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Anonymous 89140

Does YouTube even do anything if you report a comment? I reported comments calling for the murder of feminists and they are still there weeks later

Anonymous 89141

social media moderators don't care about women

Anonymous 89142

YouTube's comment section is one of the most tragic things I've ever seen. If I ever feel like losing all faith in humanity I just take a look at the comment section of any random video.

Anonymous 89145


I doubt they do anything about comments beyond using a filter for spam and certain words, there's way too many. I bet they focus most their resources on moderating videos. The good thing is we can use it to our advantage too.

Anonymous 89156


Anonymous 89161

YouTube's moderation is pretty much non-existent.
People mass report videos containing porn, scams, animal cruelty, bullying and all that stuff yet no one at YT seems to give a shit unless some big creator is making a fuss about it.
At this point that site's moderation is on par with Twitch.

Anonymous 89174

Think about the kind of person who would want to be a moderator and who would want to see offensive, misogynistic, racist, paedophilic content all day. That's who you're reporting it to and they don't give a shit. I know because anyone I know irl who has done this job left really, really quickly because of how depressing it is.

Anonymous 89178

Youtubes quick to censor n delete anything that's not protranny though lmao

Anonymous 90114

thats a load of bullshit.
big tech uses AI to automatically delete 'offensive' comments.
you're just a pussy if you think text on screen can be depressing. i think the most depressing part of that persons day had to have been the part where they were just sitting around on their computer all day long deleting comments from evul natsees while stuffing chicken tendies down their throat.

Anonymous 90115

I have no idea if reporting a comment does anything. What I'm sure of is that the dislike button doesn't do shit.
You can't post links, by the way. Your comment will be automatically deleted as you post it, and it detects many ways to circumvent the filter too.

Anonymous 90120

It does for videos but not comments. For videos though it can still act as engagement and so they will promote it more.

Anonymous 90122

Yeah, I didn't mean videos, just the comments. Supposedly there's not even code behind that button.

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