm not big on it, it's annoying on my laptop and very slow on my phone. If you ever come to Margem Sul I'll treat you guys to a café.

Anonymous 104927

for sure!

Anonymous 105080

I am an 18 yo inhibited autistic hapa female residing in the Netherlands. I'm unable to form connections irl so I fill the gap with online friends. My interests are yuri and the blackpill.

My discord: Sumire Ashiya#3337

Anonymous 105085

>18 yo
>My interests are … the blackpill
This is why I hate the internet. Young people barely out of highschool spending too much time online and believing in the "blackpill".

Anonymous 105087

wth anon why? I may like some pp but I hate the troons as much as any other terf

Anonymous 105088

no read it again, i said NO straight women kek

Anonymous 105091

the straights are mad it seems, sorry youre not invited to the party

Anonymous 105093

not what i meant either, making assumptions just like you are

Anonymous 105097

are you the same moid who called non straight women degenerates? Your larp is really weak i suggest working on it some more "Sis"

Anonymous 105101

ngl you are displaying troon language and it's pretty cringe.

Anonymous 105111

thanks you two for shitting on this thread

Anonymous 105120

oh if u ever see this add me on feriphery#5344

Anonymous 105129

your username doesn't work anon

Anonymous 105136

What is your discord handle anon?

Anonymous 105166

None of the based straight girls here wanna join your degenerate lesbian grooming discord server maam, stop spamming about it :)

Anonymous 105167

LMAO right!!! He/She/It keeps posting their nasty lesbian server over and over, tbh I bet they’re trying to find straight girls to groom, gross either way

Anonymous 105168

Go back to your Twitter safe space, you legit don’t belong here ROFL

Anonymous 105169

That’s legit probably a guy/tranny, who made a discord server to find girls to harass

Anonymous 105171

It's hard not to be blackpilled when the real world is going to shit and you were born just in time to be raised in it. Don't blame her for that.

Anonymous 105319


>Your age
I'm 26, so I'd like to be friends with people 22+ to idk, infinity

> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

Vampire the Masquerade, sewing, cooking, travelling, the Moomins, cottagecore and dark academia aesthetics, old horror books and movies, badass women of history, memes, cats, psychology, and the history of fashion.

> Contact info

if you're interested, hmu at chocolat_viennois#3996 in discord

> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)I live in Greece, speak fluent english, and some french. I just wanna obsess over my nerdy hobbies with someone without being judged, tbh. If you're a VtM addict like me, even better!

Anonymous 105389


> Your age
22 going on 23
> Preferred age range for friends
22 - infinity
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I'm getting back into illustrating, nothing too good yet because I haven't been practicing. Other than that I like pretentious artsy cinema, all genres of music ranging from pop to prog rock to death metal, and I also read a little along with some manga. I've just been real bored and want people to talk to. I'm used to every sort of personality, from "normies" to shut-ins who can barely type and send a word from anxiety, so it's okay if you're shy.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I'm in Malaysia, which is GMT+8. If it's 5pm in America it's 5am here. I only speak English and my own mother tongue, Bahasa Melayu. I don't mind if your English isn't too good.


Anonymous 105619


>Any is fine.
>I enjoy a lot of things. Mostly rambling about unimportant shit and probably being pessimistic about moids and trannies. I’d like some more radfem friends, or terf friends. Anime is alright as well.
>Madi#4391 is my discord. I can tell you my insta if you add me there.

Anonymous 105641


Does anyone like otome games? I wish I had someone to sperg over them with, I know there's an otome thread in /media/ so I figured the chances are high enough. I mainly play console/PC otoge and I collect physical copies and merch. I also like jfashion, visual kei, ball jointed dolls, and joseimuke. I'm 20 and any age is fine. You can add me on discord at Turnip#9728

Anonymous 105653

based bush fan. Im too shy to say hi though. I would love to be friends but Im already a wagie and whenever I go home I spend more time with my other hobbies and my cat rather than talking to friends. One day anon, one day

Anonymous 105683

would like to add you but I am 100 :(

Anonymous 105867


20 + est

adore animals, insects, dolls, lace, and words.
most days right now i am studying, with cats, making music, working on crafts, writing, admiring my mantis…ah i suppose leaving neethood has made me a bit busy!

i love a lot of things and i am truly looking for a close female friend or even someone i can talk to every so often. i love to learn from others…skills, languages, ill just listen to you ramble (i can ramble quite a bit)

my most favorite hobby is insect taxidermy but have not been able to engage in it lately due to low funds. next to that is making music, and wet felting.
i draw sometimes, read a bit, i mostly just do everything because i try to grow a lot and i have a craving for trying many things that i cannot sate it seems?

i think im very kind and silly but serious at the same time. we can talk about music or paranormal things or animals. anything really.

hm…i wish i knew what else to say! im sorry.

some of my near future goals involve creating an rpg or vn and getting better at sewing/opening up a shop. id also like to try stopmotion, just lately i have some obligations that take priority over my hobbies.

snicker doodle tiger paws#7777

i think itd be neat to make a little female server for tons of things. book club, art, hauls from thrift shop, trying new recipes together…
maybe i will get on that.

Anonymous 105869

>seeking similar aged frens
>hobbies are writing, drawing, talking about being depressed and miserable, psychology

contact is dillon#1326. I am a girl but use a male name to avoid creeps. hope to chat to some people soon.

Anonymous 106052


18 in est

I'm currently interested in anime, vidya, cartooning, tech and internet horror. I'm also currently studying Japanese and enjoy drawing a lot, even if most of 'em are just MS Paint scribbles. I'm pretty flexible in terms of interests so if there may be anything else you wanna talk about go for it.

Looking for new friends on here cause 99% of the people I meet online are dudes and it'd be nice to have more friends that are the same sex as me.

I'm also right-wing if that doesn't bother you but I prefer not to talk about politics too much or go super in detail with them. As long as you aren't an extremist whose views are embedded into every aspect of your personality then I don't really care too much about what you believe.

DNI if any of the following apply to you:
>mentally unstable
>older than 30

If you wanna hmu, you can shoot me an E-Mail at [email protected]
Discord has become absolute dogshit for making alts/throwaways recently since it'll lock you out of your account for "suspicious activity" and require you use your real number to get back in. I'll send you my main if I think we can be good friends through a bit of talking <3.

Anonymous 106057

Source of the art?

Anonymous 106058

Dude draws some nice stuff that I really like

Anonymous 106076

flcl is my all time favorite jap show

Anonymous 106146

awww! im friends with pantsu hes in my discord server

Anonymous 106248


Fuck I just turned 100 last month.

Anonymous 106336



>friends age range

over 18 and under 30, as it's easier to relate for me that way

>hobbies and why i'm looking for friends

i really like the occult, fashion, make-up, niche-y movies, idols (j-pop and k-pop), internet culture and psychology. some anime and manga/manhwa too, but i've outgrown the majority of them and don't keep much up to date with recent ones.
i occasionally watch true crime videos and have fun profiling the killers and getting outraged over moids.
i'm super into underground things of any kind because they fascinate me, and i want to get to know them even if it might turn out they're not for me.
i'd love to give you tarot readings also!

i'd like to connect with bio girls to have comfy conversations about anything, have occasional movie nights and share media recommendations. picking up outfits together and giving make-up tips would be really fun too.
if you are very passionate about some interest i'd love to hear about it. i'm very curious and enjoy discovering new things, so it's fine if you don't share many interests with me.
another thing is that i'm planning a dream trip to japan next year and i already know a couple of amazing girls from CC that will tag along, but i'd like the group to be bigger so we can have more fun and be safer. it'd be very nice to find other girls that want to come too.



>other details

i'm from eu. i'm open to friends from all over the world but i do have a slight preference for my timezone as it makes it easier to chat. anyways feel free to add me regardless of where you are from :)

Anonymous 106341


u liek deadmau5?

Anonymous 106358


18, usa. would prefer to talk to people around my age :-)

i'm into manga/anime, funny weird internet culture stuff and occasionally true crime. i like to research conspiracy theories, i'm a pretty passionate radfem & i'm also learning french lmao

i'm looking for more friends who are girls and have similar interests i guess!

contact: georgia#2697

Anonymous 106784

I'm so sad this person doesn't post anymore. Not a discord handle or anything. :(

Anonymous 106786

She posted her discord handle in her first post, look closer >>102436

Anonymous 106881

I wish I had frens but I always freak out and ghost people

Anonymous 106897

Me too smh

Anonymous 106912

same rip

Anonymous 106916

Maybe that's why we're on a goddamn imageboard of all places

Anonymous 106921

i admit i'm quite bad at 1 on 1 conversation, but i thrive in group chats

Anonymous 106924

a cc group chat would be so fun (if we kept out the scrotes)

Anonymous 106993

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
18+ (not too older tho sry ;-;)
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
i haven’t had any friends since 2019 and basically i’ve been getting more and more sad so i decided to give this a shot

i play ffxiv (aether) / dbd and i draw !! i’m interested in people that will draw with me and we can improve together and also ffxiv/dbd n other games !!
I just miss having friends that i consistently talk to n i want some art buddies !!
oh im interesting in live streaming as well
> Contact info

> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

est (nyc)

Anonymous 106996

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
looking for 18-24 maybe, need some friends closer to my age
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Looking for new people to talk to since I recently lost my best friend, still really bummed about it
I played lots of Nintendo games, including much of the Mario, Zelda, and Pikmin series. I also have some PC games like Master Chief Collection, Battlefront II, Spelunky 2, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Civilization V, and Tabletop Simulator.
Some more specific interests include nanchatte seifuku, growing out my hair, proper bra-fitting, and three-dimensional geometric shapes. I want to learn cooking, acrylic painting, and sewing (making clothes) but I'm not that good yet. Sometimes I draw digitally, but just as a time-burning activity in MS Paint.
>Contact info
This is an alt so please understand if I miss messages or if Discord decides to randomly lock me out again
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I am a NEET who is suffering from trauma-based mental illness(es) and I do not have much social experience, plus my schedule is inconsistent and I don't have a smartphone, so please be patient
Most of my friends have been male so we might be a mismatch if you deeply despise men as a whole, just wanna be transparent about that since I understand many of you might not be comfortable with it
obvious but just in case, not looking for romantic/sexual relationships

Anonymous 107009


Hey nerds, I'm looking for people to play vidya with. Chances are we actually have no games in common because I only play this WWII PTSD simulator old as fuck game but I'm willing to play the games you like EXCEPT LoL or any other autistic MOBA gayme that's not the pkmn one. Contact me on normiecord kek#5453 so we can chat. No moids/troons obviously.

Some info about me
>third worlder
>weeb (at this point mostly only read yuri)
>gay (no I won't hit on you I promise)
>kinda like guns
>computer autist
>wagecuck so usually can only play on weekends
Yeah I know I really sound like a moid and edgy but I can prove I'm not. I'm just a lezcel raised by late 00's 4chan trying to find some like-minded people, if you're into that as well.

Anonymous 107069


So everyone that says they're 18 is definitely underaged right?

Anonymous 107072

I am really 18, but I admit I only turned 18 fairly recently. sometimes I worry about getting perceived as underage since I'm aware that I seem childish due to not having many life experiences that would be expected at my age

Anonymous 107076

just wondering, by un-PC do you mean disillusioned by modern western wokeshit or full on /pol/tardation?

Anonymous 107078


Mostly the former I guess. I don't go to /pol/ much anymore but I never took it seriously anyway. Anything /pol/ I say is meant to be inflammatory to someone and funny in my mind. Sometimes it's kinda hard to control. The other day in my workplace someone asked who the fuck even buys Apple products and I almost spouted "homosexuals". Idk, shit like that. That took a lot of self-restraint btw, I love shitting on Macfags. Sorry.

Anonymous 107084

ah I see. I agree, shitting on applefags in general IS funny. i'm likely adding you when i get home

Anonymous 107184

Me it’s me
Every night before going to sleep, I turn my eyes to the starry sky and pray that Kim Jong-Un cleans our planet of the anime plague by dropping the nuke on Japan.

Anonymous 107199

Just wanted to say I added some people, but Discord locked me out so I had to make a new email and Discord so I added people again.

Anonymous 107219


hilariously autistic post

Anonymous 107220

No. 18 year olds do exist lol

Anonymous 107226


Anonymous 107235


Hi! I'm an early 20s girl.
I don't have many friends because of a lack of interest in social interactions, as I have mild schizoid (not schizophrenia! Sometimes people mix the two up a bit).
I do like talking to like-minded people on the internet though so I hope I can find some friends on CC. Bio women only please.

I enjoy fashion, some k-pop but only girl groups, true crime and the paranormal. I read manga and books sometimes, but I mostly watch movies and I like the lesser known ones.

Feel free to add me on discord gothloli#6764

Anonymous 107243


age> 18
hobbies> art and homemaking is my passion. I also have a goal to learn romance languages, and someday latin. i loove baking.. i wuld like to bake w my friends!!
preferred age range> idk why anyone over 20 wuld want to talk to me.. but if you would like to go ahead
if ur a yankee like me mayb we can hang out idk
real women only
im pretty traditional and watch ppl like the Alternative Hypothesis so a lot of radfems and w/e have a problem with me, I'll try to be friends with any1 but ppl sperg at me and block me alot.. I just wanted to give that disclaimer, Im not very political

contact info> if u wanna talk to me shoot me an email [email protected]
(^-^) we can talk a lil and ill give u my discord

Anonymous 107247

kevin? Are you a guy?

Anonymous 107248

or maybe a former fakeboi who kept the email?

Anonymous 107249

its a throwaway, im a girl

Anonymous 107250

On the one hand, you're probably a moid, on the other hand, if you're a miner you're too stupid to realize having a male username is going to set people off. Doesn't sound like I want to talk to you in either case.

Anonymous 107252


its not that deep..

Anonymous 107253

Not, it isn't deep, you're either a moid or stupid. Quite simple really, neither is desirable.

Anonymous 107254

Lol you're the only one here sounding like a moid. Quit having this retarded tone over a discord tag.

Anonymous 107320

why flip out over it jesus christ

Anonymous 107321

Suuuuure you are.

Anonymous 107322

Damn, why the hostility? If dudes can run around online with anime girls for profile pics then I see no harm in that email.

Anonymous 107359

Well I've never had a real relationship so real life never ruined yuri for me. Also at least makes more sense than fujo lesbian.

Anonymous 107368


Is the server mentioned here active or not? Is it actually some moid trying to get women? I'm interested but the discord name here does not work. Also I'm bi so idk if that is allowed

Anonymous 107372


> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends


i'm shy and pretty dumb so don't expect much from me, and something i'm looking for is hopefully a cool friend group since i've lost all hope finding one irl. i'm in school to become a psychiatric nurse, i'm working a part time waitress job at a small breakfast restaurant and have a husband that i've been with for over a year now. i also love mmos like ffxiv (not resubbing until endwalker) and wizard101 (don't judge me it was a huge part of my childhood.)

> Contact info

cat girl#5610

> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

from texas, but recently moved to california (pacific time zone.) i only speak english but i've been studying a lot of french on my own time, and i would love to practice speaking with a french anon!

Anonymous 107383

i feel like a lot of these users are baiting moids :(
>soft anime girl photo
>name like “cat girl” or “loli” or “something-chan”

Anonymous 107386

the girl who has the cat girl discord with the nekopara pfp said she has a husband tho

Anonymous 107397

cat girl anon here, it's a inside joke with my husband (we have matching nekopara icons)
can't i be a weeb who appreciates soft and cute anime girls as a girl? if you're really curious i could prove myself through vc

Anonymous 107410


20 y/o neet (est) but will be starting classes in the spring. looking for some vidya friends. heavy into online multiplayers, mostly LoL/ffxiv(aether)/valorant. my steam library kinda weak n i dont use my switch 2 often but im willing 2 try anything. i like a lot of nintendo and square titles 2 if ur into that stuff 2. i collect music but not a fag abt it, i like a lot of midwestern emo and early alternative. i also enjoy the occasional slice of life/romance/shoujo.i doodle digitally 4 fun sometimes n shid 2. no interest in politics but i dont have many leftist ideologies if thats a dealbreaker for u

would prefer not 2 interact w minors as im about 2 be 21, mentally unstable and dependent on fagplant

disc uumaru#3096

Anonymous 107433

AVOID. THIS IS A WELL KNOWN MOID FROM 4CHAN WHO HARASSES WOMEN. He is well known for being a weird pervert. Avoid.

Anonymous 107438

thank you anon. i tried emailing him and he seemed really off so i never responded. he changed his typing style and his pfp was a male :(

Anonymous 107442

im literally a woman tf…
that girl just said that randomly without any proof..
my profile pic is a low rez image of a man spitting out a shit ton of water.. its a meme..

Anonymous 107448

sure u are kevin.

Anonymous 107449

Again, you're either a moid or too stupid to understand why using a moid name will set people off. Fuck off retard/moid.

Anonymous 107452

How about you explain to all of us why your email username is kevindrawslol?

Anonymous 107453

cuz when i was 13 i thought it would be funny to make a deviantart called kevindraws where i intentionally draw badly
that was 5 years ago now and i just use it as a throwaway

Anonymous 107455

Do you have proof? Not trying to defend just curious.

Anonymous 107468

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I go to the gym quite often, enjoy cooking and am getting into baking. Also trying to return to Catholicism. Social anxiety was quite vicious for most of my life so I don't really have friends and now that it's not so bad, I'm interested in making friends.
> Contact info
discord at kiwano#9841
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
Midwest area and I'm a full-time student so replying might be a little slow but I do try to reply within an hour.

Anonymous 107527

Even the typing style in >>107243 is really weird. Moid exaggerating his idea of "girly typing", because he spends much of his time imagining what it's like to be an unintelligent, but generally happy young girl. Little to no basis in reality, and too low of an attention span to understand how women and girls actually navigate the internet in 2021.
Embodies his own "ideal" concept of a psuedo child bride who is naive, unspoiled, "trad" and obsessed with baking, uses kaomojis, but is also somehow an avid consumer of conservative media, to the point that it isolates her from any women with differing viewpoints (connection between women is dangerous, and feminist thought, especially radical feminism, is an abusive moid's nightmare). Lists this fake persona as young as he can possibly get away with on an imageboard. Intends to groom unsuspecting young women into embodying his child bride thoughtform so that he can later enter their lives with his actual identity by "coincidence" or "mutual friendship" ("You should talk to my friend, Not-Kevin! He's so smart and awesome!"). Uses e-mail to filter out the most pliable, young, eligible candidates.
Once you've seen one of these ops, you've seen them all. Very high chance "she" runs a Twitter account that posts the same kinds of idealized "traditional! feminine!" paintings, and carries much the same intent. 8chan used to have a board for this express purpose, run by moids from /pol/. The manipulative types of moids who do this think they're smart, but their morbid intentions always give them a disturbing energy.

Anonymous 107533

i have no words… i used a throwaway i already had on hand.. why so much autism? anyways to anyone who is concerned i can prove it by voice in vc

Anonymous 107553

Post hand w/ timestamp or do a vocaroo that states today's date. Those are two possible ways you could prove your identity as a real woman and not some moid larping.

Anonymous 107557


bonus braid

Anonymous 107566

I believe you are a girl anon. I have spent so much time in male online environments and have pretended to be a man on the internet for so long to avoid harassment that I developed certain mannerisms and now most people assume I'm a male. They shouldn't be accusing you before speaking to you.

Anonymous 107584


20 - usa (cst)

>age range

preferably 19-24


music (mostly jrock at the moment, vocaloid, serani poji)
i don't play video games too often recently but my favorites are lbp2, sims 2, dead space, battle block theatre, project diva
some anime (made in abyss, dorohedoro, paranoia agent)
i collect mugs
i love bad/cheap horror movies but i'll watch anything gory
collecting pretty images
cutting my own hair
scary things

>relevant info

i have trouble making friends i can actually connect with and i prefer someone that would like to do activities with me, i'm a lesbian but i'm not the flirty type and i have someone i'm very into right now so plz avoid if you mind having a gay friend, i work right now but not anywhere near full time so i have a good amount of free time but i also nap a lot, i sound like i haven't hit puberty and i look a couple years younger than i am according to most people idk if that's interesting or not, i like somewhat clingy friends and people who like to go on tangents about stuff they're passionate about



Anonymous 107594

what was the board called and what kind of content was posted there?

Anonymous 107634


> Age
> Age Range
Any, getting desperate at this point
> Hobbies and Interests
Metalhead / Noise enjoyer / goregrind enthusiast. I like horror manga and cows :) Wannabe tradthot, I make my own essential oils and I'm schizophrenically afraid of microplastics and artificial fragrance.
> Why am I looking for frens?
I'm lonely, I want female friends as I feel being around men has made me rly toxic. Just want a wholesome friendship with a cool woman
> Contact Info
> Other?
flippen sexy af

Anonymous 107635

whats a tradthot?

Anonymous 107636

not here to spoonfeed you

Anonymous 107658

removed me because i type in lowercase

Anonymous 107669

Anonymous 107702

She sounds like a pain in the ass lol

Anonymous 107723


> "I have a single demand for those adding me: you must write properly. Proper punctuation, capitalisation, and spelling. My messenger posts are written the same way this post is, and yours must be as well."

Ah the autistic grammar nazi… It's oddly charming. I want this girl to yell at me for purposefully misspelling every other word I type.

Anonymous 107732

she'll just unfriend you

Anonymous 107755

Cute braid

Anonymous 107758

Lol I fucked up a lot chatting with her. She's pretty forgiving actually. I really like being made self-aware not type like a jackass though! I need to NOT oiuther wise I just say fuck it and end up typoing liek this and everyone has to deal with it. Oh my god she is actually so clean and tight in the way she thinks, speaks and writes. I LOVE IT and I want to absorb that part of her brain. :)

Anonymous 107818


Posted once before, want to update to say to any of the various anons that post about enteric nervous system and honey: I hope you add me on sprggn#0518, discord! Males need not apply.

Anonymous 107959

Anonymous 107971

ur voice sounds familiar.. are you in a discord server called girls only

Anonymous 107993

973 is not me and yes i am :^)

Anonymous 107996

then we have talked before most likely

Anonymous 107997

honestly the only times ive been in vc for cc servers has been for voice verification lol


can you shut up you stupid brit

Anonymous 108034


Somebody added me and unadded me after I did not reply for half an hour. For all the prospective adds: people this twitchy are not a good match.

>Unfortunately I'm not looking for friends because I'm terrified of meeting new people, I just wanted to tell you that.
That is fine. I wish you to get a handle on your fear one day. It must present a terrible hurdle in life.

>removed me because i type in lowercase
Yes, I did. You would be able to foresee that this would happen if you bothered to read my post before adding me.

>Ah the autistic grammar nazi… It's oddly charming. I want this girl to yell at me for purposefully misspelling every other word I type.
As the other anon said, if I think you are genuinely illiterate or being obnoxious on purpose, I will simply remove you.

>What mental illness would cause one to just sit and rot away like that? Enjoy life
Schizoid personality disorder, but I do not have it. Sometimes, a shut-in is just a shut-in.

>What is your discord handle anon?
>I'm so sad this person doesn't post anymore. Not a discord handle or anything. :(
As the other anon said, my Discord handle is in my first post, and I always attach pictures from the same artist, so it is easy to tell which posts are mine.

Anonymous 108049

Anonymous 108174

>I always attach pictures from the same artist, so it is easy to tell which posts are mine.

>Rule 16: "This website is an anonymous community. Please refrain from using any identifiers. Using recognizable sets of images to circumvent this rule and identify yourself is also prohibited."

Anonymous 108187

if yuo realli want her to leave type, with lowercase teririble gammetr punctuation and suwulling and all in lowercase, letters of, course too as well

Anonymous 108214

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Baking, reading, music, guns, conspiracy theories, anything bizarre, idk. I was basically raised by 4chan and deviantart. I'm looking for friends because I don't have many female friends due to my profession being predominantly male and I miss friendship with other women.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I'm in the southeastern US, I'm an engineer professionally and I'm unhinged but in a fun way not a scary way. I'm not straight, but I'm taken. I'm not very PC.

Anonymous 108262

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
My main hobby would be drawing im not very good at it but learning. I play a lot of videogames (osrs, eft, pokemon, rhythm games etc…) Studying web dev at home as of rn so im always at my desk down to talk. Lonely and want to find likeminded people to talk to i guess.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
Europe more specifically Lithuanian, i heavily prefer vc over text. I wouldn't mind finding a potential relationship but thats just wishful thinking.

Anonymous 108263

Im just saying that leaving identifiers isn't a good idea

Anonymous 108264

are you friends with nurplee?

Anonymous 108915


girl from eu early 20s
i like paranormal things niche movies idols fashion manga conspiracies the internet talking about humans etc
i only talk to girls don't add me if you're a man i can tell anyways


Anonymous 109102


>Your age
18, turned this year.
>Preferred age range for friends
Well, I don't really mind, if you think we will click then I'll trust your judgement.
>Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Reading, fashion, video-games, deathly pinterest + spotify combo, watching JCS type of YouTube videos, skating. I'm also an ana-chan/dieting person.
I'm looking for friends on here because I want to talk to other women who are terfy and/or are former 4chan pick-me girls who finally got out of it.
I would love to exchange outfit ideas, advice, music and book recommendations, etc.
>Contact info
>Any other relevant details (location, language, time zone, whatever)
Time zone is american.

Anonymous 109105


mid 20s, euro (i don't care where you're from! ages like, 18-30ish? it'd be great if you're into the same kind of feminism i'm into)

i got pretty distant from most of my friends because of the pandemic and my general asocial tendencies. i'd also love to finally find friends that share my interests/ideas etc

i'm into way too much stuff: i love video games- character driven ones, both indies and big ones, i draw and bake and garden a lot, i love nature, animals (reptiles), sitcoms and animation, creepy stuff, and weird internet holes. my throwaway email is [email protected]

Anonymous 109119


Anonymous 109804


Anyone into gardening, sustainability or selfsufficient living? I'm just learning to garden with maybe eventually wanting to be (partially) self-sufficient. I was hoping to chat with someone who has similiar interests. I'm mid 20's, EU.

No moids or trannies. Unfortunately I may be a bit slow to reply because I'm very busy, please keep that in mind..

Discord: lightest#4322 but I don't mind talking through other means if you prefer something else, just let me know.

Anonymous 109843

Why are so many people here from the EU? Makes me feel somewhat more pathetic that there aren't as many US losers like me

Anonymous 109870

This might surprise you but not everyone lives in the US.

Anonymous 109873

o well.png

y'all sound so cool.
Kind of makes me wish I was more outgoing. it's way easier on closeknit discord servers to be more relaxed but talking to people one on one is so intimidating (oh also I'm just older than most girls here which is awkward). how do other girls do it?

Anonymous 109912

That wasn't my point

Anonymous 109914

The fact the entire board is dead at American nighttime implies it’s another US territory.

Anonymous 109916


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
25-40. Biological females only.
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I love music and going to see bands play. I love art and am trying to be more productive in making my own. I don't play vidya as much as I used to but I did get a Switch recently to play ACNH and probably Pokemon.
I've never been a very social person in general but I would like to give this a try. I've tried making friends through apps in the past and I feel like I just can't click easily with most people. I feel those of us who use image boards are probably at least on somewhat of a similar wavelength so what the hell.
I'm boring but I'm cool. I'm positive that I have schizoid personality disorder which is why I'm so asocial. But I'm trying here.
> Contact info
[email protected]
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I live very close to NYC.
Am also lesbian. Down for friendship or more or whatever.

Anonymous 109923


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
literally anything unless you're a child
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
i like weebshit. touhou. visual novels too. music ofc. i like games too. minecraft, pokemon, animal crossing. i love documentaries and true crime stuff. i like baking occasionally. looking for friends because i literally dont have any right now. i made a discord just for this.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
i live in europe. will talk to anyone though. trying to learn german.

Anonymous 110021

Anon, are you still here? I'm also from South America and learning French as well.

Anonymous 110087

yes, i'm here, feel free to add me on discord Pherphick#1553


today i will remin…

Friendly reminder discord hasn't stopped being run by babyfur paedophile trannies.

Use Matrix or XMPP.

Anonymous 110104

>>110093 post yours then

Anonymous 110144

just start talking about things you enjoy doing and usually the conversation goes from there, like video games or reading novels idk, also i dont think people mind talking to older girls, at least i dont

Anonymous 110194

today i will remind them

Anonymous 110201

Anonymous 110210


this is nice board

Anonymous 110310

Probably because people in a lot of EU countries speak English quite well and the internet spaces in our native languages are often smaller and less active/interesting because of it, so we make our way to English internet spaces such as these instead.

Anonymous 110320

jfc the amount of moids in here who will spout misogyny and then go "uwu sorry…internalized misogyny!!!"

Anonymous 110351

Keep in mind to be careful who you contact and what you share, plenty of scrotes and trannies who post here. Some reveal themselves, others don't.

Anonymous 110630

Can you girls out some moids that posted in here?

Anonymous 110706


>Your Age
>Preferred age range for friends
I have no real preference, but around my age would be nice
>Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
I’m currently dealing with heartbreak after being broken up with by my boyfriend. He was my closest and only friend, so I’d love to be able to talk with another girl that is laid back and introverted like me. I’m excited to meet new people again.
I’m personally very interested in movies and music. I like a lot of music genres and am always open to watching something new. I like to play Sims 2 when I have the time and used to watch a lot of anime in my teens. I also like animals, spooky things, true crime and laughing at funny things. I’m currently learning web development in my free time too.
>Contact info
>Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I live in Canada (EST). I only know English and may be a little busy sometimes, but will talk when I’m able!

Anonymous 110711

The thread’s 4 months old now. How many friends have you made, anonas?

Anonymous 110723



Scroll down for a reminder to be VERY careful who you talk to here. This loser has admitted to adding women from here for his fetish.

Anonymous 110733

that site is so full of trannies

Anonymous 110751

I thought anons were joking about lainchan having a tranny infestation.

Anonymous 110758

They mistook transhumanism for transgenderism

Anonymous 110764

Lol at trannies thinking we wouldn’t just immediately ghost them upon learning they’re men. Being violent is for men, stupid moid.

Anonymous 110765

He's talking about me a lot in that thread, holy shit.

Anonymous 110783

Late mini samefag regarding anons link, I don't use lainchan, but I know that exact poster because we were friends briefly.

>>How many friends have you made, anonas?
A few, I posted my details early ITT and I've had an overall positive experience. 7/10 cute thread. There's one particular european girl I find really sweet, she is bumping up that bellcurve for the rest of you, kek

Anonymous 110785

?, is there a casual CC discord? like people constantly complain about the people here but everyone here sounds cool so idk.

Anonymous 110830

God, I wish I were you. I've had some people add me but they usually ghost me after like three messages.

Anonymous 110864

Can't out the ones that posted in the thread, but can post the ones added me that admitted to being moids. Does that interest you?

Anonymous 110890

I wish I hadn't deleted my discord recently cuz I've had multiple moids confess they were male, I just don't remember any of their names at this point. (Not sure how useful it would be though considering how easy it is change name and tag)

Anonymous 110899

I feel bad for ghosting a lot of people here. I didn't have any rational reason. I always end up adding a bunch of people and then get overwhelemed trying to individually contact multiple people.

Anonymous 110904

Kek i thought I was the only one

Anonymous 110917


>Post 4 months ago
>No reply

Anonymous 110923

Is your tag working, fren?

Anonymous 110940


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
It's whatever as long as you're over 18!
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
My main hobby is drawing, so finding someone to drawpile with would be extra comfy! I also like anime and general early 2000s weeb media, especially if it's about pretty girls wearing frilly dresses/bad lolita fashion.
Other interests include actual irl fashion (mostly alt and thrifting for interesting pieces), true crime, making food and (getting back into) working out!
I grew up on the internet so some of my interests are kinda scrote-ish, but I'm 100% done with trying to make new male friends. lol
I just wanna meet some s who can relate to the struggle and become friends..
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I'm from the EU but my sleep schedule is pretty wacky.
I like laughing at mentally ill males (both trannies and regular scrotes) so I don't think I can get along with extreme SJW types.

Anonymous 110952

Post tag again friend
Today I went through and contacted a few people I had ghosted (time just passes so fast), most people have patience don't worry anonitas

Anonymous 111248


Anyone can add me on discord, I'd love some female frens! I love knitting, video games, literature etc.
I do not bite, so feel free to message me!

Anonymous 111324

>Get added by someone
>Start chatting to someone
>Constantly asking about my sexual preferences
>Constantly trying to work out if I'm single
>Constantly trying to peacock and flex
>Get curious, decide to initiate a voice/video call
>They accept, they dont chat or video, they keep the call on for 10 seconds, then end the call
>"My webcam and mic are broken :("
>I'd like to solve the puzzle Pat
>Tell them I think they're a moid and that unless they can produce a voice recording or picture in the next 5 minutes I'm blocking them because I specifically said no moids in my bio.
>Called a bitch and blocked.

I think from now on I'm just blocking anyone who won't voice or vid in the first 5 minutes. it's the only way to be sure.

Anonymous 111326

You have to wonder how they think they'll "start the relationship".

Anonymous 111327

Why are all the screenshots of conversations with moids and discussion about it removed?

Anonymous 111329

I mean what's the point in outing them if it's going to be deleted? Any moids lurking here should know they will be found and exposed for it so that they don't see it as a cheap lottery ticket like that one anon said.

Anonymous 111330

I'm curious as to why also, I thought it's on topic for the thread? I'm hesitant on posting my info here because of lurking moids so it was helpful knowing who to not accept a request from if I decide to post it

Anonymous 111334

Do you have an email (throwaway is ok)?

Anonymous 111359


18, USA, prefer someone within my age range.

Am a weeb [esp. jpop idols and shoujo], love beauty/makeup/fashion, drawing, language learning, and im starting college soon. Not very politically correct. I don't have many female friends and it's pretty suffocating to talk only to guys so feel free to message me :}

Discord: nikitaa#8537

Anonymous 111362

ik this post is a month old, can't add your discord. Would love to talk, add me on nikitaa#8537

Anonymous 111396

moids are so fucking dumb lmao

Anonymous 111399

this is what i sounded like when i was a pickme LOL

Anonymous 111407

Admin/mods, why did you delete the outed moids screencaps? I initially thought it was because of the infighting that was about to happen about the writing style of that one anon but I noticed you deleted the personal post with the contact info of one of the outed moids from a few weeks ago too, so it can't be that. Don't anons who have been in contact with these moids deserve to know?

Anonymous 111408

I suppose it's just the normal policy of deleting any thread of comments after moid bait to not incentivize them to post, but this is probably the one thread where it would be helpful to have a wall of shame.

Anonymous 111418

Shit, I forgot about this entirely! You still there?

Anonymous 111429

New Orleans Class …

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
People younger than me or around the same age, I don't tend to be able to relate well to older people
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
My hobbies are writing, and game dev.
I like mobile/gacha games, video games, memes/chan culture, yaoi, Japan, cute things, and kitties.
I'm looking for friends because it's fun to talk to random people. I have a small handful of friends I chat with occasionally, but none of them really share the same interests as me, or they're too busy with life for us to talk every day.
> Contact info
[email protected]
I'll give you my discord or telegram through this : )
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
I'm a NEET, and I'm autistic. I'm a TERF/RadFem, but I'm becoming even more apolitical as the days go by. I do like laughing at gross trannies, though. I'm in Canada, Ontario, so fellow Ontarios would be great! I haven't had an IRL friend since I was in fifth grade. Canucks from other provinces are good too.

Anonymous 111506

>why don't you want evil tech companies with potentially malicious intents to invade your privacy? you must have le something to hide
Retarded take.

Anonymous Admin 111654

If you want a list of offenders in the thread then I'm not against it and won't take action, but I think it'll have the reverse effect of men actively trying to get on the wall of shame.

When you make comments that address me outside of /meta/, please report them so I see them faster

Anonymous 111667

I emailed you but I doubt you still check it

Anonymous 111713

Fair, thanks for replying admin.

Anonymous 112021


in university
>preferred age range for friends
>hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
i don't use social media, watch tv, or play video games
i'm so lonely
>contact info
@cute:midov.pl on matrix
>other relevant details
USA. i am a twitchy little sperg.

Anonymous 112024


Fuck. Im really bad at this sorr of thing

Ummm can someone just be my friend? Please?

Anonymous 112026

sure, how can i reach you?

Anonymous 112028

did you change your discord?

Anonymous 112030

Umm could you post your discord? I have had bad experiences with people dming me really weird thing. But i can post my discord if you want me to. I dont really care haha ^~^

Anonymous 112033


Anonymous 112322

i just wanna talk with dutch ppl… pls post tag if you are

Anonymous 112326

post je eigen tag dan

Anonymous 112488

you yo daddy son

Anonymous 112534

where the depressed day drinker movie watcher dead spirit fit in nowhere girls drop fuckign tag

Anonymous 112537

w-we can do that sometime. I would really like to have someone to drink with

Anonymous 112569

HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers bitch (its 3pm)

Anonymous 112598

hoi sorry dat ik het niet had gepost, mijn tag is niruon#1817

Anonymous 112702


I'm on a friend quest to find a bff-free girl to be best friends with.
I'm a writer that paints cats for a living. Weird but in a way that is kinda funny. I have a Facebook meme page where I pretend to be a truck driver with a foot fetish.
If you are also weird but in a good way and you need a bff, add me.


Anonymous 112818


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
Any , preferably older
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Hobbies include : hiking , web design , digital art , 2-3 hr walks , buying drapey cotton clothes and boymoding , downloading hundreds of obscure idm albums and vgm osts , and just doing whatever niche task i come across , i can do anything
Interests include : ecophilic and social architecture , interior design , north american ecology , music (mostly /mu/ tier idm, slavic metal, bandcamp vaporwave , 80s new age and cute techno) , some astrology but only cos my crush likes it

I’m looking for friends because Hmm. Someone to talk with about shared interests of course . And someone to share new interests with me or show each other cool things. I really like listening to ppl ramble abt metaphysics of sex/time/space or their own personal observations of societal trends. But I also would like guidance or advice with web/graphic design and have someone to call or shoot the shit with for an hour . Plus I’m very interested in people and love them :D
> Contact info
[email protected]
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Anonymous 112820

>paints cats for a living
that's amazing, I love that for you

Anonymous 112866


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Languages(Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian), playing kalimba, evolutiuonary psychology, nutrition, endocrinology, low-level cosmetology and beauty stuff/fashion, generally walking and travel, other cultures, true crime, occasionally some otome games/vns (japanese practice lol), sustainability

Looking for friends because I've ended up as an adult having only a few online-only contacts and they're all male, would really like some female company and people to just chat with and know that they're not secretly wanting to get in my pants or something. Men and women interact differently anyway yknow, and our experiences of life are different, I want it to be more relatable and you ladies seem interesting compared to normie women.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
English, Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin all fine. UK timezone.
I'm definitely not politically correct and if you're mega liberal or super feminist we will probably not get on that well. Also despite learning Japanese I'm not a weeb so I can't talk to you about anime and stuff if that's what you're interested in.

Anonymous 113283

je tag werkt niet

Anonymous 113391

Goddamnit I love you Strayans so fucking much

Anonymous 113537

a dutch person?!

Anonymous 113553


anybody interested in grinding art together to hopefully make a career out of it?

Anonymous 113608


id like to meet somebody who has a similar blackpilled/pinkpilled atitude.
my bf just left me for some girl called colgate..
sorry if i wont respond immidietly i'm just in shock is all./

Anonymous 113619

are you actually based or are you just going through a phase because your pet moid left you, and will abandon any similar values when you acquire a new one?

Anonymous 113621

we zijn met z'n 3e. minimaal!

Anonymous 113622

>my bf just left me for some girl called colgate..

Haha wtf, this can’t be real?

Anonymous 113623

sour grapes ahoy jesus

Anonymous 113626


I've sent friend request to you two on discord

Anonymous 113630

anyone in manchester/north england want to hang out and be menaces together

Anonymous 113631

Is she wrong though

Anonymous 113662

just updating to say I won't be using this account anymore because of messages from weird old men
Sorry to those that I spoke to who were nice, I enjoyed talking to you, hope you understand. Maybe another time!

Anonymous 113664

this is the DREAM but i'm worried i'd be doing a hefty train journey in search of friendship and be met with a swift murder tbh. can i have a guarantee the menacing is non-lethal? (and possibly some other way to contact you to see if we hit it off online so it wouldn't be too awkward if we didn't click irl?)

Anonymous 113666

just wondered how many women here actually met someone nice through this thread? and what's the ratio of responses from women vs male creeps?

i kinda think of posting but i don't want to run into males lol

Anonymous 113671

I met a couple of girls I message and i haven't been contacted by any creeps yet but thats not to say it won't happen.

Anonymous 113672


Posting this because no one believes the thing about trucker memes is real. It is real I wasn't joking unfortunately

Anonymous 113673


> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
I don't really care but if you're Old(TM) you might get bored with me because idk what do you think I'm gonna be telling you day-to-day about? wanna hear some college homework and gay fanfics that I read rants? then you got it
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Reading, drawing weird shit in pirated PS, gay fanfics about Bucky Barnes. That's about it. I also fucking hate video games. This isn't a real hobby. If our dialogues will consist of you messaging me shit like "played vidya for 5 hours" then we prolly won't get along lol

> Contact info

[email protected] (looks weird because it's a throwaway)

> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Moscow time (no I'm not in fucking Moscow)
Russian and English (my inglish is bad sorry blah blah blah)

I'm unironically man-hating so it would be nice to like, exchange book excerpts, rant on random topics and hate men together. I don't want to hear about your stupid BF all relationship advice I can give is "fucking dump him already"

Anonymous 113675

hi i didnt think anyone would respond, you can email me at this throwaway [email protected] :)

Anonymous 113676

you are the best cat painter

Anonymous 113677

At least 1/3rds is male who out themseves either in their opening message or upon asking if they're female or not.

Anonymous 113679

cringe lol but thanks

Anonymous 113688


> Your age
twenty-two soon-ish.

> Preferred age range for friends

be twenty-one at minimum, please. no upper limit.

> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

anime (favorite being utena) & manga (favorite being yotsuba), & most recently: ffxiv. i'd like someone to play the game with, or at least discuss things. i'm slowly learning japanese as well, & am attempting to pick up art too.

forgot to mention that i also enjoy visual novels. i don't mind linking my vndb, since it's relatively anonymous – here: https://vndb.org/u169188/ulist?vnlist=1.

> Contact info

side email: [email protected]

> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

1.) my timezone is gmt-6. i am proship/profiction, a fujo, & radfem too, so i'd prefer to not hang around people that are going to go all moralfaggot over fictional stuff. especially since alphinaud's totally my husbando.

2.) i'm pretty bad at small-talk and uh…conversation in general, i guess, so. just a head's up lol.

Anonymous 113691


wait, wait. one more thing concerning my interests: homestuck. i just can't let it go, kek. that being said i despise the new shit (epilogues, hs2), so please don't speak to me about it! i'm 100% fine with reminiscing about the good old days, though. and the bad ones.

we can shit on bucket jokes.

Anonymous 113696

hoi sorry, niemand voegde me toe dus ik had het verwijderd… ik heb een nieuwe als je nog vrienden wilt worden roil#5021

Anonymous 113698

I wish I got into HS years ago and at least had my toe in the fandom. Might have read all the horror stories but honestly just seemed like a very exciting experience.

Anonymous 113712

i would recommend you read it, but it is long as hell, and if you care for fandom there isn't much good to return to. the autism of old has become a sea of he/they's and xenopronoun kids.

Anonymous 113821

BTW, this is my tag but not my post, LMFAO

Anonymous 113848

sent! really sorry for the delay

Anonymous 114096

You talk about the pinkpill with males?

Anonymous 114099

>and some 4chan guys (I know, we keep them in check).
>(I know, we keep them in check).
Don't make me laugh, clown. And don't advertise your moid server on a women's imageboard.

Anonymous 114100

yes. we have regular moid vs girls arguments

now now anonette just let people have fun

Anonymous 114104

men aren't people and not allowed to have fun

Anonymous 114106

Sounds like pickme central

Anonymous 114143


> age
> looking for friends
want to find women who want to stacymaxx by improving their fashion, makeup, personality, physical appearance, social life, occupational life, etcetera.
hoping to collect together a small discord group of us eventually.

Anonymous 114145


> 19
> be around my age so we can find things in common
> just want 2 share pics of my cats and cool things i see or draw or make and maybe fashion but it rly depends on whoever im talking to!!!
> april#7127
> est timezone, but idrc cus im bad at remembering to reply to msgs a lot

Anonymous 114153


yo, im A
> Age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
mostly anime and tech, i browse image boards a lot and like information security. looking for more women in tech to talk with.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
first language is english but i also speak japanese

Anonymous 114178

i wonder if any incel servers have regular girls vs boys xD debates kek

Anonymous 114583

(22 years old) I am looking for someone to play world of warcraft season of mastery with

Anonymous 114610


if u ever lurk again i tried adding u

Anonymous 114858


I want to make more friend-girls. I don't care about age range much, as long as we understand each other. I think I am personable and easy to talk to.
I like sewing/crafting, horror games, biology and a bunch of other things. xxfujoshi&proudxx

Anonymous 114863

Yo did u change ur discord name?

Anonymous 114865

It says you're not accepting people. Damn

Anonymous 114898

I deleted it because I got ghosted and the rest of them were moids. I'd still be down to talk though if you have similiar interests (but I have no way to prove I'm op)

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