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Anonymous 89779

I've met a boy recently! I'm afraid It'll fail because of the distance and his mental health problems but I'lll keep him as a potential because we're just so alike. Anyone have anything similar or advice?

Anonymous 89780

Subtly learn his views.

Anonymous 89781

I already do and we're basically mirror images of each other (mental health conditions and all)

Anonymous 89783

Slap his butt for luls

Anonymous 89784

If only I could lul

Anonymous 89789

Screenshot 2021-06…


Anonymous 89798

Boys are dumb but this header image is cute so I'm taking it

Anonymous 89805

i asked twice because i wanted a girls vs guys opinion

Anonymous 89806

what mental stuff would it be specifically out of interest

Anonymous 89816

anxiety, depression and agoraphobia

Anonymous 89834

>asking boys for boy advice
Hopefully you’re young/inexperienced and not just stupid

Anonymous 89879

im both ):

Anonymous 89883


Anonymous 89898

online ? from experience i say dont do it, thats how i got my heart broken. but maybe itll work out with you, i dont know…
best of luck nona hopefully he isnt too much of a freak and will make you happy :)

Anonymous 89907

How'd the two of you meet, online? I have always thought of doing online shit because I feel in the same boat as you. Is he cute at least?

Anonymous 89929

he's genuinely super hot to me. he's the perfect mix of hot and cute

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