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Looking for Interviewees for Research 88866

Hey miners,
I’m a Masters students looking to interview fellow female users of imageboards, specifically of crystal.cafe and lolcow’s /ot/ and /g/, for my dissertation.

Interviews will be conducted over Zoom/Discord, should take about an hour of your time and will be confidential, anonymized and ethics-reviewed.

I’m looking specifically to speak to women about their own experiences rather than narrate from the outside, as a lot of imageboard research tends to do in my opinion.

I have Admin permission to post this open call here. Feel free to ask any questions below or to reach out to me directly via email ([email protected]) or on Discord (tapwater_fiend35#2578) if you are interested.

Anonymous Admin 88869

Confirming that OP has my approval. Standard disclaimer: Both sides, please stay mindful of your privacy at all times. Good luck to OP!

Anonymous 88874

im a bit wary of sharing personal contact info, but i wish you luck anon

Anonymous 88883

I sent you an email anon!


Thank you, will need. Though I do want to mention that the interview consent form will be the only piece of personal data I need from you.

Thank you, received!

Anonymous 88924

Sent you a discord friend request!


Received, thank you!

Shamelessly bumping own thread

Anonymous 88967

What exactly is your research about, OP? What can I expect from this?

Anonymous 88971

An hour is a bit too long for me. Good luck though!


The research is about the perceived affordances/the benefits/the good of imageboards, in particular for women. Most press on imageboards focuses on 4chan and its alt-right turn, racist/xenophobic speech etc. Yet these places have millions of users each month, and I doubt that people exclusively use imageboards for radicalisation and racism. In that case, why would spaces like /ck/ or /n/ exist? But we don't hear about why people use the spaces, rather we get academic studies of the rhetoric from the outside, by outsiders; I think I have yet to see a study that actually engages with users and why they like the platforms. Essentially, this is what I'm trying to do.

Also of course the internet increasingly is a less and less private space; the use of social media is normalised to a point where if you do not have it, it makes you strange. Our data is tracked in myriad of ways online that we don't understand and used to cater ads and content to us. To what extent is the anonymous web a relief from this stauts quo? Is it worth having around nowadays and why?

You can expect me to try and pose questions like this in an interview of about an hour in length. Ideally I would love voice call because you just get more out of that interaction between 'researcher' and interviewee.

Thank you. Out of interest, what length of time would you be willing to spare? Would your opinion change if it were texting-based rather than voice call?

Anonymous 89037

That sounds really interesting! NTA and I'd like to participate, but I'd really prefer a text-based interview. I could provide verification that I'm actually female, if needed.

Anonymous 89041

To clarify, will interviews be performed by voice? I don't think I have a working mic.


Sure! I've had a few people say that they would feel more comfortable in a text-based interview, so that is definitely an option. I would of course still encourage you to consider a voice interview cause I tend to find conversations develop more naturally that way and it makes the quality of my interview data better as I can include pauses and interjections. But both is possible, yes.

Earphone mics/anything you usually use for a skype/zoom/discord call should work. If you really don't have a good audio input, I can also offer you a text-based interview like for anon above.

For either of you, if you'd like to just talk a little beforehand or want me verify myself/clarify anything at all, do reach out via email or Discord.

Anonymous 89274

I hope you are doing well anon, i just sent you an email, your study seems interesting


Received, thank you.

Anonymous 89349

i wanna do this but im too lazy to VC and i am not good with social interaction as i am a sperg.


Message me, we can do a text-based interview if you like!

Anonymous 89778

sent you a friend request!

Anonymous 89791

I sent a discord friend request.

Anonymous 89872

The interview was kind of fun, thanks for letting me participate!

Anonymous 89880

thank you again for the interview, i ended up learning more about myself and having a good time!


Thanks s, glad to hear.

Also bumping own thread once more to let ppl know that this is still ongoing and I've fully switched over to text-based interviews as people keep requesting it - they do tend to take longer, however.

Anonymous 90155

This seems very interesting anon. I have always wondered why people don't use imageboards more for research, seems like a valuable resource for some populations. I will add you on Discord.
Will you share with us the results of your research? (I understand if you don't want to to avoid self-doxxing or so).

Anonymous 90174

Is it still possible to do vc interviews if the person prefers it?


>why people don't use imageboards more for research
They do, I just don't always find the assessment very fair. But I am biased as well, we all are.

>Will you share with us the results of your research?

I may if you email me, it will certainly be shared with those who were interviewed

I will get back to you on that. Then I can also bump this thread again

Anonymous 91425

Thanks for the interview earlier! It was pretty cool!

Dissertation Anon 91505

thank you!

For anyone reading, I have now stopped scheduling interviews. Thank you for all of your interest and time. I will still be monitoring the email and Discord in case you want to contact me.

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