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Wish Anonymous 89440

What do you wish for?
Post wishes.

Maybe it’ll come true.

Anonymous 89459

make all trannies vanish from existence. Thx genie.

Anonymous 89462

I just want to meet him. I just want to fuck him. One sparing night, I just want to feel like I actually get what I want for once. Like god doesn't hate me, and actually heard my prayers for once. I'm tired of feeling this way, let me go out with just this

Anonymous 89472

shut the fuck up

Anonymous 89488

I wish for another chance.

Anonymous 89489

citrus yuri family…

Wish for medical science to get to the point where I can have babies with my girlfriend.

Anonymous 89499

I want to be gorgeous. Not just "okay", I want to look in the mirror and adore what I see.

Anonymous 89501

I wish for the opportunity to test my capacity, and to have my most ideal state when doing so.

Anonymous 89504

i wish to be a famous supermodel with a controversial reputation.

Anonymous 89512

family embrace.jpg

i want to nurture a relationship with someone and live out our days in a calm, loving, comfy fashion. No drama, no passion, nothing exciting. Just calm cuddles, and us chit chatting while we drink tea as the rain falls on our windows. We can scream, banter and play loud music if we want, but all in all, we will always return to a content peacefullness with one anothers presence. And no matter what destruction comes our way, we will be able to be unified in finding a solution together as one. thats what i wish and pray for.

Anonymous Moderator 89528

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