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Anonymous 8972

What do you all think of this video? Are you against or agree with their commentary? Anything you might want to bring up they may be dismissing?

How do you feel about social media in general? Do you use it often and if so, how often? Do you think it's changing the world for the better or worse?

Anonymous 8974

Over exaggerated. These facebook execs are talking out of their Facebook bubble where Facebook is all important and the center of the universe. Newer generations are already using Facebook less and less. They opt for more insulated forms of social media, like Snapchat or discord.

That one person keeps talking about social fabric this, social fabric that. It's true that the internet and technology in general (not just social media) is impacting and changing society. It is not inherently better or worse, just different. It's basically the Printing Revolution v2.0, which caused things like the Protestant Reformation in Catholic Europe.

Any social ills that they described in the video have literally existed throughout human history, and will continue to exist with or without social media. Social media only gives them a new venue of expression, is all.

Anonymous 8978

I guess I talk for most of us here when I say Facebook is trash and so are the people who love it.

Anonymous 34558


IMO Facebook is just part of the world's scenario, internet is a new thing to governments, so ofc laws will be discussed. Europe and some other countries have already set the rules about who can use and how to use user's data.
>> Do you think it's changing the world for the better or worse?
Good question OP! But do you like humans? Haven't we been like.. the worse sort of species.. who developed consciouness, but still, not really. How do you imagine it? I imagine it will always be the same, but each "time" more "stronger", more insane, more beautiful… if we think about what happened to society in 2013 its not possible to say that maybe one day when things get too messed up, there won't be beauty and social evolution?

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