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Anonymous 89567

>be me
>pathetic idiot who can't get a boyfriend, really introverted.
>go on tinder
>match with cute moid who seems nonoffending, into digestible feminism and all the stupid shit i am. extremely compatible
>we go to get coffee
>i think i love him
>fast forward
>we date for 8 months
>in that duration he dumps me on and off because he can't decide if i am the right person at the wrong time or not, extremely complicated. hurtful as fuck but i love him anyway. he's my person. its unconditional from my end.
>take him back anyway everytime even if it stings. we can't resist eachother.
>lets me choke him and put him in a collar
>literally my little sub boy
>we cuddle every night
>lets me soft dom him and call him good boy etc. extremely cute. he's like 6'1 and im 5'1 so this appeals to my fetish
>fast forward another month
>he dumps me out of nowhere sayin a switch just flipped in his brain and hes no longer attracted to me.
>feels bad about it
>all because we microdosed on fucking mushrooms and while we were fucking, my foot touched his ding dong

how bad did i lose /b/ ? what can i do. i literally lost the ideal moid sub bf who lets u spit in his mouth and doesn't question me. what the fuck. how ugly can i possibly be to have this occur to me? how autistic am i? help.

Anonymous 89568

>all because we microdosed on fucking mushrooms and while we were fucking, my foot touched his ding dong
LMAO girl i can almost guarantee you that this is not why, unless he is an actual aspie or something

Anonymous 89571

heavily considered this was a ploy for a deeper 'reasoning'. i honestly don't know anymore. but considering this was the citation reasoning i can't fully tell you if it was aspie behavior or not. i feel like it's my own retardation to believe he actually meant anything he said in the first place.

Anonymous 89574


>we were both autistic as fuck
>mentally deranged couple
>he has dpdr
>know he's disassociating 9/10 times but continue to see him
>just want him to love me
>he seems to do and be better receiving physical touch
>do drugs together. even if thats edgy as fck to say we were really in it
>hes my second half. we are soulbound after several of these nights
>tells me outright im the best girlfriend he's ever had. nothing else matters to me
>we share so many intimate moments
>still dumps me out of left field on the whim of 'losing attraction' out of nowhere. it was implied for a week, but even that behavior felt scarily out of nowhere.
>mfw moids literally cant even be trusted even if they are giving u all the love in the world. it doesn't matter how much control you feel like you have, they are all just inherent liars and manipulators. i don't know any other reasoning behind this bullshit.

Anonymous 89575

your first mistake was believing anything any man says. how old is he? how old are you? i'm sorry but i will personally carve off and eat my left buttcheek if he genuinely dumped you because you guys microdosed on mushrooms and your foot touched his dick.

Anonymous 89576

both 20 yrs. i honestly feel like as shallow as that fucking is, it was the truth. that one moment of breaking the porn fantasy of perfection was enough to ruin his entire perception of me. the cuddling, the deep and intricate conversations. it all meant nothing when it boiled down to a moment of honest human mistake.

Anonymous 89579

if that is the case, then who cares? he's a loser too invested in porno and you believed he was something he wasn't, then. nothing to mourn over. you should celebrate that he isn't wasting your time. next.

Anonymous 89580

You're only 20. You found a shitty moid, which is to be expected. There are others out there who will swallow your spit and not be completely unstable.

Anonymous 89586

>all because we microdosed on fucking mushrooms and while we were fucking, my foot touched his ding dong
I think that if life gifts you with a break-up story such as this one, you should just take it and run with it.

Anonymous 89588

honestly it is kind of comical, but on the other hand i kind of despise it. i feel like this was truly a turning point for me because it truly is on such a severe level of 'what the fuck.'

Anonymous 89589

>you should celebrate that he isn't wasting your time
this 100%. he let you know early that you mean nothing to him instead of leading you on, cut your losses and move on. you deserve someone who adores you as much as you adored him!

Anonymous 89603

>my foot touched his dick

You stomped on his dick playing dom mommy didn’t you? Too far.

Anonymous 89604

>all because we microdosed on fucking mushrooms and while we were fucking, my foot touched his ding dong

I'm sorry, you can't just say this and not elaborate. Did he say this? Are you assuming this? Why do you think this is the case?

Anonymous 89610

Sweetheart, he was not the ideal moid. I know what it's like to love someone even though they keep hurting you and how much pain it takes to keep forgiving someone and taking them back every time they try to abandon you. You sound like a fantastic loving person. But him? To take someone that is willing to put up with him, and keep taking advanced again and again like that? He wasn't ideal. You can do so much better than someone so shallow that a foot on the ding dong is a deal breaker. Fuck that guy

Anonymous 89611

>You sound like a fantastic loving person.
What makes you think that?

Anonymous 89616

It takes a lot to keep accepting someone back and forgiving them even when they keep trying hurting you. It's not healthy, but it takes a big heart to be THAT forgiving. It's a real pity some asshole was taking advantage of her

Anonymous 89618

>It takes a lot to keep accepting someone back and forgiving them even when they keep trying hurting you.
Yeah, it takes a lot of stupidity

Anonymous 89627

>what can i do
Nothing. Shrooms are like that. Once the switch is flicked, there's no going back.

Cut your losses.

Anonymous 89644

You fell for a stupid drug addict and you deserve it for being a degenerate druggie yourself.

Anonymous 89650

Don't listen to this retard >>89644

Anonymous 89679

late reply sorry i abandoned the thread when i got a bit too tipsy. in hindsight, writing this shit wasnt smart. anyways context.

>we microdose

>all is well mostly
>hes on a wavelength of trying to figure out international trade and i cried over the mental visual of a tomato
>wish i was kidding
>anyway we cuddle and styuff. nothing unusual happenin
>discuss secret kinks
>we start having sex and hes playing into the dom role way more
>wants to try a new position with me
>i say ok
>wants me to hang my head over the bed and suck him off
>uncomfortable, already have sensitive gag reflex, bad idea
>try it, but just politely ask him to stop
>he does
>he comes back around on the side of the bed
>as im lifting up my leg to give him room, my footsie touches his wee-wee
>he instantly is rendered docile. it wasn't even a kick, but a brief touch that caused him to cup his man noodle and tell me that he just wanted to stop
>i respect that and we get clothed
>his sudden switch from being super sexual and dominant causes me to have a panic attack
>we cuddle rest of the night

cont'd in next post cuz context

Anonymous 89680


>fast forward 4.5 weeks later

>no mention of the foot incident
>thought it was no big deal, felt autistic about it but whatever
>i spend every thursday to monday at his place
>he works at home so its cool. i just play tradwife when hes busy and after hes done we'd cuddle or go out or do something together. just liked his company and being in his presence
>every night we sleep a foot apart. im talking like, im squished against the wall the whole night and he makes no effort to touch me
>doesn't even initate touch while awake and sober anymore
>socially distancing regulations hes giving me stricter than the ones imposed in wuhan 1st week of covid
>want to die
>he drives me home monday like a gent
>our kiss goodbye is fleeting and empty. you could probably kiss your cousin on the mouth with the same level of hesitation and platonic energy.
>decide to bring it up to him
>big mistake in texting but whatever
>ask him whats up
>ensue him telling me outright a 'switch just flipped' and hes no longer attracted to me
>knows he waited too long to tell me
>this crushes me
>he was acting completely normal up until that last weekend

is this just normal moid behavior? hope more context helps

Anonymous 89681


you're not even wrong anon trust me this was peak suicide fuel for me and recognizing my own aspie naivety in trusting a man to begin with

Anonymous 89682

>is this normal moid behavior?
No. Ive never seen or heard of anything like that.

Anonymous 89687

idk i think you're missing something here. he starts acting differently almost exclusively wrt sexual shit out of nowhere. i don't think that's the mushrooms. sounds like he was possibly getting some strange that will allow him to act out this dom shit or wanting to. like i understand you feel he was acting "normally" prior but it may have just been that he was tired of keeping up the act and it hit him all at one time. i also find it strange that someone like how you've described him, if that was genuinely him, would be on tinder and would even break up on the basis of "losing attraction" without elaborating. it all seems incredibly suspicious.

Anonymous 89688


very likely, anon. i honestly think the 'losing attraction' was an excuse for something more. my top theory as of right now is that he has a severe porn addiction to an extent i didn't know about.

we only really got into me being the soft mommy dom shit recently prior to this incident. so it wasn't like he wasn't getting fulfillment from me. even that week he didn't touch me or initiate, i tried 24/7 to get his attention. i literally did everything. he didn't care. i was a room mate who he occasionally shared a bed with.

maybe the ronald reagan anon was right, degenerate druggie behavior or something at play. its all just so out of left field because it wasn't even like we stopped fucking for 4.3 weeks, the only change i noticed was he'd bust in like, 2 pumps and not care if i got off or not.

in hindsight that was probably the first warning sign.

Anonymous 89859

Men do this when they decide that you’re too ugly and they don’t want to settle anymore / maybe could get someone more attractive, or they just decide that they’ve got enough sex and now it’s not worth putting up with your face or personality or both. The stuff they say to cover this up are just excuses they invent, which is why they seem so ludicrous and out of left field.

Anonymous 89875


the grass is greener on the other side mentality has obliterated any possibility of men receiving the true attention and narc fuel they desire: i.e through monogamy.

they built a function of us having the adjunct sexual power to pick and choose from dime-a-dozen men, so they can also profit and constantly use us as disposable or something they can always upgrade. so, they get to fuck new girls and move on quickly, free from having to 'settle down.'

but because these more desirable, high value women just leave them naturally bc they aren't interested in them beyond temporal fun, men ultimately end up with 0 women and now want to revert back to the monogamy they denied and slandered. they don't want to be tied down so they go ahead and fuck up any opportunities or chances of a relationship, go out and fuck as many women as possible, just to end up alone 9/10 times, now with impossible to meet standards in sex, and having created a fake persona of the Madonna they want to tradwife up to demonize the 'whores.'

tldr; one good girl is worth a thousand bitches. but men won't even listen to themselves. kanye west is fucking terrible(and poor example but for the sake of the analogy lol), but if they can't even listen to the warning of another misogynist, who can make them listen? certainly not us.

Anonymous 89885


gentle maledom is superior

Anonymous 89887

That's just normal sex

Anonymous 89888

Anonymous 89893

Anonymous 89896



are you physically fucking disabled or mentally. how can you write this with actual sincerity. tell me its a joke.

Anonymous 89899

I don't like femdom either and that might get me called a scrote but idgaf I don't like it

Anonymous 89901

Same tbh, all BDSM is for mentally ill faggots though.

Anonymous 89902

Scrotes of all different stripes are misogynists. I talked to "sub" men in hopes they would be less scrotey, but I have found it's not the case. If they are terminally online and watching porn, they are guaranteed misogynists. I don't care what fetish they're into.
Men into mommyplay, getting stepped on, pegging, beatings, anything… they still are mostly incapable of seeing women as full human beings. The mommy femdom archetype as as much as an object to men as the ddlg rapebait nymphet. We are still just tools to be used for their sexual gratification.

Anonymous 89903

fair point but maledom is still a laughable. the entire concept of masculinity is already so heavily focused on domination in every aspect. its just fucking word fagging. hilarious usage though

Anonymous 89904

that goes without saying, that's absolutely not even necessary to bring up. they're men, after all. if you had to pick one though, i'd still rather choose the guy that prefers to be stepped on, than me end up choked or spit on or slapped. the obvious choice is to avoid both, but the masochist is better than the sadist.

Anonymous 90026

I did shrooms with my bestfriend and had a bad trip and even though i hung out with them almost every day, our friendship died after that trip.

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