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Any other comfy imageboards Anonymous 88955

I just found out that sushigirls exists. I was surprised to find a comfy imageboard like cc that didn't feel as heavy or troublesome as 4chan. Other than 4chan, 8chan, cc, and wizchan are there any other image boards out there that are out there and/or are worth exploring?
>Pic unrelated

Anonymous 88959

isnt sushigirls a male imageboard though? it could've been cute

Anonymous 88960

Dreamchan.net is a favourite of mine and it'd be great to have more posters since it's so slow. I also like britfa.gs

Anonymous 88962

are there a decent amount of women posters on dreamchan?

Anonymous 88972

No one tends to mention their gender or bemoan the opposite sex there, so I'd assume that yes, there are quite a few female posters as well as male ones. If you were to mention that you're a woman you probably wouldn't be met with the same response you'd get on most other chans.

Anonymous 88974

Haven't visited in a while. Thank you for reminding me.

Anonymous 90150


Anonymous 90165

Anonymous 90184

are most of these boards non weeb exclusive

Anonymous 92005

Anonymous 104454


Anonymous 104456

I post on Wirechan every now and then, but there's probably at most five posts a day.

Anonymous 104467

>there's probably at most five posts a day
These places are such a mixed bag. One one hand it's nice and cozy and not entirely dead. On the other hand it's slow and can give you a sense of loneliness like you're only talking to yourself or a couple of others.

Anonymous 104469

Im always shocked 4chan is the only major board.

Anonymous 104477

Well, it didn't use to be back when 8ch was still a viable alternative, before they had to shut down 8chan was the best imageboard imo by far, it had even more feds than 4chan bc 8ch was getting that much more popular and influential, but as soon as they had to look for other places to host the site they lost like 80% of the userbase and now it's ded

Anonymous 104481

I never used it. It always seemed like a schzio version of 4chan. I was never into the political conspiracies. I could be completely off on my assumptions, but I just want an active place to talk about things other than the jews

Anonymous 104608

I had an 8ch board but I never made a single post in it. It was meant to be solely for discussing and posting pictures of hot male characters with glasses. Unfortunately I never quite had the courage to actually start using it.

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